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Castle Blackheart was too good a challenge for your merry band of adventurers to ignore. Now, staring at an angry 100-foot tall beast with three heads, it’s looking more like a disastrous misadventure. To your right, the enchanter Phobus cast a powerful spell that stuns the beast. To your left, the barbarian warrior Colock unsheathes his great sword looking for an opening to attack. Your own crossbow is aimed at the beast.

Oh, no! The monster’s tail swats Phobos sending him flying through the air for 10 points of damage. Two heads turn in your direction. The monster stares at you as if daring you to take action. Will you prevail, or will you perish? Roll the dice and discover your fate!

Board role-playing games came before video and computer games, and they’re more popular than ever. Today, tens of millions of players of all ages gather to play an enormous variety of RPG board games. Games cover every genre, from simulation to adventure. Settings have expanded beyond dungeons to mysterious islands, lonely spaceships, vast mystic lands, and zombie-infested urban neighborhoods. 

What Are the Best Board RPG Games out There?

Table-top games have blasted into mainstream media with sessions live-streamed on Twitch or on YouTube shows like TableTop. Mentions of role-playing games in movies and TV shows have drawn a new generation of players in recent years.

Dungeons and Dragons popularized fantasy role-playing over 40 years ago. It remains the benchmark of fantasy gaming in story and playability. Streamlining of game elements, redesigning of rules, and a commitment to the imaginative theater of the mind storytelling has made it appealing with both beginners and veteran gamers.

D&D’s simple rules ease the learning curve for new players, while its play structure allows for enough choices to keep the story flowing. Game designers have taken the D&D adventure system and created board games covering many themes and styles. It has inspired many other game systems. 

Dungeons and Dragons: Castle Ravenloft

In this classic dungeon-crawling adventure, players enter a dungeon seeking riches. Naturally, there are dangers like monsters, vampires, wraiths, ambushes, and traps to keep things interesting. Winning is not guaranteed. The rule book lays out game rules and mechanics clearly. Instead of a complicated character creation process, players choose from pre-made characters. Characters can be human, elf, or dwarf. They can choose roles like fighter, rogue, enchanter, ranger, or cleric.

With miniatures on the board, the adventure can begin. With every move, a tile is added to expand the dungeon. A card is taken, revealing a monstrous encounter, problem to solve, or a new location to explore. Players must work together to overcome the challenges. Success is awarded treasure in coins and special items or abilities.

Replay value is high, with 13 scenarios that can be enjoyed by teens and adults. Players can choose unique powers for their characters, which can influence scenario events and outcomes. Each player has side quests they must undertake. 

Mage Knight Ultimate Edition

Fantasy gaming needs rich history and detailed worldbuilding. This amazing fantasy RPG board game offers both and more for experienced gamers. In Mage Knight, players become one of four powerful mage knights. Each knight’s goal is to reach ever-higher levels and acquire better abilities and equipment. Mage knights take on many quests from defending cities, defeating tyrants, to finding lost relics.

Players must be strategic and creative with their use of cards. The sequence of cards used can change the outcome from victory to defeat. The game adds random elements which increase the difficulty level of every encounter and quest. Players will improve over time and practice. This is not a game for beginners due to the sheer amount of information and content that must be mastered.

Mage Knight is highly replayable with a complex game system. There are 11 scenarios designed for solo and multiple players. The richness of the game world elements from board, cards, dice, and miniatures adds to the overall appeal. For fans, two expansion packs are available within the ultimate edition – The Lost Legion and Shades of Tezla

Zombicide: Black Plague

If you’re looking for a less strategic and action-oriented game, Zombicide: Black Plague is doomsday meets sword and sorcery. Survival is the name of the game for players taking on the roles of original survivors of the apocalypse. Besides staying alive and eliminating as many zombies as possible, survivors must work together to accomplish mission objectives like collecting supplies and hunting for special items. The ultimate goal is to stop the zombie-creating necromancers and restore the realm.

Since this is a medieval crossover, the player party can select from various races and classes: elves, dwarves, enchanters, paladins, rogues, and knights. Equipment varies from magic spells, bows, spears, shields, armor, swords, and even Molotov cocktails. Each survivor possesses unique skills like extra moves, unique abilities, or enhanced attributes.

This straightforward adventure from Guillotine Games stresses action with a dash of strategy during key encounters. Black Plague is the fourth in a series that includes the original Zombiecide, Prison Outbreak, and Rue Morgue. Each series is a complete story, and you can play them in any order. While the base rules are the same, each game has some minor rule variations. This is a fast-paced game and you can finish an average campaign in less than an hour. Black Plague can be played by one to six players. 


This one is probably the best game for kids over 10 years old. Players of Munchkin have one goal: teach level 10 at all costs. To level up, players must vanquish monsters inside a treacherous dungeon. The more monsters you slay, the higher your level. Munchkin’s premise and rules are simple. Gameplay centers around the story and player participation. These two design elements are critical for kids to share in the fun and experience of the game.

Munchkin is geared towards group play and storytelling while reinforcing lessons on collaboration and problem-solving. All players will need a helping hand at some point. Players can offer to help other players. However, the price of their assistance is in treasure and coin. Some players can turn and help the monster instead!

Munchkin’s quirky and witty humor appeals to kids and adults. Each card has a whimsical and often funny illustration. Beware the curse cards. Who wants to get the Duck of Doom curse and lose two levels? Players must barter and persuade to succeed. Anyone with the Super Munchkin card has the upper hand.

The game moves things along using cards and dice rolls, revealing what actions and rewards are available at any given time and situation in the game. A full game can last from one to two hours. 

Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

In this realistic role playing game, one or more players are shipwrecked on an island. Each player must carry out missions, along with building shelters and finding food. The game is limited to 12 rounds, which adds to the sense of urgency. Why 12? A chance of rescue by a passing ship occurs sometime on the last three rounds. Players must survive day and night until then.

Instead of monsters to vanquish, adventurers must contend with ferocious weather conditions, wild animals, crippling injuries, loss of tools, and dwindling food stocks and firewood. All of this can cause damage to the characters and lessening their chances of survival.

From Portal Games, Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island offers tough, gritty play for veteran gamers. The game is very deep, complex, and ideal for two players. If you play on your own, you’re given one extra character. Replayability is high, with eight available scenarios. If you’re looking for a challenge, this one may be it. The Voyage of the Beagle expansion pack sees players as crew members about Charles Darwin’s ship The Beagle. The recent release of the second expansion pack Robinson Crusoe: Mystery Tales increases the horror and dread factor, adds two scenarios, and a new way to play.  

Nemo’s War

In general, role-playing games capitalize on social interaction to enhance the gaming experience. Few games are designed specifically for the solo player. Nemo’s War is one of the few. The player becomes Captain Nemo, commander of the submarine Nautilus in the year 1870. Besides exploring the mysteries of the deep, you will be fighting off pirates, frightening monsters, perilous hazards, and other hostile parties.

The player must choose an initial motivation like exploration or warfare that sets the tone of the storyline. Depending on motivation, gameplay may lean towards more naval combat or not. Ultimately, your goal is to stay alive and keep the Nautilus intact.

Tension and drama rely on the roll of two dice. Roll values determine getting (or losing) resources, battle results, and assistance from book characters like Ned Land or Professor Aronnax. Victory Point Games’ 2nd edition of Nemo’s War has new content, more balanced game mechanics and can expand up to 4 players in one session. 

Final Thoughts

RPG board games offer benefits for everyone. Playing encourages creativity, enhances social skills, and develops critical thinking, especially in young children. RPG board games offer the same immersive experience and action as computerized games with real-time social contact that greatly adds to fun and immersion.


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