What Set of Computer Parameters and Accessories Do You Need to Play World of Warcraft Comfortably?

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The gaming industry is literally overflowing with game genres and formats that are looking for their fans and attracting them with a variety of mechanics that are unique in some way and have even had a special impact on the world of games.

This happened with MMO RPGs, because this format is played by those who want attention, are ready for constant progress and understand that the development of their hero and new content will never end.

MMO RPG is about pace and speed, a constant investment of your time, you can of course buy WoW boost, but in general, if you are not ready to spend at least 2 hours a day, then you should consider other formats.

World of Warcraft is a special project on the Internet and gaming industry that unites thousands of players on Blizzard servers and divides them into two irreconcilable factions – the Horde and the Alliance.

WoW is a fairly powerful but optimized project that will work fine on any PC and laptop, but in order to play at stable FPS with a large crowd of players and in general be more prepared for long gaming sessions, you need to pay attention to the following accessories and gadgets.


Buy an SSD

The very first and sometimes unobvious device that will significantly improve your gaming experience and the speed of interaction with the operating system.

SSD is a new format of hard drives that operate using an accelerated data processing system and thereby increase the speed of loading game locations and loading the operating system.

So, it will take from 2 to 13 seconds to launch the OS itself, and WoW players will load faster, especially in crowded locations. where there are many objects.

SSD will help in loading speed and determining the situation, especially if your teleport occurs in a controversial location in which you can be attacked while you do not yet see enemies in the loading state.

There are two types of SSD drives – one format is inserted into the motherboard and provides the highest speed, or plug-in, which also makes it very fast and accelerated.

Choose solely according to your budget, but it is advisable to buy at least 256 GB of memory, since modern games are quite memory heavy and you may simply not have enough space.

Well, or take a powerful SSD only for the OS and World of Warcraft, and for other games buy a Hard Drive, but remember that SSD technology is more current and does not cost much more than more outdated hard drives


Gaming Mouse

The new format of gaming mice will be ideal and inexpensive relative to all computer peripherals, which will qualitatively change your gaming experience in all games, not just World of Warcraft.

What’s good about a gaming mouse:

  • Additional buttons that can be programmed.
  • DPI system.
  • Macros.

Additional Buttons That Can be Programmed

Many modern gaming mice have additional buttons. The number may vary, but often these are at least 3 buttons, which are located on the side and top of your new device.

This is necessary to set up the keys that you often use on the keyboard and quickly use them while leveling up.

By the way, you can configure skills that are important to you to additional mouse buttons and significantly reduce the response time in milliseconds, which can play a decisive role in PVP battles.

You will also be able to program full-fledged procasts – you need to create a special macro in the software that comes with your device.

You set up a sequence and select a button that will activate the loop. You can choose a one-time cast, or a cycle that will be repeated until you press the button again.

We’ll talk more about macros and variations of their use a little later.

DPI system

Mice have their own internal system that determines the speed of cursor movement in the operating system itself and during gaming sessions.

You can programmatically configure several operating speed scenarios and quickly switch between them using a special button, or choose a more expensive version of the device that has a built-in automatic DPI that adjusts sensitivity relative to the player’s hand gesture and thereby optimizes the speed of target selection in PVP and simply maneuverability cursor in the inventory and on the menu of items and skills.


As you already understood, a gaming mouse is not only a convenient device, but also a full-fledged source for simulating game scenarios, including in the format when you are in AFK and the character continues to gain experience.

You’ll need to experiment, but here are some scenarios you can use with macros:

  1. Using several points for running – if you play as a tank, or another provocateur of monsters, then you can set up several places for movement to collect monsters and bring them to the point where the group is located for destruction. You can be AFK, and the character will gain experience, but you will not be able to use other windows of the system, since the macro requires an active window to work, otherwise it will click on the screen that you open.
  2. Set up the collection of resources, for example, you can cheat in the game itself – write the name of the item that needs to be collected, set the attack action and the collection function. This way the character will track the appearance of the desired item, run to it and collect it. Don’t forget to switch to a PVE server, otherwise you risk ending up in the spirit world upon your return.
  3. Set up an automatic attack, or the most useful skills and search for the next target, to ensure constant pumping. Don’t forget to set up item collection so that your rewards don’t go to other players.
  4. Set up a series of skills – You simply select a combination of skills and set a constant repetition, but do not forget to select the next goal so that the character does not stand after all the conditions are met, and you will have a full-fledged source of experience, even in your absence.

Gaming Chair

Buy yourself a good gaming chair made from quality materials, but consider your climate.

If you are constantly warm, then leather will be comfortable, but poorly resistant to heat, and artificial leather or fabric will be much better, or you can choose a mesh format to absorb less sweat and feel more comfortable.

You need additional pillows, armrests and the ability to change position angles.

This will help take the strain off your back and lower back during long gaming sessions and will give you the opportunity to rest in the chair itself, simply by leaning back and lightly breaking, or even sleep by setting macros for automatic hunting.


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