What Is the Personality of the Year of the Rat in Chinese?


In Chinese mythology, 2020 is the Year of the Rat (not the bat, surprisingly!). It starts from the 25th of January and will last until February 11th in the next year. In 2021, the year of the Ox will begin. The Year of the Rat is described as the first sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle.

According to an old story in the Chinese zodiac, a competition was held by the Jade Emperor to determine the zodiac animals. During that contest, a quick and witty rat asked a dependable ox to take the animal on a ride across the river. As the two were about to reach the finish line, the rat jumped forward.

Thus, it became the first animal in the Chinese zodiac. Now, what is the personality of the Year of the Rat in Chinese?

Personality and Characteristics

As the namesake animal, people born in the Year of the Rat are generally quite resourceful and smart. They are also incredibly quick-witted and more than capable of thinking on their feet. They are also able to take advantage of multiple opportunities throughout their lives. Let’s talk in detail about some of these characteristics and their personality.

Smart and Quick-Witted

People born during the Year of the Rat are generally quite smart and quick-witted. When faced with different kinds of situations, they don’t mind thinking quickly on their feet and are always able to come up with a funny response. For instance, Diego Maradona, one of the greatest football players ever to grace the field, was born in the Year of the Rat.

If you have seen any of his interviews, you would know that the guy was incredibly smart and very quick-witted. Many people who are born during the Year of the Rat almost always have a response up their sleeve. It would be difficult for you to outwit them!

Very Observant

Another thing that sets them apart from many others is the fact that these people are incredibly observant. They know what is going on around them, and they are always able to keep their eyes peeled open. They are generally able to observe not just through their eyes, but they also keep their ears open.

When these people enter any room, they are always looking around. This is one of the main reasons why they are able to take advantage of multiple opportunities too. They know just what is going on and are able to pounce at just the right time.

In the Chinese culture, rats are known to be incredibly alert to danger, and that is one of the reasons why people born during the Year of the Rat are known to be so observant and cautious. They are always alert to what is going on around them.

Calm and Collected

The rat is considered to be an animal with an incredibly strong ability to adapt to its environments. As a result of that, they are usually always quite calm and collected. They always have one eye on their surroundings and are able to think about things from a slightly laid-back perspective.

Even when the going gets tough, these people are able to use their acute powers of observation and their incredible optimism to remain cheerful. Eventually, they are able to get out of the toughest of situations with relative ease. That is one of the reasons why so many people say that people born during the Year of the Rat have such a calm and collective presence.

They almost radiate positivity to the point where people believe that being with these people is a great way to get through life.

Fun and Friendly

The fact that they have such a fun and positive outlook toward life means that it is not difficult for these people to make different kinds of friends. You can leave these people in any situation or with any group of people, and it won’t be a problem for them to figure out how to make new friends.

People are almost attracted to them because of the fact that they always have something good and positive to say about others.

That is just one of the reasons why these people find it so easy to socialize with each other. If you are wondering why these people are so easy-going, it’s simply because they know that in their heads, they are able to control the circumstances around them.

Hard Working and Diligent

One of the things that you might know about people born during the Year of the Rat is that they are incredibly hardworking and quite diligent. You won’t find these people slacking off or not completing their tasks on time. In fact, they are incredibly focused on their work and are able to quickly set their targets about what they need to do.

This is important because people born during the Year of the Rat often achieve success slightly late in their lives. However, you should know that the jury is still out on this one. Some people born during the Year of the Rat are generally not as diligent or as hardworking as others, and this gives them a bad rap.

However, there are exceptions in each category, right?

Wealth Management

You should know that the desire for money is actually quite high in people born during the Year of the Rat. They like to be financially sufficient, and they know how to manage their wealth properly. The desire for money is something that really sets them apart from many others.

These people like to be affluent and they don’t mind going the extra mile to sustain their lifestyle. Sure, these people also have a taste for the finer things in their life as well, and they like to earn money so that they can support their lifestyle.

Sentimental and Considerate

People born during the Year of the Rat often make for great partners. They are very in touch with their emotions and are also quite sentimental. You will find them expressing their love and professing to their partners again and again, and they are also quite considerate in their actions.

They are able to see things from different perspectives, so they are able to quickly understand what another person is probably going through. As a result of that, they know just what it takes to make a relationship last. You will find that most people who are born during the Year of the Rat are able to keep relationships without any issues.

When they have arguments with their partners, they find it much easier to compromise with their partners and make sure that things remain normal instead of getting into petty squabbles. They are very down to earth and grounded individuals, and they don’t often face many problems in their relationships.

These are just a few things that you should know about the personality traits of people born during the Year of the Rat.