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Since the birth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, there has been a lot of development,such as Bitcoin SV. Not only have there been others to emerge on the market, but there have been entire exchanges that have since popped up.

These exchanges are places where customers can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies of all kinds in their virtual wallets. This leads us to QASH Quoine. QASH is a native cryptocurrency that is part of the Quoine Liquid exchange and liquidity platform. But there is a lot more to know than that, so let’s get into it.

What is Qash, and How Does it Work?

To fully understand what QASH Quoine is, we must break it down into two categories: QASH cryptocurrency and the Quoine Liquid exchange. From there, we can gain a better idea of how the entire thing works.

QASH Cryptocurrency

Quoine, a crypto company, was created in order to provide solutions for the various liquidity issues that exist in the market. On a more specific level, it provides liquidity for the more fragmented aspect of the crypto economy. To give a comparison, banks like Citibank or Goldman Sachs would provide liquidity to the more traditional markets. QASH is like that, but for crypto.

Think about it like this. You might want to get in on a potentially promising new altcoin. For the most part, there are several different three-way trades, usually involving Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as the coin you want. The same goes for cashing out. With insufficient liquidity, there can be impeded growth within the industry at large.

QASH tries to connect as many exchanges as possible in order to create a much larger liquidity pool. Being connected with QASH means that users on a variety of different exchanges are able to then trade in one unified marketplace.

The idea is to facilitate trades not only from different exchanges but even when both users are trading in different currency pairs. The end game is to connect so many exchanges that there is no need to favor a single cryptocurrency.

As it stands, most exchanges only offer liquidity on a few different highly liquid currencies (CAD, USD, EUR, etc.) with no such luck for those holding fiat currencies. This means that there is a huge pool of untapped liquidity, something that QASH is trying to create more convenient access to.

What is Quoine?

They would be the Japanese-based company that is behind the entire QASH project. It is also important to note that this is the first cryptocurrency firm to be licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA). They also have offices in Vietnam and Singapore.

The mission of the company is to provide access to the next generation of potential financial services. Since its creation in 2014, the company has seen exponential growth. It is backed by some of the leading experts within not only the investment business but IT and venture capital as well.

Understanding how QASH Works

The key is the QASH tokens. The platform uses a trading app known as World Book with the help of services that are called Prime Brokerage. The idea is to take all of the major exchanges from around the globe and bring them together into a single platform.

The World Book takes all the order books that exist in each of the exchanges and combines them into one single tradeable and highly liquid order book. This allows any of the traders using a fiat currency to use it regardless of where they are located.

By doing this, they have given more flexibility to the more underserved cryptocurrency markets around the world. There is the Internal Order Book, which has FX-adjusted user orders, and the External Aggregated Order Book, which has the rest of those adjusted orders that have been placed in exchanges that are outside of the Internal Order Book.

They work together to create the kind of fiat trading partners that would not otherwise exist on other platforms.

The Liquid Platform

Everything is driven through the Liquid platform, which was released back in the fall of 2018. It is both a crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto exchange that offers one impressive array of selection pairings. It also has a ton of features.

Some of those features include things like no API withdrawals, 100% cold wallet storage, whitelisting of withdrawal addresses, customizable interface, multi-signatures for BCH and BTC transfers, a 4-step withdrawal process for optimal security, crypto and fiat margin trading that offers up to 25x leverage, low fees, and an active P2P lending market.

Liquid also began implementing its own blockchain, which debuted during the second quarter of 2019. This allows Liquid to have its own distributed ledger designed to tackle all of the unique problems that are currently facing the finance industry.

Even cooler, some financial institutions will have the means needed to build their own DApps right on top of the currently existing Liquid Distributed Ledger. With tools like node management, the ability to issue new tokens, banking instruments, implementation of KYC/AML, market data distribution, and more, it has made using the QASH token infinitely easier.

And that is just the start of what QASH and the Liquid platform are hoping to bring to users. As the world of crypto changes, so too does the QASH platform.


Liquidity is only available to a small portion of the cryptocurrency market. The goal of QASH is to connect the exchanges from around the world, offering an easier path to liquidity for users of as many exchanges as possible.

QASH has been slowly gaining steam since its inception in 2014. What the future holds remains uncertain, but the QASH Liquid platform is looking to bring cryptocurrency users from around the world together into one universal exchange.


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