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There are a lot of off-the-wall terms that come from the world of cryptocurrency. Some of them make sense to even the most fledgling of crypto enthusiasts, while others will need a little bit of explanation.

One of those has to do with crypto zombie. What happened to crypto zombie, and what is it all about? This is your guide to the answer to what crypto zombies are and everything else needed to explain them.

What is a Crypto Zombie?

If you have heard the term “crypto zombies” before, it is referring to those whose sole dedication is to monitor the movement of the cryptocurrency markets. They check the prices and are typically among the quickest to take advantage of the opportunities that arise at a moment’s notice.

In the last few years alone, the world of crypto has seen a huge influx of both spectators and investors. Having a total value of more than $267 billion, it is hard not to be aware of the impact that crypto has.

With the market being so big and with so many avenues for potential profit, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that zombies exist. They will sacrifice their sleep (and any other activity) to make sure that they are there to capitalize on an opportunity.

Who is the Crypto Zombie?

But the real question is not about crypto zombies, but the crypto zombie? Who is he, and what happened to crypto zombie? The crypto zombie is a known YouTube channel that was created by a guy named Kyle, also known as K-Dub.

The 32-year-old from New York would stream live from his channel daily, including both fundamental and technical analysis. He would also discuss the latest news in cryptocurrency, including analyzing the Bitcoin charts.

What makes the crypto zombie noteworthy is that his channel has been active since New Year’s Day 2018, with more than 221k subscribers and more than 26 million views.

The channel itself has a focus on blockchain technology, coin reviews, and ICOs. He also focuses primarily on Bitcoin and Ethereum, though he does touch on a plethora of other altcoins. He also gets interviews with some of the owners of the top leaders and projects within the crypto space.

Though he doesn’t have a huge social media presence, he does have a large following through YouTube. This has made him into one of the more recognizable personalities within the crypto space as well as someone to follow if you are newer to crypto in general.

The Edge That Crypto Zombies Hold

Because they are so dedicated to the market, it is easy to see that crypto zombies have an advantage over much of the competition. There are three areas in particular in which they excel: speed, reliability, and experience.

In the crypto market, being fast is critical. There are so many users looking for the same opportunities that you need a strategy to get in on each opportunity. Crypto zombies have those strategies and have access to real-time information that is very accurate. All of this helps them get the most out of their efforts and stay ahead of the sea of competition.

There is also the reliability factor of it all. Zombies treat crypto not as a hobby or an interest but as a way of life. They spend hours doing research and understanding where the advantages are, which gives them the ability to perform actionable analysis when it comes to market changes.

That is a kind of reliability and knowledge base that is not only hard to match but also hard to better. It also allows them to gain the edge in determining which are the most optimal, and therefore profitable, trades. Coupled with their experience, crypto zombies have a real edge in the crypto market.

CryptoZombies The Course

If you want to learn how to become a zombie yourself, specifically working with the Libra blockchain, there is a course that can help. Loom has released a free course called CryptoZombies. The intent is to allow anyone to learn the basics of working with Facebook’s Libra codebase.

Back in 2019, Facebook announced that it had planned to create a new global stablecoin in correlation with more than a few dozen partners from major companies throughout the world.

CryptoZombies isn’t the first nor the only place to learn about developing within the Libra blockchain, but being both free and online makes it advantageous to those who want to become more familiar with how the blockchain works.

What to Expect from CryptoZombies?

The question then becomes what one can safely expect from Loom’s CryptoZombies course. Loom itself has a focus on enhancing the blockchain developer experience, particularly when it comes to the gaming portion of the space.

Their theory is that games can ultimately be what leads users into crypto. In turn, Loom is using games to lead its students through the various lessons they have available for coding. It makes things fun and allows the content to be a bit more digestible.

It is important to note that both sending and receiving payments are the most important part of what has been put out for the Libra codebase. Users who run Libra on a testnet are also able to create tokens.


If you have heard the term ‘crypto zombie’ before, it isn’t just some slang. These are dedicated individuals who have made it their lives to have the best understanding of crypto markets so that they can take advantage and make profits.

There are plenty of zombies out there, some of whom offer information and tips to the public. They are definitely worth following as they are students of the crypto game and likely have the inside edge on the vast majority of investors.


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