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Aries: March 21- April 19

Known for being unforgettable, with a zodiac sign ruled by fire, Aries men and women’s heat is the warmest, yet they can burn you if you cross them. So, when in love, or if you’re starting to fall for one of these fiery beings, make sure you know the way to their heart.

Aries people are known to act upon impulse. They’re shameless when letting others know how they exactly feel with boldness, making them expect the love they receive to be wrapped in assertion. Now that you got a glimpse of who they are, let these quotes tell you more.

1. I Need to Hear and Feel It

“Physical touch and words of affirmation are of the utmost importance to Aries.” ―Ambi Kavanagh, astrologer

Be their cheerleader! Hop on their crazy bandwagon… They want to hear you say “Amen” to their wildness. Shout your love for them from rooftops. An Aries wants to be loved fiercely and wants you to be unabashed about it. Transfix an Aries with words of praise and affectionate touch. They secretly love a good ego boost.

2. I Come First

“In the heart of an Aries you’ll find the soul of a Knight of the Round Table: noble and true, and unwilling to share you with any other Knight or Lady.” ―Lynn Hayes

Since an Aries flourishes on attention, you should make it clear that this zodiac lad/lady is the center of your universe, and that you don’t orbit around anybody but them. Never try to make them jealous as this will only backfire!

3. Let’s Fix This

“Aries possess childlike faith that a quarrel can somehow be made up, a relationship can be repaired each time it’s broken.” ―Linda Goodman

When an Arien is in, they’re all in! For them, simply, to live is to love, and love always finds a way, doesn’t it? Nothing stands in their way in a relationship; they always look for loopholes even when it seems like a dead-end. They make it work even before you set the intention.

4. All of It Counts

“Aries loves high romance and the grand gesture, but also all the little caring ones in between.” MetropolitanGirls

From remembering their favorite movie to planning a candlelit dinner, this person appreciates it all! Nothing goes unnoticed by them. Bonus tip: Quality time is the key to their hearts. You can thank me later.

5. I Wilt Without Love

“Aries demand love, for like the infant, without love, Aries dies.” ―Linda Goodman

You hopped on their rollercoaster ride? Fasten your seatbelt because there is no going back. The train of love only demands you move forward. There is no taking back that love you watered them with; they wilt without it.

6. Always in Motion

“Because Aries is an action sign, they are happiest when in motion.” ―Lynn Hayes

An Aries won’t sit still, like a toddler starting to explore life. They crave movement and won’t settle down for mundane activities. They are high on life and will want you tagging along if you’re looking for a deep spiritual bond with them.

7. I Play Around Until I Anchor Down

“Whirlwind romances are common for the Aries personality. But once love sets in, it’s generally for life.” ―

An Aries looks for someone who gingers up their life, and once they find them, they are in it for the long haul. If they don’t find their fulfillment, they will be bouncing off walls.

8. Don’t Shackle Me

“They despise rules and regulations that inhibit their freedom, and they hate the kind of people who are traditional even more.” ―Denise, The Horoscope

It’s no surprise that Aries are well-known for having alpha personalities, and that also is no surprise, considering that they are the first astrological sign in the zodiac. They are rams, after all, so expect them to lead the way without thinking twice about it. Aries are not people of tradition; they are rule-makers.

9. I Move On

“‘Aries doesn’t have time to waste,’ astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. ‘If you fail an Aries, they’re forgiving. But make it a habit and their heart will shatter.’”―

Like I told you at the beginning, these people don’t joke around. They believe in second chances, but if it takes giving you a third one, they will be out of the door before you even know it. They will march on like you never existed.

10. It’s a Wrap

Now that I summed up what being in a relationship with an Aries is like, you know how to take their love by the horns―pun intended! Aries are straightforward and bubbly, they want your love in ocean waves, and never in droplets, because this is how they want to reciprocate it.

They can engulf you with the warmth of their fire for an eternity, but if they feel any pain at your hands, they will burn you down to the ground. Beware of their wrath, but never be afraid to bask in the glory of their presence in your life.


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