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YouTube thumbnails can be just one of many ways in which you can garner attention for your video. Some of the thumbnails have the capability of playing short little snippets of the video, giving users the idea of what the video might be about.

One of the ways to do so is with MXR plays thumbnails. Let’s take a closer look at how to utilize them, what impact they can have, and the different thumbnail finders out there.

What is the YouTube Thumbnail Checker?

The cool thing about the YouTube thumbnail checker is that it lets you test out your thumbnails and titles for YouTube in the context of the current layout and feed for YouTube. You can compare each of your thumbnails, as well as titles, within the context of your current content. It can show you just how well those thumbnails stand out.

Having the right tool (there are a few thumbnail checkers) can make all the difference. It allows for proper thumbnail testing, which is crucial to the content creation industry. It allows users to fine-tune their thumbnails, finding the best possible way to catch the attention of the audience before they ever click on the video.

Using a Thumbnail Finder

Utilizing one of these finders can vary depending on what you are looking to do. Whether it be a thumbnail checker, MXR plays thumbnails, or something else entirely, you can ensure that your thumbnails are the best quality that they can be.

Of course, depending on which service you use, there are some free accounts and pro accounts that offer a variety of different features. Some of those features include testing out titles and thumbnails against live data or testing it against the YouTube homepage.

And depending on the service, you may have the ability to download some of your previously tested thumbnails, test them against certain trending channels or pages, test them against certain custom keywords, and so much more. It can be crucial for content creators who want to gain an edge in the crowded world of YouTube content creation. Services like MXR Plays Source and others can really help you to get a leg up.

How to Find YouTube Thumbnail Source?

There are more than a few ways to get the YouTube thumbnail source. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent ways in which you can find the YouTube thumbnail source effortlessly. Some videos will have the kind of thumbnails that you want to learn more about.

You want to find out where they come from and maybe glean some information as to what the person using them may have been hoping to achieve.

Use Sourcing

It never hurts to develop your HTML knowledge. Being able to make some tweaks to the code can help you get the look that you were hoping to achieve. So, if you use other methods and they just aren’t working, then you can source the thumbnail by checking out the sourcing page on your desktop.

Keep in mind that YouTube has recently changed its HTML markup, so it might take a little longer to figure it out if you were previously aware. Just start by going to the video and clicking the command “control U” (for PC) or “command U” for Mac. If that doesn’t work, you should be able to right-click and select “view source.”

You should see an open source page that opens up; now, you need to find the function. When you have the search option open, type in “hqdefault.jpg,” and it should take you right to the line of code that you have been looking for. When there, you should see a number of slashes that you will need to take out so that you can copy and paste it into your URL box.

Video ID

Without a doubt, one of the fastest ways to view a YouTube thumbnail is to use the video ID. Every single YouTube video is embedded with this, so it becomes just a matter of finding it.

Start by opening the video, and you should see that at the very end of the address, there will be an 8-digit alphanumeric code. Copy that and put it into this URL: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ID/, and after the ID portion, input that code. It should open right to the thumbnail, even displaying it in high resolution.

Reverse Image Search

When you know what the image in question is, you can find out where it came from if you really want to. Just make sure that you save the thumbnail to your computer so that you can upload it right to the search engine.

When you are searching, there is no option to upload a URL, so you need the file itself. Open Google and click over to the “images” tag. On the right side, you should see a camera icon, which gives you options to drop in a URL or upload files. Upload from the files and then hit “search.”

What will happen is that Google will turn up the list of places where the image is being used and can be found. Finding out where the image came from originally means searching through the list and finding the result that you have been looking for.


Standing apart in the world of YouTube videos can feel impossible. But one of the most crucial means through which users stand out is through their thumbnails. This means having the proper tools to ensure that your thumbnails are as eye-catching as possible.

When you find the right tool, it allows you to maximize the efficiency of your content creation business and get the attention of users more efficiently. It can be a seemingly small thing that winds up making a huge difference.


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