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Capricorns are known for being hard to read and having quick mood shifts. They have a certain allure that makes people desire their friendship. These facts make them interesting for those who seek their connection. Yet, they come with their share of challenges.

In this post, we’ll point out the most prevalent physical attributes for Capricorns and what makes them attractive.

Who Are They?

Capricorns are born between December 22nd and January 20th. They belong to the Earth element, which makes them practical, ambitious, and resilient. They’re also work-oriented to the extent that some of them may become obsessed.

Personality Traits

Capricorns are amongst the most realistic of all signs. They’re so rooted on the ground that you might think of them as pessimists. Sometimes they get caught up with the downsides rather than focus on what’s possible.

Furthermore, Capricorns are sensitive people who can easily get offended. They mostly have an observant look topping off their witty eyes. It makes them look unapproachable, but deep inside, they have an abundance of emotions.

All of these personality traits have left their marks on the appearance of the Capricorns. That’s what we’re here to explore!

What Do They Look Like?

Capricorns tend to look serious because of their contemplative nature. They think things through while maintaining the silent and “set” face. Another characteristic that adds to this feeling is their deep and serious eyes.

The Face

Capricorn faces are likely to be broad, like a moon face. Their foreheads are high, and they tend to have broad cheekbones that complement their faces and highlight the edges. Let’s see what their eyes, hair, and skin look like.


The eyes are one of the most significant features of the Capricorn. They reflect the mysterious and observing parts of their soul.

A typical Capricorn will have profound and analytical eyes that take note of every detail. Despite this, their eyes rarely show emotions. They leave you wondering what they might be thinking or feeling.   


When it comes to hair, Capricorns usually have a simple style. They like to find a practical haircut and stick to it for a long time.


The skin of Capricorns is referred to as ageless. They have no sign of the time of their skin, and they hold up through the years. This is because Saturn, the planet of time, rules over the Capricorns.

However, sometimes the serious look they have on their face gives the impression that they’re older than their actual age. 

Capricorns become more attractive as they grow older. They tend to grasp life with all its responsibilities and pleasures. You can think of them as people who like to live their lives to the fullest. They’re also more likely to live longer than other zodiac signs. This is because they’re more likely to adopt a balanced lifestyle.

The Body

Capricorns are attractive and full of charisma. Their bodies are stocky, and they’re self-aware of their space. They’re strong and can endure way more stress than the majority of people.

This sturdiness lives on with them throughout the years. During their childhood, Capricorns may be found on the slimmer side. This changes as they grow older; however, they’re more likely to remain on the shorter side.

Male Capricorns

Male Capricorns are usually well-built, with a lean stature. They’re not very tall or short. With the visible cheekbones and their serious looks, male Capricorns look older than they are. However, they tend to have insecurities about their appearances and usually have a shy nature.

Being self-aware makes them responsible and self-driven. They like adventures and rarely opt for shortcuts in life. They highly value their ethics, and they dwell longer on their sorrows. 

Moreover, men who belong to this sign are protective and have a fatherly figure. This makes them good husband material.

Female Capricorns

The bodies of female Capricorns reflect strength in shape and features. They’re often considered statuesque. Usually, their body frame is strong, long, and delicate. 

Mind-Body Connection

A huge part of the female Capricorn’s strength lies in her motion rather than power. Her strength comes from knowing how to move. She has a deep connection with her body and knows how to use it better than other zodiac signs. 

They’re often referred to as the classic motherly type of characters. Just like Capricorn men, their self-awareness makes them quiet and humble. 

Dressing Style

The female Capricorn is classic in her style. Her clothes are generally conservative. She feels more comfortable when dressed in dark tones such as blues or blacks.

She usually avoids patterns and prefers clothes with solid colors. A female Capricorn will opt for quality in everything she does. She’ll use her material belongings as a statement of her worth.

Generally, Capricorns are far from being high-maintenance. This is reflected in their simple style and their resting facial expressions.

Additional Information About Capricorns

Capricorns are generally calm, and they have a reserved nature. They rarely smile, but they unleash the energy you like to be around when they do.

Unapproachable Nature

Capricorns are soft-spoken, and they reflect confidence. They’re more likely to observe than to react or be the center of attention. Their analytical eyes and serious looks might scare off some people because they appear to be unapproachable. 


Capricorns are specifically strong in emotions. They have plenty of feelings, and they tend to act upon them. With success, their moods and sense of accomplishment are unmatched. With setbacks, they’re prone to depression and melancholy.


When it comes to relationships, you’ll find that romance is an integral part of their nature. This is why relationships with Capricorns are usually happy ones, full of romance, intimacy, and understanding.

However, this side of Capricorns has its disadvantages. They tend to be a little suspicious and usually jealous. Moreover, their dominating nature may not be easily accepted by potential partners.

Closing Thoughts

Finally, Capricorns are known for their peaceful nature and their ability to forge lasting relationships.

However, their self-awareness and their deeply observant nature give them an air of seriousness that makes them stand out among others. It also makes people think that Capricorns are stern and mysterious.


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