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There is a lot to like about being a business owner. Being able to make your own decisions, control your own schedule, and make the lion’s share of the money are just some of the appealing aspects of running a business.

In certain areas, there are some business ideas that are better than others. If you are in the Houston area, knowing which ideas are best can be crucial. And this leads us to the question: What is the best business to start in Houston?

Small Business Ideas in Houston

So what is the best business to start in Houston? Given that it is currently the fourth largest city in the United States, it is safe to say that there is a huge audience and a lot of potential to build a successful business in.

The city has a huge base of mechanical companies and industrial-based energy suppliers making their homes there, but there are a ton of other options out there that can result in a quality business venture.

Photography business

This is suggested for someone who already has the necessary photography skills. This is not something that just any amateur can start to do because there is far more to taking a quality photograph than most realize.

The good news about this as a business venture is that startup costs are pretty low, especially compared to some of the other options. It does take a really great website to show off your abilities to potential clients, however.

But as a startup with low startup costs, running promotions and discounts to new customers can be a great way to get your business started.

Car Wash

When it comes to determining “What is the best business to start in Houston?” a car wash is always one of those ideas that is a lot better than it might initially sound. But opening a car wash, especially in a major metropolitan city, can offer a lot of potential.

Gaining customer retention and recognition can be helped by putting yourself in an ideal location with a lot of traffic. Purchasing high-quality products will also help your business to stand out from the others in the area, creating an effective business model in no time.

Even better, running a car wash can be largely automated. Keeping a skeleton crew and letting things be automated means more time to focus on other areas of the business.

Digital Marketing

The Internet is the future and the present, and more businesses than ever are realizing how important it is to have a voice online. Part of that voice includes utilizing marketing services to reach their target audience in a more effective manner.

Running a digital marketing firm can be a great way to capitalize on the potential that Houston has to offer. There are thousands of businesses within the area, many of whom could benefit from a quality digital marketing service.

The broader your services can be, the greater the potential for business. It is a very in-demand service right now and one that could be lucrative with the right offerings and set of skills.

Messenger Delivery

What most people might not realize is that messenger services can be a great business for a few reasons. For one, the potential for growth in a short period is high. Secondly, there is very little in the way of startup costs, which means more room for profits.

Even better, a messenger service really only needs a few good people who know the lay of the land. Because Houston has such a large business area, having a messenger delivery service can be a great way to play into the area and make a good living while doing it.

Real Estate

When in doubt, there is no better investment than real estate. Though it can have some major costs involved—including buying a quality property—it has huge potential, especially in a large metropolitan area like Houston.

Real estate businesses are relatively easy to start and can result in a quick turnaround to profits in a short period. Just make sure that you connect with sellers, buyers, and any relevant contacts before you begin. It can help you to stay up-to-date on potential properties as well as valuable leads.

Computer Repair

Given how prevalent online businesses and work-from-home setups are, more people than ever have a computer, which means that more people than ever have to deal with computer issues from time to time. What better way to capitalize on that than with a computer repair business?

To succeed in this niche, you need the right location and marketing. Being readily available can endear your business to customers, knowing that they can get their valuable computers back in a short period of time. There is a ton of potential growth involved, particularly if you are good and efficient at what you do.

There is also a lot of room for potential profit growth by branching out into phone repair and other technologies. By making your shop a one-stop destination, customers can find convenience in being able to bring all of their favorite electronics to one single location.


Houston is a great place to start a business. If you have been considering becoming a business owner and happen to live in the city (or are considering moving), there are so many ways to turn a profit. It just takes finding the idea that makes the most sense based on your skills and goals.

What makes the most sense can depend on a few factors, but starting a business in Houston can make all the sense in the world. Find your business niche and see what it takes to get started on your own business venture.


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