What Causes Vertical Neck Bands and What Is The Effective Treatment For It?

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Talking about the treatment methods of vertical neck bands, you can get Botox injections to remove your neck wrinkles. Neck lift and lower facelift are also quite effective in pulling back the platysmal bands and creating a smooth neck with a sharp jawline.

Most of the time, people are just concerned about their facial wrinkles and fine lines that develop over age.

The irony is that the signs of aging shown by the neck are the most obvious ones. Even though there are no health risks associated with neck bands, the knowledge of their causes and treatment methods can be helpful for cosmetic concerns.

What Are Neck Bands?

The sides of your neck have a couple of muscles that are usually hidden under the skin of your neck. These muscles are called vertical neck bands. As an individual gets older, these muscles start losing collagen and fat deposits, eventually causing the skin of your neck to droop.

Causes Of Vertical Neck Bands

Aging is not the only factor that causes saggy skin on your neck. There are also some other culprits that contribute to the appearance of neckbands.


You might have heard mental health doctors relating stress and anxiety with premature aging. A depressed person is more likely to experience the appearance of neckbands.

 The reason is that whenever you are under stress, the muscles in your neck tighten up to deal with the overwhelming pressure. It leads to the constriction of your platysmal bands. They move forward and enhance their visibility on the skin.


Not all people are born with the same body skin. Some have thick skin, while others have a very thin lining of skin over their body. The chances of visibility of neck bands are more in people who have thin skin.


Have you ever lifted a weight and looked into the mirror? There are temporary changes in the skin of your neck. When the strain is on your neck, the neck bands become prominent. If you keep doing a high-intensity workout, you will notice that not only your platysmal bands but your face muscles are also getting stretched.

The best way to keep yourself from neckbands is to keep an eye on your neck during exercise. If you see it getting tense, relax yourself.

Best Treatment For Neck Bands

There is no such need for treatment for platysmal bands if you are medically concerned. However, people who don’t like the visibility of these bands can use some methods for treating their saggy necks.

Neck Injections

Some people are not comfortable with the idea of invasive surgical processes. Therefore neck injections are an ideal option for them with the assured affordability and convenience. Their job is to relax the contracted muscles in the neck and thus get rid of the platysmal bands.

Botox injections are painless and safe that come with a side effect of a little discomfort. However, botox is not a permanent solution. You have to go through this treatment every 4 to 6 months.

Neck Lift (Platysmaplasty)

Platysmaplasty is cosmetic neck surgery that is considered the ideal treatment for neck bands. It comes with dramatic and long-lasting results of tightening the skin and vertical cords in their weakest points in the neck. This surgery does leave some scarring, but an efficient facial plastic surgeon can hide those scars behind the ears, and no one will get to know about your neck lift.

Lower Facelift

The procedure of lower facelift is not only effective in neckband treatment but also adds sharpness to the chin and jawline. Nobody likes excess skin, especially on their face and neck. A capable plastic surgeon can trim the saggy skin around your neck and give you a young look you have always wanted.

Although you have to spend more on the lower facelift than you would have on the noninvasive options, it is worth the cost. As satisfying as the results of a lower facelift are, you can still experience some side effects like scarring, bleeding, and infection. Some patients have also complained about the nerve damage after the surgery.

The surgical procedures need the patient to take time for adequate recovery. Make sure you have taken some time off work to rest after the surgery. On the day of operation, get someone to arrange comfortable transportation for you so that you can safely reach home afterward.

Platysmal Band Exercises

Experts recommend platysmal band exercises to reduce the chances of platysmal banding. These exercises enrich the neck muscles with strength and endurance. However, some professionals are against these exercises as the latter can exacerbate the neck bands and increase the likelihood of platysmal banding.

Vertical Neck Band Treatment Follow Up And Aftercare

One cannot just receive the treatment and expect the neck bands to disappear in no time. It is important to see your doctor after two or three weeks and get informed on the aftercare instructions. The doctor might prescribe you pain medications as per the treatment you received.

If you want a swift recovery, you will have to follow the instructions of your doctor strictly and avoid strenuous physical activities for some time. After the time recommended by the surgeon, you can get back to work and get on with your routine activities.

Where to Find a Professional

It goes without saying that the neckband treatments must be carried out by a board-certified dermatologist or an experienced plastic surgeon.

If you have chosen neck injections as your treatment method, you should look for a cosmetic dermatologist. The latter can perform injectables to get you the results you need. On the other hand, a plastic surgeon can carry out procedures like a lower facelift or neck lift.

The most important thing to consider while looking for a capable professional is that they are board-certified. In simple terms, make sure that the dermatologist or a surgeon is well educated and trained enough to be trusted. They must have achieved some level of accreditation in the medical field.

You can start your search for a professional by asking friends and family. You can also get help from your family doctor, who can give you reliable recommendations. If none of this helps, search them online and get in touch with a professional in your area.


Vertical neck bands are the neck muscles that suffer from aging and, as a result, get revealed. Many known factors like genetics, muscle activity, and workout can cause the loose skin on the neck. The already thin layer of skin of the neck plays a key role in visible neckbands.

Multiple treatment options are there to help you restore your youthful look. If you are not a surgery person, you can pick any of the non-invasive cosmetic procedures. Otherwise, surgery is more effective and long-lasting. Make sure you choose a professional who knows what he is doing.


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