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If you’ve never made a vision board, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Vision boards are boards with photos of the things you want to make up your life.

Always wanted to learn to crochet? Place a picture of a person crocheting something. Love the idea of being rich? Include some photos of expensive cars and large mansions.

Whatever you want your life to be like one day, you can load the board with symbols that represent those things. If you’re finding it hard to get started, just keep reading.

Your Personalized Vision Board Checklist: What Should Be on Your Board?

All vision boards are different because they are personalized to that particular individual, and they don’t have to contain just photos. They can also include favorite sayings and quotes, or anything else that symbolizes something you’d love to be able to brag about one day.

If you can visualize something happening, it’s much more likely to happen, which is the point of a vision board.

Below are some of the things that are important to remember when creating your own vision board:

1. Family Information

If your family is important to you or you’re hoping for another addition soon, this is the perfect way to let people know it.

Cut out photos of babies out of a magazine or photos of your family and paste them onto your vision board. If you’re not married but are looking for someone, show photos of happy couples in wedding attire. It really is easy to add this information to your vision board.

2. Quotes Applicable to Your Goals

Many times, you’ll come across a quote that simply inspires you, and when this happens, cut out that quote or write it down on a separate piece of paper, and place it on your vision board.

If you have trouble getting motivated, look for some motivational quotes. Whatever quote you feel is truly speaking to you should be put on that board.

3. A Favorite Word or Mantra

Mantras can motivate you and get you better prepared to go after the things you want in your life. Either find them in magazines or write them out yourself, and if you write each of them in a different color, size, and font, they’ll be even more appealing to the eye.

If there’s a certain theme you love, include that as well and make each attachment unique and fun.

4. Song Lyrics That Speak to You

It’s hard to imagine someone who is not inspired by the lyrics to a particular song, and including certain lines from a song is the perfect way to show the world why you’re so inspired and impressed by that song.

You don’t have to put the lyrics to the entire song — just your favorite few lines.

5. Places You’d Like to Visit

Most people love to travel, so if there’s any state or country you’ve never seen in person but you’d love to see, paste brightly colored pictures of that part of the world on your vision board.

Make sure that you also include photos of your intended transportation, which means photos of planes, cars, or whatever else you’d like to use to get to your destination.

6. Affirmations That Help You Focus

Affirmations are sayings that instill self-confidence in you and let you know that you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

There are thousands of them out there, so a quick trip to the Internet can help you find the ones that mean the most to you.

7. Purchases or Investments You’d Like to Make

If you’d love to buy a BMW one day or you wish to invest in stock in a certain company, go ahead and include photos that show this desire.

This one is easy because everyone on the planet dreams about buying something expensive that they love but they cannot afford. Whatever this is for you, show it off on your vision board.

8. Photos of People You Admire

Many people have idols or people they admire, and including photos of them on your vision board is a great idea.

You can include not only celebrities but also people you know personally, including a teacher, best friend, preacher or rabbi, local celebrity, or anyone else who inspires you. It shouldn’t be difficult to find ideas in this category.

Getting Ideas to Include on Your Vision Board

Other than the suggestions mentioned above, when you’re looking for ideas for your vision board checklist, here are a few suggestions:

  • Any type of goals, including physical, spiritual, emotional, and others
  • Ideas to have fun
  • Health and fitness goals
  • Any type of relationship
  • Crafts or other activities that you’d like to learn

Some people have two types of vision boards — one for personal goals and one for professional goals. Many people, however, will combine the boards and show all of their goals and desires on just one board.

Regardless of which one you choose, it’s all right because remember that these boards are always personalized to the individual who’s making them.


Vision boards can help you achieve both personal and professional goals because the photos attached to them all have a significant meaning.

You can also feel free to change the photos whenever you feel it is necessary, and the larger and more colorful the photos are, the more they’ll excite you when you look at them.

The thing about vision boards is that they’re there every day and you can look at them anytime you like, so there is always something there to remind you why you’re doing certain things in the first place.



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