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Have you ever had a recurrent dream? Most people who dream do not pay attention to its meaning, probably because dreams fade really quickly. But, recurrent dreams are harder to forget because they just don’t stop.

If dreams are recurring, that means there is something to it that needs attention. There are various interpretations of dreams in different religions and cultures. Let’s talk a little about psychology first.

Dreams and Psychology

The school of psychology believes in Freud’s theory. Freud claimed that people’s dreams reveal their emotions and desires that are locked away in their heads. Through dreams, their unconscious mind is trying to point something out.

According to psychology, dreams are a signal. It is how our unconscious mind tries to communicate with us. Understanding the meaning behind our dreams can possibly help us to clear some problems in our life. That’s why people who have recurrent dreams should not ignore their dreams.

Dreams in Detail

Most dreams look completely random. Totally unrelated events happen out of sequence and nothing seems to make sense. Well, you are not alone. The reason why dreams do not make sense is because our unconscious mind is trying to say too many things at once.

This can result in a haphazard dream that makes absolutely no sense. So it is a given for people to lose importance for dreams. But, no dream is random. Out of all the dreams you have had in your life, every single one makes sense; you just have to find the right person to make sense out of them.

So it is important to observe your life and to pay attention to your emotions. This can be extremely helpful, when done properly.

Dreaming About Snakes

When you have a dream once, chances are you’ll forget it soon enough. But if you have it every other day with the same sequence, you won’t forget it. Surprisingly, a lot of people have recurring dreams about snakes.

Just after dogs and cats, snakes in dreams are the most common. It is safe to say that no one can always hit a bull’s eye when it comes to interpreting dreams. So if this makes sense, then you can consider it. Seeing a snake, or multiple ones in your dreams could mean several things.


Snakes are fearsome. Their long, slithering body and long tongue is enough to scare anyone. If you are seeing snakes in your dreams too often, then that may signal a fear. Your subconscious might be telling you that you are afraid of something.

It is also important to observe your reaction to the snake in the dream. If you responded with fear and went pale because of it, then chances are there is a fear in your life that needs to be taken care of. It could be about anything, a fear related to studies, health, love, or anything.

Physical Healing

People often see symbols of snakes in hospitals, physicians offices, and pharmacies so it is actually common for them to equate snakes with physical healing. If you are having the same dream again and again this could point toward the fact that you require physical healing.

Moreover, some people also report being bitten by a snake. This could mean that the snake is trying to heal the person who is injured at the moment.

Red Flag

Do you trust your gut feeling? It’s usually right when something inside of us, for an unexplainable reason tells us to do or not to do something. It is said that seeing a rattlesnake in a dream is a red flag. Rattlesnakes move their tail because they are trying to warn whoever is in front of them.

Similarly, seeing a rattlesnake twisting its tail means that there is something in your life that you should think over. It could be a simple decision or a huge one, but trust your gut. Think things through before taking any chance.

Toxic Relationships

Seeing the same snakes in dreams over and over again, or seeing a large number of snakes can mean that you are overwhelmed by a toxic person in your life.

This could be anyone, perhaps your co-worker or your classmate or anybody. If the dream is frequent and it has been going on for a while, then this confirms the suspicion. The more noticeable the snake is in the dream, the more noticeable that person is in your life.

Garter Snake

Not all snakes are poisonous, and the Garter snake is one such type that is harmless. If someone sees a Garter snake in their dream, it could mean that they are now through a harmless situation or person who they thought was harmful.

White Snake

Seeing a white snake is a good thing, unlike most above. It can actually mean that soon enough your life will have something important, and a new beginning is waiting to unfold in it.

Seeing a white snake will be followed by some emotions. Often fear and excitement follow people who see white snakes in their dreams. This is a good sign.

Red Snake

This one is very obvious, seeing a red snake in a dream could mean that there is a potential red flag or danger in your life that has taken hold. Meanwhile, you are ignoring that red flag and continuing on with your life.

The red snake symbolizes the fact that the red flag is deep-rooted in your life, so much so that it is staring right at you while you can’t do much.

Green Snake

A green snake is somewhat obvious as well. Seeing a green snake in your dream could signal jealousy. Now, there are two situations to this one.

Situation A is in which someone is jealous of you. It could be your friends, co-workers, or perhaps even family. But what you should know with certainty is that someone is jealous.

Situation B is where you are the jealous one. You could be envious of someone in your life, and the green snake is proof of it.


The takeaway from all of this is simple: the dream matters the most. Despite the type of snake, or the color of the snake or any dream for that matter. The place in the dream, and also the circumstances are extremely important.

Along with that, observe how the dream makes you feel while you are in the dream. This could mean a lot in dream interpretation. In the end, there is one thing that cannot be denied, recurring dreams are your body’s way of trying to show you something.


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