Peculiarities of Online Slots: Is It Possible to Influence The Winnings?

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How Are The Online Slots Structured?


According to statistics, slot machines give the largest share of profits, around 70%, in land-based and online casinos. The point is that they do not require any special skills, are easy to operate, and are suitable for novice gamblers. You can find out how the first machines first appeared at Wikipedia, in the meantime, let’s get to know the principles and functions of modern online slots.

Every player who starts the reels wonders how the mechanism works. This interest is not only due to basic curiosity, but also to the desire to beat the machine for a win. It is worth mentioning at once that it is impossible to influence the frequency of coincidences. Max Bet – the expert in the world of gambling industry will tell us why it happens and what can be done to increase the bankroll.

An Overview of All Types of Slot Machines


Video slots

Online slots

Operate from a physical lever

The game process is shown on the display

They are based on software

Have a limited number of reels


There is a key for starting

Can have more than five reels, with 1,043 or more lines

No demo mode

There is no demo version

Can be played for free in demo version

If you dig a little deeper into history, the first slot machines appeared over a hundred years ago. They were electromechanical devices that were triggered by a lever. That’s why they were called “one-armed bandits”. It was also because they emptied players’ pockets. Some land-based casinos still have copies of these machines, but more as museum exhibits.

Technological advances have continued, and ingenious engineers have improved the machines. The result was the electric slots, which could be started by simply pressing a button.

Modern casinos install video slots. They have no physical reels, and everything that happens on the reels is shown on the screen. They became the prototype of the online slot machines used in casino online GCash and all other online casinos.

How Online Slots Work?


The creation of online machines is handled by developers from different companies. The most famous providers, such as NetEnt, Novomatic, Playson, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play and Playtech, have established themselves as reliable brands providing the most exciting software. Moreover, the essence and principle of gameplay in each slot is similar and based on the same technology.

First of all, online slots have characteristics on the player’s return, dispersion, the maximum number of reels and lines. They are laid down by programmers at the very beginning, equipped with modern security features, so no one can affect the outcome of the spin. it is primarily the responsibility of the RNG.

What is a Random Number Generator?

The RNG is a programme that controls random matches. The essence of the process is to generate random numbers for each individual reel. Each number determines where to stop during a spin on one symbol or another. This is a separate mechanism that adds up or doesn’t add up to a payline at the end of the turn of all the reels.

A unique development is integrated into all online slots without exception. It is still being improved, offering new solutions to speed up the process while minimizing the resources required.

What is RTP and Dispersion?

Every online slot machine is described with these characteristics, but not every player understands exactly what they mean:

  • RTP – it is called “return to player” and is expressed as a percentage. For example, if RTP is 95%, it means that the casino earns 5% of all investments in the machine. However, keep in mind that this is only a rough figure based on thousands of spins. Money which has been spent in the slot by all players counts towards the total score and can go to one player, while the rest get nothing;
  • Dispersion – is also called volatility. It indicates the level of risk. It can be high, medium or low. In the first case, it means that winnings can fall out big, but rarely. With a low figure, it is the opposite.

It is important to realize that this is only a kind of guideline, but by no means is it a guarantee.

Regular and Special Symbols

The images on the reels take part in each spin. When the symbols add up to a payline, the player gets a winning amount in the bankroll. The icons come in a wide variety of different versions, depending on the theme and graphics of the slot.

All images on the reels are divided into main and special. The main include icons that are involved in the overall game. They form a chain, which are paid according to the paytable.

Special (bonus) characters are the most welcome, as they give more reward and even the opportunity to break the jackpot. These include:

  • The Wild is the Joker, which can replace any icon on the field. It can be expandable by several cells at once;
  • Scatter is the bonus symbol, which gives access to a prize round or free spins. It often counts from three at a time on the field, but composing in a line is not necessary;
  • Multiplier can be fixed or dynamic. At the end of a turn it multiplies the amount of winnings by a specified coefficient.

The developers, in order to attract new audiences, come up with new bonus features that differ in requirements and conditions for obtaining them. For example, you can get them free or just for registering in uptown pokies free spins.

How to Win in Slots: Simple Tips?

No hacker or cheat code can alter the number of prize matches. Experienced high rollers know this and adhere to the following rules:

  • maintain strict bankroll management with a fixed betting amount;
  • rest between gambling sessions, especially after a string of bad luck;
  • not to play on debt or credit;
  • remain calm and sober-minded;
  • study carefully the rules of online casinos, slots, wagering and withdrawal conditions;
  • not to give your account details to third parties;
  • not to believe the promises of unique hacks; pay money for them.

It may seem trivial, but it helps to stay within the playing bank, and even multiply it.


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