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Disability is something that changes the life of a person completely. Those who struggle to lead a normal life require a lot of kindness and support. While not everyone will be able to offer those, the least anyone can do is respect such individuals.

However, the Internet is a dark and cruel place, and you can easily find jokes or humor at the expense of the disabled.

Before you crack some jokes that might be offensive and hurtful, it is a good idea to consider their context. This way, you can pick out ones that are witty and do not make fun of any person’s disability.

Blind Jokes – Is it Okay to Make Them?

If you browse social media websites regularly, you will come across offensive jokes quite often. You will also find harmless jokes that won’t hurt the sentiments of anyone. When it comes to blind jokes, there are two options for you; to go with harmless jokes or share the offensive ones. If you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you should always go with the first option.

As a general rule, it’s okay to make jokes as long as you are not laughing at someone. Puns and wordplay can make anything funny without making it offensive.

Losing Your Job

It is an act of kindness to give your seat to a blind or old person on the bus. Whenever you are in a position to give up your seat for someone else, you should definitely do that. But there’s one person on a bus who should never give up their seat, and this joke explains who that person is:

“I gave up my seat to a blind person on the bus.

That’s how I lost my job as a bus driver.”

Making a Pun

Everyone from kids to adults love puns. There’s something about them that makes you laugh out loud. Sometimes, it takes people a while to understand a pun, which makes it even funnier. Here’s a pun you may not get immediately:

“What do you call a blind dinosaur?”

“A doyouthinkhesaurus.”

Well, if he saw you, you should definitely run away. He won’t try to become friends with you.

Braille Jokes

Braille helps blind people learn everything from Mathematics and Physics to Languages and World History. Braille is also a topic of many jokes. You can make jokes about Braille without hurting the sentiments of anyone. Since Braille can only be read by touching the paper it is written on, it can easily serve as the subject of a joke.

“What did the blind person say when he felt a typo in the braille?”

“Something’s wrong, I can feel it.”

And who knows, maybe the typos in Braille are just as hilarious as they are in English.

A Touching Card

There is something about handmade greeting cards that make the recipient feel so special. But a Braille greeting card is even better because it means someone went out of their way to make it for you. There’s no better way to describe this feeling than with a joke:

“My blind friend made me a nice greeting card in Braille.”

“It was touching.”

Trip to Ikea

Everyone knows that assembling Ikea furniture is exactly like solving a thousand-piece puzzle. But did you know there are also things at Ikea that can confuse blind people as well? Here’s how that can happen:

“Once a blind man touched a cheese grater at Ikea.”

He said: “Who wrote this bullshit?”

In defense of the man, a cheese grater is made up of some weird shapes.

A Debt Paid

Lending someone money is always a huge risk. What if they never pay you back? When it is a big amount, it is always good to draft a contract. But what if they say I will pay you when I see you?

“A woman lent a blind man 100,000 dollars.”

The blind man said:

“I’ll pay my debt when I see you.”

The blind man returned one week later. He paid the 100,000 dollars back and said:

“Thank you! The surgery went well!”

Now, that’s a great thing to hear when you get back the money you lent someone. You can also donate to charities for blind people to support them.

Blind Jokes to Avoid

It is quite easy to make fun of someone and sometimes, this can certainly give everyone a good laugh.

However, when it comes to visual impairment, the subject is quite dark and joking about it could get a lot of angry looks. To avoid those, you should steer clear of blind jokes that target the vulnerability of the people.

Making Fun of Their Disability

If you laugh at the expense of others, you are just proving that you are insensitive to everyone’s struggles.

“How do you break up a fight between two blind men?”

“Simple, you yell out: ‘My money is on the one with a knife…’”

Making fun of the fact that blind people can’t see is very insensitive.

Ridiculing People

Ridiculing people is never the right thing to do.

“Who doesn’t know about blind people?”

“Deaf people probably never heard of ’em.”

Jokes that target not one, but two sets of people are even worse. You won’t get anything out of making these jokes.

Laughing at Blind People

Why would you want to laugh at people and not laugh with them?

“I saw a man with a cane and a dog guiding him. I walked up to him and said ‘you must be blind.’”

He replied, “Tell me something I don’t know!”

I said, “there’s a tree over there!”

This is another joke that is making fun of blind people and must be avoided at all costs.

The Internet may make you feel like you have to laugh at everything and everyone but that’s not true. You don’t have to make insensitive jokes or ridicule disabled people. What you can do instead is raise awareness about blindness and promote charities that help blind people. This does not mean that people should stop joking around or take everything seriously. It is best to find humor in formats or jokes that do not make you come off as insensitive.


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