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If you are a bookworm and want to get your hands dirty in the real estate business, you should grab onto some of the best wholesale real estate books you can find. They say that if you want to experience the taste of success, keep reading. But we often scratch our heads thinking which ones to read. With so many options available in the market, it can often get overwhelming.

There are tons of books that can provide you a head start. These valuable insights can turn your life around.

Things to Think About

If you are a person trying to embark on your journey in the real estate world without putting your finances at stake, then wholesale real estate investing can be your thing.

However, going into the same without knowing the ins and outs of the market can be a challenging task. Often people who are starting find it too hard to deal with buyers and sellers; hence, it is always better to go in prepared. And you can do so by reading wholesale real estate books.

What Comes Next

You can read many sources online to help you learn about the topic. But having full-time, convenient access to a book always has leverage over online material.

Books that successful real estate investors write are your go-to guidebooks to start a career in wholesale real estate. There is nothing better than learning from the best in the game.

To give you the right kind of start, we have come up with a list of the top seven wholesale real estate books that people in the real estate world swear by.

Some of the well-known books include the following:

If You Can’t Wholesale After This… I’ve Got Nothing for You by Todd M. Fleming

If you are tired of being a corporate slave and want to be “out there” making good money, then Fleming is your best buddy! The title shows his confidence in his step-by-step teaching lessons. He believes that anyone can wholesale real estate once they give his book a read.

Don’t take too much time and get started right away with little or no cash. Fleming claims that he started with just $11 to his name, and there is only a way up from there!

The Beginner’s Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate: A Step-By-Step System for Wholesale Real Estate Investing by Jeff Leighton

Leighton sheds some valuable insight into doing wholesale real estate the right way. One needs many strategies and tricks up their sleeves, and he has spilled the beans in his wholesale real estate book.

With the step-by-step strategy, you will learn how to find your customers, secure your first big project, and the risks associated with doing the business. Leighton guarantees that you can create a six-figure real estate business with no money down if you learn the magic in his book.

Everything Wholesaling: The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real Estate by Carol Stinson

Stinson’s wholesale real estate book title says it all. You can find anything you need to learn about wholesaling in her book. Her book is a roadmap for beginners to know where to start and grow in the business. You will discover priceless information about finding the correct type of buyers for different properties. You will also learn how to make a lucrative deal.

The book Everything Wholesaling teaches beginners the art of negotiating with clients and gives access to her “vault,” which contains valuable videos on wholesaling.

The Art of Wholesaling Properties: How to Buy and Sell Real Estate Without Cash or Credit by Aram Shah and Alex Virelles

A dynamic power duo of wholesale real estate experts who have achieved numerous deals wrote this book. Shah and Virelles have taken the initiative to help others trying to join the real estate industry.

They coach and mentor through their wholesale real estate book. They teach principles of making an offer and finding the right people to work with. Furthermore, the wholesale real estate book helps readers learn on how to automate workflow for better cash management. You can achieve this without putting your cash in the game.

How to Become a Wholesale Millionaire by Mark Lane

Although the title seems very cliché, Lane believes that his readers can be millionaires. Although your path to becoming a millionaire is subjective, the author believes that you can do it. This wholesale real estate book reveals to you the true magic of making good money through wholesaling, all from the comfort of your home.

The book is designed to give free templates and contracts that give you a kick start. Create your network with real estate agents, attorneys, buyers, and companies through these books.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Started in Real Estate Investing by Than Merrill

Whenever there is a word “bible” in the title, you can believe that it will work like a guide you can refer to again and again. Merrill is known to be one of the best in the game. He teaches how to maximize your potential even when the real estate market is down.

The wholesale real estate book gives good insights into minimizing the risks and maximizing profits. Learn the art of creating the right systems to help your business grow so you can live your life on your terms.

The Best Wholesaling Book Ever by Carlos Reyes, Sal Shakir, and Alex Saenz (with Carson Jones)

This book is written by a group of entrepreneurs who have large deals under their belts. The primary goal is that it fills the gaps of all the other books out in the market. If there is any retail information that you have been looking for, this book will undoubtedly have you covered.

Get a step-by-step strategy including scripts, processes, and a recipe for success.

The Bottom Line You Were Waiting for

There is no such thing as being too old or inexperienced to start something new, and all it takes are baby steps and a will to do something for yourself. You should grab these wholesale real estate books and add them to your shelf.

Once you read the above books, you will indeed feel as though you have been in the real estate business for many years. All you need is the right inspiration and success stories to give yourself the push you needed for so long.


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