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As COVID-19 has spread across the world, people have been asked to socially distance themselves from others, while mandatory lockdown measures have been enacted to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Staying at home with nothing else to do other than watch movies online, surf through social media, and eat can be jarring though. The idea of being productive with the extra time available during lockdowns can be appealing. You can utilize your time in several ways.

For those who are seeking to strike the balance between maintaining some normality in their lives and remaining vigilant to the virus, here are some ingenious activities that can keep you busy at home.

Work on your health

The foremost thing that you should focus on is your health. Exercise regularly, add healthy food into your diet and de-stress your mind and body. The uncertain changes that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic may have taken a toll on your mental health.

If you feel as though your mental health has deteriorated, then don’t hesitate to seek professional help through the best online therapy.

As you work on your health, remember to follow the preventive measures to safeguard yourself from COVID-19. After all, in any fitness routine, it’s vital to stay away from any kind of disease.

Become a pro in the kitchen

If you’ve never got into cooking, then you can use this time of social distancing and lockdowns as a great opportunity to develop some kitchen skills. It could be the ideal time to learn how to make some easy yet delicious dishes. You can use some of our incredible cooking insights to learn all the basics of cooking, and there are some mouthwatering recipes to try out.

Learn new languages

Another fun task to do during self-isolation is learning new languages. By choosing to learn the most spoken languages in the world, you’ll get an insight into other cultures. You could also learn Japanese zodiac signs and meanings or study the Arabic proverbs, which include a collection of warnings, recommendations and jokes in Arabic with their English translations.

You could also learn how to write in Hindi. Take a creative approach by exploring social dimensions as well as the material. These are great ways of learning languages, and they also offer an interesting way of learning about different cultures.

Become closer to God

Periods of self-isolation and social distancing are the best time to become closer to God. You can develop a relationship with God by learning more about religion. The Bible has everything that you need to know about Christianity and religion, including the teachings of Jesus.

Begin writing

With so many people working from home, self-isolation is a boon for those who are passionate about writing. Both budding and experienced writers will be able to find the time to start work on or complete their manuscripts during the lockdown to potentially get published and paid.

Develop a hobby

We all get bored, right? Being at home for days or weeks on end isn’t as fun as it sounds. One of the best ways to keep yourself occupied during self-isolation is finding a hobby that you can enjoy. You could bring some childhood nostalgia into your life through coloring in order to reduce the tedious feeling you might have while at home.

You could also learn new skills such as playing the guitar, drawing, gardening, knitting, and much more.

Read more

 Reading provides endless benefits – whether you’re looking to escape into other worlds, improve your vocabulary, or learn something new, there are plenty of options to choose from. Establish a strong connection with the books and make reading one of your hobbies in the house during lockdown. Also, research has proved that reading can reduce stress and improve health.

Take up photography and organize your photos

If you’ve always wanted to learn photography but didn’t have the time, now is the ideal time to view life through a different lens as you capture important moments – small and big – on camera. You could also take a trip down memory lane and put a smile on your face by organizing your snaps into frames or scrapbooks.

People have faced real ups and downs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and you should not put further pressure on yourself. However, take things day by day and try to accomplish what you can.



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