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The more that we learn about mental illness, the more we begin to recognize the symptoms in ourselves and others. Depression in particular is one of the most common forms of mental illness today.

There are several signs and symptoms of depression. The key is to talk to your healthcare provider to determine what may actually be going on and what can be done to treat it. The treatment of depression in particular can come in different forms.

What is a PDD Treatment Plan?

Persistent depressive disorder (PDD) can be differently diagnosed than depression. There are some signs and symptoms that you may have PPD; it is important to recognize those signs and talk to a therapist or counselor about it.

Things like feeling sad a lot, having trouble sleeping or concentrating, side effects of any medications, the frequency of the symptoms, and more can determine whether you are dealing with PDD. There are some cases in which your healthcare provider would want to take urine or blood tests to rule any other factors out.

The most effective means of treating PDD is a combination of medication and talk therapy. There is a litany of antidepressants out there to choose from, each with its own capabilities and side effects.


That said, there are two broad categories when it comes to medications used to treat depression. There are serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

There is a possibility that you may need to be taking the medication for at least a month, if not longer, before you start to see a difference. Make sure that you continue to take the medication as prescribed. Even if you are experiencing side effects or feel better, it is imperative that you keep taking your medicine. Don’t stop taking it without talking to your healthcare provider first.

Counseling can also be effective in the management of PDD. Cognitive-behavioral therapy in particular has been shown to be helpful for depression. A psychologist or therapist will examine your emotions and thoughts, determining how they impact your actions. CBT can help with negative thoughts, particularly in developing a more positive way of thinking, and is one of the most common forms of depression treatment in Orange County.

Can Persistent Depressive Disorder be Prevented?

The unfortunate thing is that depression can’t be prevented. That said, there are things that can be done that can make it less severe and even manageable without professional intervention or medication of any kind.

Eating a well-balanced diet can play a major role in mental health. When we aren’t eating right, our bodies and minds don’t feel right, which can lead to depression. That is also why exercising multiple times per week is important. The activity itself can be particularly effective as a stress-reliever.

Limiting alcohol and avoiding recreational drugs is another helpful tip. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that these substances often make mental illness worse. Though they can provide some relief from the symptoms of the disorder initially, it will most likely make everything worse in the long term.

If you have been prescribed medications, make sure that you are taking them as directed. If you notice any side effects, discuss them with your provider to determine what, if anything, can be done to handle them.

Finally, watch for signs of change in your persistent depressive disorder. Make sure that you are discussing these changes with your healthcare provider, no matter how small they may seem. Even the slightest of symptoms can be an indication that another form of treatment may be a better option.

What are the Symptoms of Persistent Depressive Disorder?

Like any other condition out there, you will notice signs and symptoms attached to persistent depressive disorder (PDD). The most common symptom has to do with having a dark, low, or sad mood. That said, there are several others.

Feeling fatigued can be a sign. This is the easiest symptom to miss because it can be tied to any number of other things. Having a lack of energy can be difficult to pin on PDD as well, but that is commonplace.

The most common signs have to do with feelings of worthlessness, isolation, or hopelessness. Trouble working or focusing at school, excessive sleeping or a lack of sleep, and a lack of appetite or overeating are all signs as well.

One or two symptoms may not necessarily be an indication of PDD. That said, if you think that depression could be at play, it is imperative that you contact your healthcare provider sooner rather than later. Depression treatment in Orange County can come in numerous forms.

Even if it is a false alarm, talking to your provider may be able to bring to light other issues that are making you feel that way. But you won’t know unless you do something about it.


Depression, particularly persistent depressive disorder, has become more and more commonplace. Finding a treatment method can be crucial for changing the negativity surrounding the disorder and turning it into a more positive way of thinking.

While each person is different, there are a few forms of treatment that have proven to be effective. The first step is to talk to your local healthcare provider. From there, they will discuss what the symptoms mean and what treatment, if any, may be necessary.


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