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People love consuming the potato, and it is considered a mainstay in almost all kinds of cuisines around the world. While the potato is so popular, you should know that it has also made its way into the vernacular, with the term “potato and potah-toe!” becoming quite popular.

On top of that, there are quite a few potato puns that you can use as well. When making a pun, you should know that there is no such thing that is considered off-limits. You can make puns about virtually anything and everything, and the potato is definitely a great topic. There are just so many that your audience might just get bored. Here are a few that you can use.

Why do potatoes make great detectives? Because they always keep their eyes peeled!”

The potato is almost always consumed after being properly peeled, so you can understand why this pun is so popular. Of course, to properly comprehend this pun, you are going to need an audience that really knows how to have fun. When you are writing puns for an audience, it always pays to know the kind of crowd you are in.

Ideally, you should not start off with this pun; always take a calculated approach and begin with a few one-liners or simpler jokes. This will make it easy for you to loosen up the audience before you start chucking out the extremely lame puns.

“How do you know a potato is in a bad mood? When they start acting salty!”

One of the funnier puns that you can use about potatoes is this one. Potatoes are properly salted when they are used in most cases, and this pun is a great way to showcase your hilarious comic skills. It’s the sheer stupidity of the pun that is going to get people going; potatoes cannot be in a bad mood, but if you find they taste salty, they probably are!

What do you call potatoes with right angles? Square roots!”

Let me explain this pun properly. A right-angled triangle is one that has a 90-degree angle. The potato is one of the most common vegetables that is grown in the ground. It is consumed widely, and the roots usually take shape under the ground before the potato is pulled out.

The word “angle” can also be used to denote the curves or the shape of the potato. So, a potato with the right angles is usually one that has square roots! I have to admit, this is one of the most underwhelming puns that you will ever hear, but when you want to act lame, this one will do the trick.

Fun addition: You don’t just have to stick with puns about potatoes. There are many robot puns that you can use as well. Here’s one: “What is a robot’s favorite genre of music? Why, heavy metal, of course!”

But, that’s not all. What about a few shoe puns? Everyone wears shoes and this makes for a fun topic to joke about. Here’s a great pun about shoes: “How come all shoemakers go to heaven? Because they have good soles.”

Now, why just stop at shoes? There are plenty of sleep puns that you can make as well. After all, sleeping is the most important activity in your day. “Woke up the other day with a puzzled look on my face. I had fallen asleep on my crossword!”

“I met a girl who owned three French-fry factories. I was impressed, but to her it was just small potatoes!”

This one is actually hilarious. First of all, you have to be impressed by someone who owns three French-fry factories, because they are obviously making a lot of money and because they are able to manage everything at such a large scale. It’s definitely an impressive feat.

However, the term “small potatoes” can be used to denote something “insignificant” or one that does not have a lot of value. On the other hand, what’s the one thing that you are going to find in abundance at a French-fry factory? Small potatoes! If there was ever a perfect pun related to potatoes, this is it!

You have to be a bit more expressive when saying this out loud because the way in which you deliver the pun is going to have a major impact on how it is received.

“What do you call a potato that smokes weed? A baked potato.”

Baked potatoes are a common dish consumed around the globe. When you say that a person is “baked,” it usually means that they are high and out of their minds. People who smoke weed often get “baked” soon after as the effects begin to take over.

You have to admit, this is so hilariously bad that it’s bound to bring out a few chuckles from the crowd. It’s funny to think about a potato getting high and being referred to as a “baked potato!”

“Why did the potato salad blush? Because it saw the salad dressing.”

Another terrible and incredibly funny pun that you can use is this one. Salad dressing is quite commonly used to enhance the taste of a traditional salad, but what about a salad literally dressing in front of a potato salad? Well, it’s bound to make the potato blush!

It’s a common pun that makes a play on the word “dressing,” and when delivered in the right manner, it’s definitely going to send the crowd in a bunch of groans.

“What do you call a baby potato? Small fry.”

A small fry is something that most people don’t pay attention to. The term “small fry” primarily refers to tiny fish in the sea. In the common vernacular, small fry is often regarded as something that’s too small to even worry about. However, in this pun, it fits perfectly.

First of all, French fries! People love having French fries, and you are essentially putting a pun on the word “fry.” It’s a great way to break the ice and start a hilarious, yet extremely poor conversation about potatoes!

“What’s a potato’s favorite TV show? Starch Trek.”

Star Trek is one of the biggest TV franchises in the world, and the show was incredibly popular all over the globe. It’s a fun pun because potatoes are quite starchy vegetables. Starch Trek, an obviously hilarious term, is a great pun on a simple thing.

There are just hundreds of different puns that you can put on potatoes, and almost all of them are as lame as you can imagine. However, what makes a pun funnier is the way that it is delivered. It’s a great way to spice up a conversation and let the world know just how big of an expert on “dad jokes” you have become.

Obviously, the delivery is the one thing that matters because above all, you have to come off with confidence that what you are saying is actually hilarious. This is what makes the most impact!


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