Why exploring the Amazon rainforest is the trip of a lifetime?

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When it comes to travel and adventure, sometimes people want to immerse themselves in a location that not many others have been to before. While frequenting a well-known resort or staying in a major city has its merits, some holidaymakers want something a tad more unique. Step forward, the Amazon rainforest.

 Some holidaymakers have simply never thought about visiting such a location, but it’s most definitely worth it. Of course, you can avoid it altogether and gain an insight into Amazon living through popular nature documentaries, movies like the Embrace of the Serpent, and Amazon-themed games like Amazon Wild, but you’d ultimately be missing out.

The Amazon’s obscene amount of biodiversity, the array of different animals, and the completely different way of life are well worth experiencing. In fact, it’s fair to say that it’s the trip of a lifetime. If you still need convincing, though, then let’s assess some of the key reasons why more and more travelers are opening themselves up to visiting the huge rainforest, which covers much of northwestern Brazil and extends into Colombia, Peru, and other South American countries.

The Forest

 First and foremost, the main reason why people venture to the Amazon rainforest is because of the forest itself. Accounting for more than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, this vibrant landscape is filled with an array of life. From plants and animals to people championing a unique culture, there is plenty to take in during a typical adventure to the Amazon rainforest. Put simply, there is no place like it on earth.

The Adventure

 As we’ve touched on already, the Amazon’s appeal for many is the option of taking themselves out of their comfort zones and exploring a world-famous and incredibly natural environment. With guides by your side wielding weapons and machetes, as you trek through occasionally untouched land, no resort in Spain can compare to this type of adventure. While exploring the Amazon rainforest isn’t for everyone, those that do manage to go certainly don’t forget it. 

The People

 Living in the Amazon is unlike living anywhere else on this glorious planet of ours. With fascinating traditions and truly unique hospitality, meeting the people who call the Amazon their home is an amazing experience.

Not only are they incredibly friendly on the whole, but they might even teach you a few things along the way, too. Overall, the people of the Amazon are delightful.

The Animals


While some animals will naturally keep their distance, the wildlife you can witness up close and in the flesh is truly breathtaking. One of the richest habitats in the world, the Amazon is home to the likes of pink dolphins, frogs, boars, jaguars, monkeys, sloths, and a whole lot more.

The further you venture into the rainforest, the more likely it is that you’ll catch a glimpse of some of these amazing creatures. The region is also home to around 2.5 million different species of insect, thousands of plants, and huge populations of mammals and birds. 

The Food

 Although you should probably put any fine dining expectations to one side, the food on offer in the Amazon is still tasty enough. For instance, when it comes to fruit, the region has over 3000 different fruits that aren’t known to outsiders.

Some of them look a tad strange too, although they’re perfectly safe to eat and delicious on the whole. As with anything in the Amazon, you have to be brave and just throw yourself into it.

 Other reasons why exploring the Amazon is a trip of a lifetime includes the history and traditions, the river, the sunsets, and the sounds.


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