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When Instagram comes to someone’s mind, all they think about is pictures, videos, boomerangs, polls, and again, pictures. Well, Instagram isn’t just that. To a person who is only on the platform for casually strolling and viewing pictures of their favorite celebrities and friends, maybe Instagram is just that.

But for people who take it seriously, they need to keep several things in their heads. They also need to use several tactics and ways to improve their page. Not to mention, there are also countless businesses operating on Instagram. Their bread and butter is Instagram, so they can’t just think like a common Instagram user.

Instagram has more than 25 million businesses right now. Slowly and gradually, perhaps after the pandemic, people have switched to online shopping and they are now comfortable with buying online because Instagram has made it so.

For example, let’s say you want to purchase a T-shirt. You search for it in the search bar and Instagram shows you several T-shirt businesses. You take a look at three of them, then you close the app. Now, Instagram knows that you want to buy T-shirts. It will now display you almost all the businesses and ads near you that have T-shirts in them. This is how it works.

This helps businesses, and people as well. Consumers get what they want and businesses get to make profits. Instagram has connected them.


Now, it would be unfair to say that Instagram does all the work for businesses, influencers, and bloggers. These people have it really hard, owing to Instagram’s tough algorithm. Just the new 2021 algorithm of Instagram has confused a lot of people.

It is natural for bloggers, businesses, and influencers to be confused because if they don’t understand how the algorithm works, they cannot reach their audience.

That’s why collaboration between them is necessary.

What Is Collaboration?

To explain it simply, collaboration or “collab” is when two or more artists/influencers/singers/bloggers/businesses join for a project or two. Mostly, this happens over a theme, or a single post or perhaps a string of posts.

You must have heard in your life about businesses collaborating with another business. They do this to involve their expertise together and to create something better. Businesses benefit a lot from collaboration. But why is collaboration important?

Instagram’s collaboration is much different, though. Since Instagram has more than 1 billion users, it can be quite difficult for a single artist, singer, business, or blogger to reach the optimum level. Therefore, they work together. That’s what a “collaboration” is. The purpose of both the parties involved is common, which is to get more reach.


Most common Instagram users won’t know about the relevance and importance of hashtags. According to the algorithm of Instagram, an account cannot reuse the same hashtags over and over again for their posts. Technically, they can buy their views and reach and, therefore, likes, comments, and shares will also reduce.

Therefore all the businesses, influencers, artists, and bloggers have to continually change the mixture of their hashtags and add some new, and get rid of some old ones, to create something new. This is just one example of how technical Instagram’s algorithm is.

Collaboration Ideas

When it comes to collaboration, artists and businesses can do so many things. The ideas and opportunities are endless. 

The first is to take control of each other’s pages. Let’s say two parties, A and B, are collaborating on a project. A takes B’s page for a while and vice versa. Now, the audience of A can know B and B’s audience can know the other one better. This way, they will be revealed to a new audience that perhaps, didn’t even know they existed.

This is how organic growth is built. Soon enough, A’s fans will start to like B as well and they may follow B’s account, like and comment on their posts and also share them. This is one way to do a collaboration.

Another way is to make videos together. Or perhaps do a live session. Both of these ideas are concrete. Making a video can go a short way. Perhaps joining over a cause or speaking up for an injustice in the society. But, live sessions can go for a long time. Collaborations can be built through this by creating a live show or a live theme that the audience of both the collaborators join.

This is very common on Instagram. It is a quick way to energize your audience who wants new content and to mix and indulge the other person’s audience with them too. Yes, this will create organic growth in the long run.

To collaborate, both the parties can also do a challenge together. This is very important for businesses. Their representatives, or perhaps managers, can do a challenge together and post a video or a post on both the pages. This will attract people toward it. Soon enough, they may start to do the challenge on their own by tagging both the parties in their posts by hashtags.

Here’s the big one: make a new page to launch a project together. This may sound a bit extreme, but there have been business collaborations on Instagram where a new product was created out of the two already established ones. This means that they are choosing to create a new product by shaking hands. This works exceptionally well for food-related items since people like to try new tastes, and if they don’t like it, then the popularity of the page will show in a while. In short, the answer to why is collaboration important is known by everyone who is serious about Instagram.


Instagram is a diverse platform with many types of users. There are normal users who mostly take up the 1 billion figure, then there are businesses, influencers, bloggers, and artists. All of these people make up the 1 billion figure. For the ones mentioned in the last, trying to catch the attention of their audience and to attract new organic growth is everything.

That’s why, perhaps, sometimes they even shake hands with their own competition. This allows the other businesses’ or artists’ followers to flow into the other side. But the same concept works both ways.

Still, collaborations have helped countless businesses, bloggers, artists, and influencers to grow their page. It may seem like nothing at first, but if an Instagram page gets to collaborate with an influencer who has a large following, then they can get the jumpstart they were looking for.


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