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People have changed the way they drink their water. Club soda is a thing of the past. You will probably see many beautifully colored, bubbly water bottles in a store and begin to wonder what it is. Whenever you go to the local mall, you might see people with the same kinds of bottles.

The dynamics of the water industry have completely changed. Since the introduction of sparkling water, there are only a few major brands in the game, such as the Belle Vie sparkling water.

So, what is the hype all about? We might have never realized that the way we drank water was quite boring, until the introduction of sparkle and fizz in our bottles. People do tend to like variety, after all. Today, there are a plethora of options to choose from.

You can find this water in many exciting flavors. If you do not keep yourself hydrated, your health is likely to suffer. You can add a little excitement to your life through sparkling water and keep yourself hydrated, or enjoy it with other drinks.

Too Many Options at the Store

There are many types of carbonated water brands in the market. This can be confusing if you are a newbie. Some people are unable to spot the real difference between soda and sparkling water too.

Essentially, they are the same thing. Sparkling water goes the extra mile to add flavor to the carbonated drink, and that ingredient is often salt. This gives the water a unique flavor that’s usually loved by the masses.

What Is So Special About Belle Vie Sparkling Water?

Your average glass of water does not have any taste. It’s just a regular glass of water, after all. We only drink normal water out of necessity. However, what if you wanted to pair it with something else? Brands such as PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water tend to excite people’s taste buds.

They want the world to focus on their health with a little bit of love and taste. But what is so special about sparkling water?

Many non-fizzy drinking folks scratch their heads trying to answer this simple question. It does have a different taste compared to regular water. However, sparkling water has a way of giving a stimulating feel from the bubbles as you take a sip. Somehow, your mind starts to believe that you are sipping a beverage, making it slightly different than an average glass of water.

Belle Vie sparkling water’s killer taste comes from carbon dioxide and water, which creates carbonic acid enabling the water to become fizzy, giving you the kick you need.

The Great Benefits

Did we ever believe that drinking something fizzy would not be harmful or full of sugar? Unlike many fizzy beverages in the market, sparkling water is harmless. Anyone of any age can consume the Belle Vie sparkling water. It’s just a mixture of carbon dioxide and water, though it still should be taken in moderation.

So, if you are diet conscious but you tend to miss the feel of soda, you can go to the nearest store and grab a bottle of Belle Vie sparkling water. You might want to consider keeping your pantry fully stocked if you really enjoy the feel of sparkling water.

There are many health benefits associated with consuming sparkling water. For starters, it aids good digestion. It helps you feel fuller if you are on a diet as well. It also helps with constipation. Lastly, it has been seen to improve heart health. These benefits are good enough for you to start consuming sparkling water.

What Can You Enjoy Belle Vie Sparkling Water with?

Belle Vie sparkling water has gained in popularity. But if you want to play around with your sparkling water, you can do so with a few additions.

Fruit Juices

Orange juice can be a perfect combination with sparkling water. It will give you the sweet taste from the Belle Vie sparkling water along with a bitter taste of orange juice.


You can make your sparkling water a bit more exciting by adding in mint, basil, and cucumber. It is an excellent way to detox your body. This is great if you like to enjoy vegetable-based drinks. The sparkling water will just add a bit of fizz to your drink.

Combine with Different Fruits and Vegetables

Sparkling water can taste just like any fizzy drink if you add a combination of fruits such as orange and lemon with something such as lavender and mint. You don’t have to consume unhealthy fizzy drinks when you can simply mix some healthy ingredients into your drink.

Belle Vie for Bakers

Sparkling water isn’t just useful for adding into conventional drinks. Bakers can also experiment with sparkling water and come up with delectable recipes. There are quite a few out there already.

How did bakers achieve that? They experimented with Belle Vie water in their doughs. Once added to the dough, the sparkling water gives it a nice, light, and fluffy feel, which is paramount for the baking business.

What Do People Say About Sparkling Water?

An Aldi PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water review usually goes into considerable depth regarding the flavor profile of the sparkling water itself. If you are still skeptical about changing your drinking habits, you can look at a few reviews online that will help you make a fast decision.

Most of the Belle Vie sparkling water reviews revolve around how the water has found a way to keep humans more hydrated. Most people don’t meet their average hydration requirements. Belle Vie sparkling water helps people achieve their water needs through a unique spin.

Most people prefer sparkling water because it is a very affordable way to enjoy the fun of a fizzy drink. If you live life on a budget or you try to cut out spending on unhealthy habits, you can always go for Belle Vie sparkling water.

The Flavors

PurAqua Belle Vie sparkling water comes in six delicious flavors. So, you’ll probably never get bored with all the flavors available out there. These include:

  • Original
  • Berry
  • Tangerine
  • Grapefruit
  • Passionfruit

Grapefruit is arguably the most popular choice among consumers. So much so that it gets sold out from stores within 24 hours after being restocked. But if you are not a grapefruit person, you can always go for something sweet and tasty such as peach or berry. These flavors never disappoint. If you are new to flavored sparkling water, you can choose the most common flavor, which is Original.


Belle Vie Sparkling water is the new thing in town. It has changed the way people drink their water. The mixing and experimenting is something you don’t normally do with regular water, so it ensures you keep coming back to it.

You can always add and mix Belle Vie with vegetables and fruits to help you stay healthy. Drinking sparkling water also enables you to detox your body; hence, it is a good start to living a healthier and more fulfilling life.


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