What Is Cold-Brew Coffee and How the Crofton Cold-Brew Coffee System Can Help You Make the Best Cup

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Cold-brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular because of its sweeter, more flavorful taste. It is quite different from your regular iced coffee as it is not brewed using hot water and uses a higher coffee-to-water ratio.

It is also an excellent option in summers, allowing you to cool down while providing the caffeine kick that you need to get through the day. The process to make it is also quite simple.

How Is Cold-Brew Coffee Made?

It is made by soaking ground coffee or coffee beans in fresh water that is either cold or at room temperature. The soaking time may take up to 12 hours. Hence, it might seem like a long process for just a cuppa, but the end result makes it worth the wait.

The overnight steeping produces cold-brew coffee concentrate that is less acidic, smoother, and much stronger than iced coffee. It is also less bitter, as the process of steeping leaves behind most compounds that make coffee taste bitter and sour. The concentrate obtained can then be diluted with milk and water as per your preference.

The process of making this type of coffee might seem daunting, but with the right equipment, it can become less of a hassle. By making cold-brew coffee with the Crofton cold-brew coffee system, one can enjoy a more flavorful, intense, and less-bitter cold coffee in a hassle-free way.

Benefits of Drinking Cold-Brew Coffee

Including this type of cold coffee into your daily routine can provide many benefits rather than just being an average cuppa. The benefits include:

Is Better for a Sensitive Stomach

Since cold-brew coffee is less acidic, it is a much safer coffee to consume, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. If you tend to face issues such as acidity, heartburn, and indigestion, this coffee might be the right choice.

Provides a Better Caffeine Kick

The long steeping hours and the coffee-to-water ratio allow for a more potent mix with a stronger caffeine kick. So, this would be the better option for those who have a hectic work schedule and are often on the lookout for something intense to get through the day.

Boosts Metabolism

Caffeine is known to speed up metabolism and burn more calories. Having greater caffeine content, cold-brew coffee can assist in boosting metabolism more than any other kind of coffee. Due to a faster metabolism, drinking cold-brew coffee can help with weight loss too.

Contains Antioxidants

Cold-brew coffee has been found to contain antioxidants. Your body quickly absorbs them for a greater effect. The antioxidants can help keep many diseases at bay.

Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease and Improves Brain Activity

Cold-brew coffee contains many beneficial compounds that lower the chances of heart disease. These compounds can include caffeine, magnesium, trigonelline, and lignans. These compounds help increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure, and stabilize blood sugar.

Caffeine has also been found to stimulate the nervous system and improve brain functions. As the cold-brew coffee is intense and contains more caffeine, it can help protect the brain from age-related diseases.

To help achieve all of the above benefits, the Crofton cold-brew coffee system can make four cups of concentrated cold-brew coffee in one go.

What Is a Crofton Cold-Brew Coffee System?

It is the only product that you will need to make a perfect cup of cold-brew coffee. Upon getting this, nothing else is required. It consists of a glass jar and a stainless steel filter with a screw-on lid.

Additionally, it also includes a lid with a built-in strainer. It has a capacity of four coffee servings, or approximately 44.8 ounces of liquid. The system comes with instructions on the box, which are easy to follow as setting it up is quite straightforward.

How to Use the Crofton Cold-Brew Coffee System?

The following guidelines on how to use the Crofton cold-brew coffee system plus a little review of the benefits of using one will help you understand why investing in this equipment is the best choice.

Steps to make a great cup of cold-brew coffee include:

  1. Unscrew the lid
  2. Put the stainless steel filter inside the glass jar until it locks in place
  3. Add three-quarters of a cup of coffee grounds, or as per your preference, into the filter
  4. Pour four cups of water into it
  5. Replace the lid
  6. Let the filled jar rest in the fridge for 12 to 24 hours
  7. Replace the filter with the strainer lid
  8. Pour, dilute, mix and enjoy

Benefits of Using the Crofton Cold-Brew Coffee System to Make Cold-Brew Coffee

Using this particular system to make your coffee will make your job much easier in many ways. Certain benefits include:

It Is Cheap

The pre-made coffee brew available in the market can turn out to be expensive. Getting your own system will prove to be much more cost-effective. This system has a very minimal price tag, making it relatively affordable.

It Is Easy to Pour and Clean

The glass pitcher that is included in the Crofton cold-brew coffee system is made with a stainless steel filter that is relatively easy to clean and also allows for a mess-free pour. Therefore, it is much more convenient to use.

It Makes Concentrated Coffee

Using this particular equipment gets you four cups of coffee. This may seem less, but it is concentrated so one needs to dilute it to consume it. Hence, it might seem insufficient, but in reality it’s not, as it can provide more than four cups of coffee in one go.

Everything Needed to Make a Perfect Cup Is Included

Upon buying the Crofton system for coffee, nothing else needs to be bought. Making coffee without a cold-brew coffee maker is full of hassle. One would need to buy a cheesecloth and separate strainers to do the job. Straining with a cheesecloth or tea strainer usually creates a mess and you might end up spilling coffee and wasting it.

Moreover, washing cheesecloth and waiting for it to dry can be quite frustrating. So, it is best to buy this system that will have everything in one and make your job hassle-free.

Perfect Straining Results in Smooth, Particle-Free Coffee

The filter and strainer that come with this system are quite efficient in doing their job. They make sure that nothing sneaks through into the cold-brew coffee. This makes for a coffee that is smooth and free of particles. Additionally, the same results have been observed using regular ground coffee instead of coarse ground coffee with the Crofton system.

Key Takeaways

Cold-brew coffee is gaining popularity and is preferred over iced coffee for several reasons. Compared to traditional iced coffee, cold-brew coffee tastes sweeter, is stronger, and has a smoother texture.

A store-bought cup of cold-brew coffee is much more expensive. So, to reap the benefits of this type of coffee, the best way is to make it at home using the Crofton cold-brew coffee system. It will help you to make the best cup of cold-brew coffee in an efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free way.


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