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Dragons are mythical creatures that have been written and talked about for millennia. They have been popularized by human intelligence and imagination. Today, they hold different kinds of roles in different cultures. For instance, in Chinese culture, the dragon is a revered creature.

It is known to fly, and it has a long, slender body like a snake, but much larger. On the other hand, the dragons depicted in Western mythology are generally big with wings and a detailed face. Some are known to be incredibly wise and can even talk, and the way they have been woven into tales makes them ideal for some hilarious dragon puns!

“Why does the dragon only sleep during the day? Because it only hunts knights!”

This is one of the funnier ones, and it relates to the medieval era, when dragons were known to hunt knights. There have been many tales of knights who have hunted dragons, and tales of creatures like Beowulf have become quite popular. This pun relates to that, and it creates a fun play on the word “knight,” using it in exchange for “night.”

Dragons were known to sleep for long hours in the day and were known to be fearsome creatures, and the battle between dragons and knights is one that has been talked about in many tales of old. Obviously, if you were going to use this pun in a group setting, especially with people who don’t know much about the history of dragons, it’s probably not going to have a good impact.

“The local dragon regularly poops hundreds of pounds of ore into the sea. It’s a gross waste of resources!”

Another fun pun that relates to the history of dragons is this one. There have been many tales that have talked about how dragons would poop iron ore and other resources, and many would go after these coveted materials. This pun simply makes a play on this.

The keyword here is “gross” because by definition, pooping is considered a “gross” act. Gross can also be used for “excessive,” and that’s the pun we are talking about. Dragons that poop all of their resources into the sea are simply wasting all of this, and that’s what the pun is referring to!

“Why are dragons worse than storytellers? Because they dragon!”

The word dragon is basically a combination of two smaller words, “drag” and “on.” When telling a story, nobody likes people who tend to drag on and on and keep on talking about the same thing. It often gets boring, and most people generally lose interest within a short while.

So, why are dragons worse than storytellers? The answer is simple: because they tend to dragon on! It’s a hilarious pun, but you should know that it’s all about the delivery. If you say it in a conventional manner and use the same term pronunciation for “dragon,” the delivery will be all wrong.

Instead, what you have to do is to make sure that you say it with emphasis on “drag” and then “on.” This way, the listener will be able to determine the emphasis on the word. It’s a pretty fun pun and you can easily use it in many situations!

Fun addition: There are quite a few egg puns out there that you can use as well, because eggs are so common. Here’s one: “why did the new egg feel so good? Because he just got laid!”

“What do dragons like with their soup? Firecrackers.”

Dragons were known to breathe fire, and firecrackers are an excellent answer. Most people usually take crackers with their soup and it’s a fun spin on a simple word. After all, a dragon wouldn’t like conventional crackers with their soup, so why not firecrackers!

“I’d hate to be a dragon. It would be so hard to blow out my birthday candles!”

As mentioned above, dragons breathe fire. So, imagine when a dragon tries to blow out its birthday candles! It’s only going to end up relighting them, and there is a chance that the dragon would completely burn the whole cake down. This is another one of those classic puns that is so easy to understand.

Almost everyone who has read a thing or two about dragons knows that they also breathe fire, so this is a simple spin on an age-old concept. It’s a great pun that you can use in a variety of different situations and it’s almost always going to hit the mark.

Fun addition: There are several electric puns that are quite common, and you can easily use them in a number of different situations. Here’s one that you will like: “a light bulb loves watching the news, it’s the best way to keep up with current events.”

What did the dragon say to the bad employee? You’re fired.”

Dragons and fire always go together, and using this one is a great idea. Bad employees almost always get fired or terminated and when a dragon does it, you can easily put a pun on it. When a dragon says “you’re fired,” you are probably going to be literally on fire! It’s a fun gimmick and a great pun that you can use to engage the crowd. Of course, it’s important to note that these are considered “dad jokes,” and this essentially means that you are probably going to hear pretty loud groans when you make these jokes in a public setting. However, some people are definitely going to laugh!

Fun addition:  Fall puns are great for the fall weather, and they can do an excellent job of making people laugh. Here’s one that you will like: “Have a gourd time!”

“Have you ever seen a baby dragon eat ice cream? It’ll melt your heart!”

Baby dragons are supposed to be very cute, so what happens when you see one eating ice cream! Well of course, it’ll melt your heart! This is a fun pun on the fact that dragons breathe fire, and baby dragons don’t really have any control over the way they breathe fire.

So, the pun actually means that a baby dragon is going to literally melt your heart! Of course, you should know that this pun is going to bring out serious groans from the crowd because it’s really not a crowd pleaser in most cases. However, with the right group of nerdy people, you could have just the right effect!

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of other puns that can be attributed to dragons. Remember, the key to a good pun delivery is that you have to look at the audience and then gauge their response before you decide to deliver one. It is important that you check on the audience before you go further.

These are just some of the fun puns that you can use that are related to dragons. Obviously, you should know that the crowd for this needs to have some knowledge because of the specific niche knowledge required to understand the puns.


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