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There’s nothing that most students look forward to more than their graduation. Many youngsters cannot wait to get done with school and enter the next part of their lives. But graduation is also a bit scary because if you are graduating from college, you will have to start looking for a job. Becoming an adult brings all kinds of problems with it. But despite all that, graduating is still a huge achievement. Your degree is proof that you worked hard to complete your studies.

The Best Graduation Jokes of All Time

There’s nothing that the Internet loves more than jokes. Every Internet user browses memes at least once a day. There’s no topic that the Internet hasn’t joked about. You can find a joke on whatever you can think of. What this means is that you can also find graduation jokes online.

Whether you are looking for a joke to tell at your graduation or just want to read one for laughs, the Internet won’t disappoint you. Good graduation jokes can also make you nostalgic for your college days. There are some hilarious jokes on graduation that will make you laugh out loud!

What Is Graduation?

So, what does graduation mean? Everyone knows that you graduate after completing your high school or college education. But the definition of the word doesn’t tell you what your life will look like after graduation. Students deserve to know what they will be getting themselves into. So, here’s what graduation means:

“Graduation: where you trade the agony of writing term papers for the agony of writing resumes.”

Well, now you know what you will be doing after graduating. Just a pro tip, if you write your resume and cover letter well, you won’t have to do it again.

Hot Arena

If you come across five jokes on the Internet, one of them will be a pun. Every day people make new puns and share them on the Internet, which then end up becoming the material of a new meme. There are plenty of puns about college and graduation. The best part about puns is that they will make your friends laugh and groan at the same time.

“My college graduation was held inside the basketball arena and man was it hot.”

“There was like 5,000 degrees in there.”

If you have a small college, it might be less hot at your graduation because there will be fewer degrees there. So, you can change the joke depending on the number of students that are in your college.

Math Majors

There are all kinds of rivalries in colleges. Art majors tell jokes about science majors and vice versa. The funniest jokes are the ones that talk about the job market. No student can ever escape these jokes.

Since the Internet makes jokes about everyone, it did not leave math majors out online either:

“What do you call it if a math major can’t seem to hold down a job after their graduation? It’s just a horrible after-math of the situation.”

Here’s hoping that this remains just a joke and math majors can get the jobs of their dreams.

The Light Bulb

Some jokes can be edited to fit any scenario. They can be used to joke about different professions. Since these jokes have the same format, everyone can recognize them instantly. A common example of this is the chicken crossing the road joke. Another one is the light bulb joke, which is taking a dig at college graduates here:

“How many college graduates do you need to change a single light bulb? You actually only need one, but it may take several years.”

Everyone gets tired of college after a year or two but they can’t leave until they finish their degree, which is why this joke may hit too close to home for some people. But hang in there because it will all be worth it when you get your degree.

Candy Fights

Whether it is the nostalgia of childhood or simply their taste, people just can’t seem to get enough candies. The best thing about candies is that they come in so many different flavors that you can easily find one that suits your preferences. But how well do you know your candies? Do you know their aspirations? Well, you are about to find out:

“Why do most M&Ms want to go to college? They want to turn into Smarties.”

If you don’t like Smarties, you may not want your M&Ms to turn into them. But if that’s the case, you can just ask your M&Ms to drop out of college.

Dress up

Your graduation is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so you shouldn’t hesitate to dress up for it. Although you will be wearing a gown and a hat, you should still pay attention to your clothes. After all, you will be getting a lot of pictures taken on this day, so you should be prepared for that. Not to mention that you will get praised by your friends for dressing up.

“At my graduation, my friend called me a ranch.”

“Because I be dressing!”

Now, you may not want to get called a ranch, but you should still be dressing.


Students are always getting told by teachers and their elders that they need to grow up and act mature. But if you think about it, graduation itself is very immature. So, students must act childish to get their degree. Don’t get it? Here’s the explanation:

“Graduations are so immature.”

“You can hardly get to the end without name calling!”

So, how can students act mature when they have to sit through name calling? Something needs to be changed here.

Graduation is definitely a very memorable experience. It is something you would want to share with your friends and family members. But with jokes, graduation becomes even better because laughter is what makes people feel alive. Whether someone in your family is graduating or you are looking for jokes for your own graduation, the above-mentioned graduation jokes are definitely going to get you some laughs.


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