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When it comes to casinos and gambling in general, slot machines remain a favorite and for good reason. With a plethora of bright lights and colors, loud and joyful sounds, and the ease of the game, players flock to slots everywhere.

But what are a few of the most notable when it comes to the biggest slot machine win ever? Let’s take a closer look to find out who the biggest winners were and what they ended up walking away with after hitting the biggest slot machine win.

The Biggest Slot Machine Win in History

Finding the biggest payouts are tough to locate at times because the person who won will typically not want to draw the attention to themselves. There is also the matter of states keeping records and other parties trying to determine where the biggest wins are.

But there are a few that can claim to be among the biggest in history. But the biggest “win” in slot history is actually disputed and was never paid out, leading its winner to wonder what may have been.

The top win in the history of slots came from the Resort World Casino in New York. A woman won a $42.9 million prize back in 2016. She was told that she had won it playing the Sphinx slot, but the top payout listed was only $6,500.

There was a lot of legal wrangling to follow but the case ultimately disappeared. That said, the previous rulings indicate that the claim would ultimately be rejected. So, despite having the largest win in the history of slots, the woman did not actually receive the $42.9 million prize.

What Is the Largest Slot Machine Payout in History?

Now, onto the matter of the largest slot machine payout ever. While the woman may have thought she won the $42.9 million prize, it never was paid out. So, the top payout, which means the money was actually received, goes to someone else.

That someone else managed to win a staggering $39.7 million at the Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas. It was one by a single player at the Excalibur Casino back in 2003. This person decided to try their luck at the Megabucks slot machine, and ultimately ended up spending just $100 of their own money to claim the massive win.

The win itself came in the form of a huge jackpot, which remains the single largest payout in the history of the game. But there are other staggering wins out there.

The Other Top Winnings

That $39.7 million payout is not the only time that a massive payout occurred. Despite not being able to claim the top spot, here are a few other winnings that can stake their claim near the top of the list, making some very lucky people very rich.

Desert Inn, Las Vegas — $35 million

You may notice a trend where a lot of the biggest slot machine wins will come from the same place. That is with good reason considering that Las Vegas is thought to be the mecca of gambling not only in the United States, but around the world.

The second biggest payout ever belongs to a player that won at the Desert Inn. Cynthia Jay Brennan, then 37, won a jackpot of just under $35 million back in 2000. This one was also through the famous Megabucks slot.

Palace Station Casino, Las Vegas – $27.6 million

It turns out that winning nearly $28 million can give you the opportunity to retire early. The third-largest payout ever did just that. The lucky winner walked in only intending to spend $100 but wound up spending three times that.

But even $300 is a fantastic investment considering the return. Yet another one that came from the Megabucks machine in a Las Vegas casino, leading the Megabucks to be the creator of dreams like no other slot machine out there. Which just goes to show how many different potential places that one can hit it big while playing the slots in Vegas.

PAF.com, Online — £17.8 million

Given the prevalence of the internet, it was only a matter of time before one of the largest payouts on record happened from the comfort of one’s home. In 2013, a Finnish player was trying their luck on NetEnt, offering the Mega Fortune progressive slot machine.

He managed to spend just 25 cents before ultimately winning the massive prize. That £17.8 million prize equates to nearly $24 million USD and no doubt set the player up for life. There are a lot of things a quarter can’t afford, but apparently it can afford you the opportunity to win nearly $24 million and set you up for the rest of your life.


Everyone dreams of hitting the major jackpot while playing slots. But most of the time, that major jackpot is in the thousands, not the tens of millions. But depending on where you play and when, it may be possible to walk away with your life changed forever.

There are people who get lucky daily but only a few who have managed to get lucky enough to win tens of millions on one fateful slot pull.


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