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Your forehead can really affect how you look, and this gives the jokesters a golden opportunity to create hilarious jokes on foreheads, especially when they see a big forehead. But, unfortunately, very few people are actually happy with their forehead, and most struggle to make peace with it.

Reading jokes can lift your mood, but reading forehead jokes will leave you rolling on the floor laughing but finding the good ones out of so many is a tedious task. Therefore, here are some hand-picked best and most hilarious forehead jokes that can light up your mood.

Let’s get started!

A burglar broke into our house last night. I didn’t shoot him. I just put the red laser dot on his forehead. Our three cats did the rest.

Robbers with big foreheads should try their best to refrain from robbing houses that have cats, or else they might end up in the same situation as the poor robber in this joke. When a burglar breaks into this person’s house, the owner of the house doesn’t shoot him, but he does something more evil by placing the red laser dot on his forehead in a house with three cats.

Cats love to chase laser pointers, and placing it on the robber’s forehead was the best way to make him pay for breaking into his house, and what’s really surprising over here is the size of his forehead that has the space for three cats to chase the laser dot. So, the lesson in this joke is that a big forehead robber should be careful when robbing homes with cats.

Apparently, it is rude to poke somebody in the forehead. And say “skip intro” when they start talking to you ….

Some people have an insane capability of testing people’s patience with their slow-talking, but when a person with a big forehead talks slowly or stretches a small scenario into a whole novel, you can’t just poke them in the forehead and say, “skip intro” like the person in this joke did.

Although this tactic is time-saving and brings people directly to the main point of conversation, people with big foreheads seem to mind when you poke them. So, the next time you meet a person with a big forehead who is a slow talker, resist the urge to say “skip intro” while poking their forehead as they are not your Netflix screen that can just skip the intro when you tap it.

PSA: don’t let them scan your forehead temperature at the grocery, it’s mind control! I came in to get eggs and bread, left with a bottle of whisky.

With COVID-19 on the loose, it is almost impossible to go inside a grocery store or any office without a person scanning your forehead to check your temperature. This joke is a public service message that tells people not to let grocery stores scan your forehead as they control your mind, and they further explain this by telling how they came to get bread and eggs and instead purchased a whiskey bottle.

It was clearly not the forehead scanning that compelled that person to buy a bottle of whiskey instead of bread and eggs; instead, it was his own decision but blaming it on the forehead scanner seems like a much better idea to that person than just accepting that idea of having whiskey sounded way better to him than a loaf of bread and eggs.

Your forehead is so big, a cab from your eyebrows to your hairline would cost $30.

This is easily one of the best jokes on the forehead that you will read today, and it also has the potential to crack up a huge crowd effortlessly. Cracking this joke to someone with an insanely big forehead is either going to end in uncontrollable laughing or a black eye; it depends on the big forehead person’s mood.

In this joke, they tell the big forehead people that their foreheads are so huge that if they booked a cab from their hairline to their eyebrows, it would charge almost $30 dollars as it is such a long journey.

I think you should consider putting something up on that billboard above your eyebrows.

Putting up ads on huge billboards is extremely expensive, but luckily, people with big foreheads can put up their ads for free on the billboards above their eyebrows. A big forehead often looks like an empty billboard, so why not just use the empty space for something useful?

The ads you put up on your forehead’s billboard will definitely increase your business’ growth and revenue, but for some reason, people with big foreheads do not like this idea and would rather keep the space empty than put up any advertisements.

With a forehead like yours, Dora would get lost exploring it.

Dora is famous for exploring all kinds of places such as jungles and deserts, but she always used to make it back after the exploration. In this joke, someone is referring to a person with a big forehead and telling them that if Dora started to explore their forehead, she would definitely get lost in the bog area that their forehead owns.

Every adventure of Dora has gone successfully, but this one will be a failure as even Dora can’t completely explore the big foreheads, and this is what makes this Dora joke a hilarious one. Cracking this joke to your big-forehead friends will earn you some good laughs from them due to the incredibly funny punchline of this joke.

These forehead jokes can literally hurt your stomach with laughter and are best to crack when you or the people around you are feeling low as they have everything that one would need to cheer up a person.


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