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Are you tired of your old, worn out sneakers but not sure what new ones to buy? With so many colorful and unique designs, high-quality materials, and various brands that are constantly innovating the feel of their sneakers, you’ve got plenty of options when you’re looking to buy new tennis shoes.

Yearly revenue for athletic sneakers grew by around 20% in 2021, proving once again that the athletic industry is fully invested in their footwear. But there’s more to tennis shoes than athletics. If you’re looking for a way to find the hottest sneaker brands, keep reading.


Casual shoes are designed for everyday use, either going around the town or heading to class. There are many standout brands in this category, two of which are Converse and Vans.


Converse is one of the oldest sneaker brands, having been founded in 1908. Originally marketing the All-Star Chuck Taylors as a basketball shoe, Converse has expanded into the casual market. From their newer designs like their platform sneakers, limited edition collaborations, and customizable options to suit you, Converse is a true leader in the tennis shoe market.

As the years go on, Converse reintroduces styles from their past, and the Chuck 70s are the 2013 redesign. As an updated version of the 1960s and ’70s style Chuck Taylors, the canvas is much thicker, with a more supportive insole and grippier soles to boot. For those looking for a more classic Converse style, the Chuck 70s come as high tops, low tops, and various designs.

One of the most popular collaborations Converse has done is to partner with Filip Pagowski, a graphic artist from New York, and Rei Kawakubo. Originally debuted in 2009, Converse x Comme des Garçons gained status as appealing tennis shoes after their 2015 release. You may know them by the telltale heart featured on each one, or the classic white platform each shoe is based on.


Vans have been around since 1966. Their earliest supporters were skateboarders, who appreciated the grippy soles and durability of what’s now known as the Era, previously the #95. As time went on, they included leather and other fabrics into their designs and various styles like the Classic Slip-Ons and Sk8-His.

With newer designs like the Vans x Stranger Things collaboration shoes, and the Authentic Old-Skools, Vans can help anyone add flair to a plain outfit.

The Classic Slip-Ons, style #48, launched in 1977.. And soon after, they came out with the well-loved checkboard pattern that they still sport today. With a format that forgoes shoelaces and a high-top structure, they’re easy to slip on, as the name suggests.

When people think of Vans, they typically think of the classic styles. But Vans has branched out to other styles, such as the Ultrarange. Designed to fit the niche of an all-in-one fabric shoe that’s also functional.

They’re stylish, featuring the aspects of the classic design, Vans’ UltraCush midsole for comfort, and a pull tab at the back for ease of use. But they’re not just for everyday use. They’re made to support you while you walk and work out as well.


Luxury tennis shoes give you the best of both worlds, style, and comfort with the look and durability of casual tennis shoes. Two of the top luxury sneaker brands right now are Off-White and Koio.


Off-White has been around since 2012, when Virgil Abloh, the founder, decided that footwear fashion should reflect youthful trends in the market with an expensive and high-quality feel. For men that prioritize luxury and style, this men’s sneaker brand can’t go unnoticed.

Their Out Of Office sneakers are one of their newest designs, which debuted in 2020. Featuring their logo, which is an arrow pointing toward the toe, the shoe takes influences from tennis and basketball tennis shoes and pairs them with a retro sole. The first lineup also included a graphic “For Walking” on the side, to cement them as comfortable shoes that follow up on the name.

The Odsy 2000 is a future-forward shoe that uses color-blocking to make each color pop and stand out against the rest of the palate. The signature off-white arrow points in both directions on this model, with another arrow going through it to point to the top and bottom of the shoe.


Koio is a luxury sneaker brand that crafts its tennis shoes around stylish, yet minimalistic designs. These shoes are designed in NYC and handcrafted in Italy. With shoes like the Garda and Capri, these versatile sneakers can go anywhere and look great while they’re at it.

Women’s sneaker brands that focus on minimalism in their designs aren’t easy to come by, which is one of the reasons that Koio stands out. Their Capri Triple White is a reinvention of the classic sneaker look that can match a variety of outfits, packaged with high-quality material and incredible attention to detail.

The Garda is a slip-on made with organic cotton canvas and lined with Italian leather. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re water-resistant and have the company’s OrthoLite Hybrid insole, so they’re comfortable and designed to stick with you all day.

Athletic Sneaker Brands

When you’re an athlete, you know that the shoes you wear can heavily impact your game. That’s why these tennis shoe brands are some of the best.


If you’re a runner, you’ll know how important it is to have the right shoe. Any amount of discomfort or weight added on can lead to a jog being halted in its steps, or worse, a race left unfinished.

Running shoes are made with special cushioning, support, and other aspects in mind to optimize them and help you get the best out of your run. One of the top-tier running shoe brands is Asics.


Asics are a sneaker brand founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan. The founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka, wanted to make footwear that would get kids outside and happy to do physical activities. As such, one of the first shoes they made was designed around running.

The first distance running shoe they produced was the Marathon Tabi, inspired by traditional Japanese Tabi shoes that feature a split in the toes. They were designed with durability and functionality in mind.

As the company progressed, they developed new and improved shoe designs, all leading up to one of their most popular and long-running models, the Gel-Nimbus. Designed as light and more than capable shoes for long distances, they have a solid amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable.


One of the ultimate basketball shoe makers is Nike. Although Converse and other brands may have come out with their designs earlier, nearly 70% of all NBA players wear Nike. They design their basketball shoes around traction, comfort, and support to help players react to the constant motion and action involved in the sport.


Founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, the Nike brand as we know it began in 1973 with the launch of the Waffle Trainer for track and field.

But if you’re thinking “basketball shoes,” the words are nearly synonymous with Air Jordans. The first model, the Jordan 1, was introduced in 1985. Designed by Peter Moore, the iconic shoe was tied to Michael Jordan’s image from the get-go, which propelled sales as his career began to take off.

To this day, Air Jordans are still regarded as some of the best basketball shoes of all time, and Nike has the sales to prove it.

Sneakers Are for Everyone

Whether you’re looking for a casual or more luxurious style or an athletic shoe so you can perform your best, these are some of the best sneaker brands to look at. Bold colors, reimagining classic and retro designs, and simplifying the tennis shoe are just some of the ways that sneaker brands are constantly redefining fashion and how people can express themselves through their footwear.

Picking a shoe from any of these brands will help you feel stylish and fashion forward while keeping you supported, comfortable, and at the top of your game. If you’ve enjoyed this article, check out more of our advice on lifestyle and other topics to help you make the best of your life.


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