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Recognition is a very important thing that helps employees perform better. Every great work or milestone that is achieved by your employees should be rewarded. As a business owner, you can’t always reward them with money.

Instead, a better option will be to go give them an award. There are plenty of studies that highlight the importance of recognizing your employee’s performance and giving them something for it. A lucrative salary package is definitely going to help you attract new and talented employees.

However, over time, a person will start looking for self-actualization, as described by Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs. During this phase, an employee won’t be concerned with the amount of money that they are getting. They will want recognition for their work.

The Downsides of a Disengaged Workforce

A disengaged workforce can prove to be a serious thorn in your plans to grow your company. If you follow poor engagement practices in your company, it’s ultimately going to disengage your workforce.

They won’t be interested in participating in the company’s different projects and will just give their bare minimum and get off. It’s obviously not something that you would want. As an employer, you will want to make sure that your workforce participates in different activities and remains engaged.

There are a number of employee engagement practices that you can follow to ensure that your employees remain motivated. This is going to result in a slew of benefits for your company, ranging from lower turnover rates and much less dissatisfaction in your workforce.

There are a number of different types of awards that you can give out in the line of your business. Here are a few of them.

Performance-Based Awards

These are the most common types of awards given out in different businesses. Basically, these awards are based on the performance and efficiency of an employee in a company. Most of the awards given out are performance-based awards. Each time you acknowledge an employee for their hard work, it ultimately raises the bar and shows others that they can do it too!

Here are a few examples of performance-centric awards.

Stand-Out Performer Awards

This is arguably one of the most famous awards that you can give out to your employees. The standout performer award is for employees in the company who are continuously giving it their best shot.

There are going to be many employees in your company who are continuously giving it their best shot, and are simply not getting any recognition. These are the people that you need to pay attention to because many studies have revealed that employees who are consistent in their performance are often the ones who do great as managers.

Employee of the Month

This is an award that recognizes the exceptional performance of an employee over the past month. This is a very common award that’s given out in many companies.

By holding a small award ceremony and calling up the employee on stage and giving them the award along with a small cash reward, you are essentially motivating others to give their best as well. It provides an opportunity for employees to highlight their talents and do their job in a better manner.

The Extra Productive

By now, you should already know just how important productivity is in the workplace. This award is designed for employees who are able to perform their duties in the most productive manner. However, it’s not as simple as you might think.

First of all, you will have to motivate your employees to a considerable extent to get them to perform above and beyond. Employees who are being continuously awarded and being recognized won’t mind going the extra mile and doing more than what is expected of them.

These are the employees for whom this award is designed for.

Best Customer Support

Customer support is at the heart of every single successful business. If you have employees who exhibit customer centricity and take complaints seriously, you have to reward them. Your front-line employees are perhaps the most important employees in the business.

This is the “face” of the business; what your customers are going to see. If an employee is leaving a review of your business online, they are going to write it based on their interactions with these employees.

As a result of that, you have to make sure that you reward employees who take their job seriously. This title is designed to acknowledge their efforts and to let them know that they are appreciated. It’s a way of saying “thank you” to them from your business.

In most cases, this is one of the best awards that you can give out. It’s going to inspire other employees to do better and to improve their ratios for resolving complaints. It might seem like a small reward to you, but this one plays an important role in making sure that your employees remain motivated.

Most Improved Employee

While there are going to be a few employees who will perform at the top of their game on a consistent basis, you should know that there are going to be others who will be struggling to achieve better. It’s important that you recognize their efforts as well.

The “most improved employee” award is designed for employees who are trying to do better. You never know what an employee is going through at home, and this award is designed to reward their efforts for doing better.

This is going to give them the motivation to do better. It’s important that you acknowledge their efforts and give them some sort of an award to motivate them to do even more.

Best Attendance Award

This is a fairly simple award that you can easily give to more than one employee at the end of a quarter. Punctuality is an important skill that will help your business grow. Obviously, making your employees punctual by punishing them is not actually a wise idea.

Instead, you should consider offering an award based on their attendance. The best attendance award can be accompanied with a small cash reward as well. Employees who receive the award consecutive times are going to be more motivated to continue their streak, and you will notice a major uptick in performance.

Social Contributor Award

Your employees are also going to be doing things outside their workplace, and this award is designed for acknowledging their efforts. If there are employees who have done something good and contributed socially to their community or have been a part of a big project, it’s important that you acknowledge their contributions.

These awards are also going to improve the goodwill of your company and are going to paint a good picture of your business in the local community. It’s important that you consider acknowledging the efforts of your employees, as it will motivate them to do better as well.

These are just some of the most common types of awards that you can give to your employees.


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