What Features Do the Latest Smartwatches Have?

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With technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it’s no surprise that the latest smartwatches have a wide range of features.

There are built-in sensors that enable remote monitoring and vital signs monitoring. There are smartwatches with medical alert capabilities and there is even the option to text or call people, make payments, and track your sleep through your watch now.

A lot of smartwatches sync up to your phone to make it easier for you to view your activity and messages. However, many options are completely autonomous so you can access all of their features without the need for your smartphone.

What Features Do the Latest Smartwatches Have?

As the years go on, smartwatches become more and more sophisticated. We’ve briefly mentioned some of the best features that smartwatches possess but below, we’re going to discuss them in more detail.

Cellular Data and WiFi Connection

Most smartwatches now connect to WiFi or have mobile data. This enables you to use your watch’s features almost anywhere, whether you’re at home or in public. You can access messages, calls, health monitoring, and GPS tracking features while you’re on the go.

Texting and Calling

Many smartwatches enable you to receive phone calls and text messages using your smartphone’s cellular data. Some also accept calls and texts without the need for your phone, so they are a great option if you have sold your mobile phone or often forget it when you’re heading out of the house.

You can stay in touch with your loved ones from any location. Whether you want a quick catch-up with them or you’re in need of an extra pair of hands, you won’t struggle to contact your friends or family members.

Health Monitoring

Smartwatches now offer the option for you to monitor a range of health markers. This can be helpful for people of all ages, whether you have a particular health and fitness goal or not.

The most advanced models have sensors that detect your heart rate, temperature, blood oxygen saturation levels, and body temperature. They can also track your sleep and produce a graph to display how much deep sleep you’ve had each night. Some smartwatches offer the option for you to track your menstrual cycle too.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is helpful if you want to track one of your family members or vice versa. It’s a useful feature to ensure the safety of the user.

Generally, to access GPS tracking in your smartwatch, you need to connect to the cellular network on your smartphone. However, some of the newer models are autonomous and can track your location even if you don’t have your mobile phone with you.

Some smartwatches use GPS tracking signals to send a signal to emergency services if you fall over and have not moved for a minute or two. You can also program the watch to send a text message to a delegated emergency contact on your phone.

 Battery Saving Features

It’s important to find an option that has a great battery life when you’re shopping around for a smartwatch. You won’t want to be charging your watch several times a day!

Ideally, your smartwatch should last at least a full day before it needs to be charged again. Depending on the features you’re using and how often you’re using the watch, the battery life will vary. For example, ongoing GPS tracking is likely to drain the battery more quickly than if you didn’t have this feature turned on.

 Digital Payments

With the rise in the popularity of digital payments, smartwatch manufacturers have now decided to add this convenient feature to their latest models. You can now make contactless payments via the digital wallet on your smartwatch.

 Display Size

If you’re an older adult with limited vision, you’ll benefit from getting a smartwatch that has a large face. Choosing a larger watch means you won’t struggle to see numbers and text on the screen and you’ll have a more enjoyable user experience.

The smartwatch should fit comfortably on your wrist and should be easy for you to navigate too. Of course, this also applies to those of you who are younger and have great vision!

Two-Way Communication

Many smartwatches have built-in speakers so that you can communicate with other people through the device. Whether you are catching up with a family member or you need to get in touch with emergency services because you have taken a fall and can’t get up, you can do so through your smartwatch with the touch of a few buttons.

You can connect your smartwatch directly to your caregiver for 24/7 help. Along with the GPS tracking ability of your smartwatch, this ensures you have ongoing monitoring to stay as safe as possible.


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