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Sam’s Club is known for its wholesale discounts. Any customer who wishes to shop with them simply has to get a membership card, and they’ll have access to thousands of products, all of which are less expensive too.

On the other hand, Walmart is just as attractive; it’s commonly known to attract buyers and lure them in to buy more than they would need. To be fair, shopping at Walmart can be fun if you’re down to spending some money.

Putting aside all the impulse shopping, are they both worth it?

Are Sam’s Club Versus Walmart Prices the Same?

Sam’s Club is a wholesaler, and whenever you hear that, your mind may lead you toward the common savings tactic, where you buy in bulk and save some bucks. However, to have access to Sam’s Club saving options, you do need to pay for a membership card that has an annual charge.

The membership options vary with different types available. The most common one includes a payment of $100 per year. The price may seem high at first, but the perks it has are definitely worth it.

Walmart is as basic as it gets. It’s like any other average grocery store. The food is on display, and the store has a huge range of products to offer. From toys to groceries, you can buy anything. However, they don’t play around with discounted prices. They show the customers what they’re selling and have their prices displayed in full for regular customers. They offer a credit card that offers perks, but it has its specific terms of usage and benefit.

Hence, when it comes to the question of Sam’s Club Vs. Walmart price, the answer isn’t as straightforward. 

Are they both worth it? A price comparison was made between the two where the researcher compared the same things to see if they were saving money or if Sam’s Club was a better option after all.

Price Comparison Survey

In the survey, they compared things downright and provided a very detailed description. At the end of the savings chart, Sam’s Club gave its customers a good $100 saving and won in five out of eight categories where they offered prices at a significantly less rate as compared to Walmart. They also put into perspective that this $100 can end up in the membership fee, which again equals things out.

Does Sam’s Club Really Offer Better Deals?

Sam’s Club is a great option if you have a huge family to feed and need to keep things in stock for everyday meals. The store has won the price comparison multiple times and has proved that they are worth it. Even if you buy the membership, they’re still offering you a great deal every single time.

However, you as a consumer need to keep in mind and avert yourself whenever you see a savings deal. You don’t need to buy everything on a discount, even if it saves you 50%. If you’re over-buying and letting things go to waste, you’re not saving any money. In hindsight, you’re actually wasting that money.

Sam’s Club needs to get most things off of their shelves quickly, hence they tend to put them up with high savings to increase sales. If you’re not feeding a family of 10, you do not need the extra mayonnaise or that bulk offer on spaghetti.

So, yes, Sam’s Club does have a better savings deal, and it can help save you a few hundred dollars over the months, but it is essential for you to be in control of what you’re buying and not overspend.

Does Walmart Offer a Better Counter Deal?

Walmart is known for having fresh produce and a huge variety of things. They’re giving their best to the people who choose them, and they certainly commit to providing a great experience.

Walmart does not have a membership and is open to the general public at all times. You do not need a special permit to save money in Walmart, and you won’t have to force yourself to buy in bulk.

Walmart has a variety of things that are up to par, and they have multiple brands on display at all times. They also have individually packaged materials, which are sold in units.

Which One Should I Choose?

Consumers should always go with what their needs are. Do not put into perspective the factor of savings and not saving; both Walmart and Sam’s Club are part of the same cooperation. They’ll benefit from wherever you buy. You just need to keep your needs in mind. Make an informed decision and only buy the products that you need, and do not get lured into thinking you’re saving huge bucks.

If you have a large family and you require larger amounts of food and daily products, then bulk buying is better for you. Hence, it is beneficial for you to shop at Sam’s Club. With Sam’s Club, you’re not only buying in bulk and saving, you’re also getting a membership card that can help you save on things such as gas and pharmacy items.

The grocery store is infamous for making everyone spend more than they need to, not that they’re ripping you off; they’re just that attractive. Walmart, on the other hand, gives access to anyone who wants to spend money. You might end up buying an unnecessary pair of slippers along with your grocery trip.

Walmart also does not offer any sort of bulk buying, which simply makes it more convenient for the average shopper. You won’t need a membership, and the prices are competitive in comparison to other grocery stores. Whatever you choose, it all comes down to your needs. Whatever option you choose among the two will not disappoint you.

What If Savings Didn’t Matter?

If we’re not talking about savings and you only want to go grocery shopping for fun and have the money for it, you might end up with the most obvious answer: Walmart. You wouldn’t need a card to enter, you can have fun while grocery shopping.


Both Sam’s Club and Walmart are great options for the average consumer. They’re easy to access and will offer almost the same brands needed by the average grocery shopper. They also have their specific perks, which sets them apart from the crowd into a particular line of supermarkets.

Hence, when it comes down to pricing, for bulk buying, Sam’s Club is better; however, for buying in units, Walmart is a more suitable option.


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