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Determining the biggest sportsbooks in Las Vegas can come up for some debate. The “best” is oftentimes a matter of opinion. Some like the high-octane, loud environments that can make a bet feel special while others like to do their wagering privately at local casino kiosks.

But there are a couple of sportsbooks that stand above the rest. Circa Las Vegas Sportsbook is without a doubt one of the largest sportsbooks in all of Las Vegas, taking on millions of bets per year.

Circa Sportsbook Las Vegas

Opening in downtown Las Vegas in the fall of 2020, the Circa Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has become one of the largest around. It has an impressive sportsbook, offering the only sportsbook in town that is three stories.

Right now, there is impressive stadium seating available for bettors to enjoy. While it isn’t officially the biggest sportsbook in Vegas, there is seating for 30 guests, though there is room to hold 1,000 people. The video wall is also extremely impressive, with more than 78 million pixels covering the wall, showing bettors the latest in the action available.

There are also a ton of bars as well as several poker bar top games to partake in. Players are able to follow all the betting action in comfort, also seeing VSIN (Vegas Sports Information Network) broadcasts in hopes of gaining an edge over the competition.

Circa Sportsbook App

Like just about any sportsbook of note, Circa sportsbook has an app that players can install and use from any state that it is offered in. Keep in mind that there are a plethora of states that as of yet have not legalized online sports betting.

That said, being able to play with one of the largest sportsbooks on the globe is something that anyone can do so long as they are in a qualifying state. It is a great app to add to your repertoire if you are a regular bettor, and it is particularly great for those who like to make bigger bets.

The sportsbook was created to tailor to the high stakes players out there, offering some of the most complex offerings in the betting market.

What makes the sportsbook so great is that you can easily use it no matter what your experience level. If you are in a state where making wagers is legal, you can install the app effortlessly and begin betting before long.

Different Circa Sportsbook Features

Like the other major sportsbooks out there, Circa Sportsbook allows bettors to partake in a number of different wagering options. The good news is that it is all simple and easy to use. All you have to do is pick a line or lines, determine how much you want to wager, and watch the bet slip in order to determine your results.

The app itself allows for a more intuitive way of betting, offering different tabs for things like round robins, parlays, and any other complex type of bet that you want to try implementing. They also offer a plethora of betting options like moneyline, teasers, futures, totals, and even live in-game betting.

The Circa sportsbook will post odds for each of these betting features, though you can compare them with other sportsbooks to find the best play. Oftentimes, Circa Sportsbook tends to edge out the competition by a good margin, making it the best sportsbook betting option out there.

Betting in Person

Of course, there is nothing like getting to the Circa Sportsbook in person and placing a wager. Though the exact square footage is unknown, it is well over 20,000 square feet, making it at least one of the top two physically largest sportsbooks out there.

Being able to walk over the massive floor and to one of the betting stations can provide an ambiance and experience like no other. The ability to relax in the plush seating area means that you can get your bets in and follow along with all of the betting action in comfort and style.

If you are a local to Las Vegas or visiting for any reason, make it a priority to get to the Circa Sportsbook. Some of the others in the area may have the history behind them, but there may not be physically a more impressive sportsbook than Circa.

Enjoying the great sportsbook action has never been better. Joined together with hundreds of other like-minded bettors, you can experience a sportsbook environment that cannot be matched. It is part of the magic of placing a wager, getting the most out of a sportsbook and experiencing sports betting the way that it was meant to be enjoyed.


Despite opening in 2020, Circa Sportsbook has taken its place as one of the most impressive sportsbooks out there both physically and metaphorically. The massive sportsbook stadium seating area allows a plethora of guests to hang out, get their bets in, and follow up on the action.

There are a plethora of books out there worth trying, but none are quite as impressive as Circa Sportsbook. Before long, you will find yourself coming back again and again to partake in the atmosphere and the betting action that can’t be beat.


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