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Despite the fact that gambling has been illegal in Japan for many years, the country is often referred to as the “mother” of modern gaming. Quite ironic, yet true.

From what can be gathered from history, Japan has always been notable for the degree of caution it exercises while establishing the parameters for gambling.

In ancient Japan, when the regulations were even more strict than they are today, the authorities created a peculiar allowance for recreation that was otherwise forbidden. This had an effect on the major gambling games of the day, which included Shogi and Go. They were the forerunners of modern gaming, and even now people still gamble at their establishments.

Gambling was first documented in Japan in the seventh century when Emperor Temmu participated in a game at Sugoroku. In spite of the many prohibitions, gambling had already achieved enormous levels of popularity by the end of the eighth century.

Online Casinos In Japan

In recent years, Japan’s government has taken steps to ease the restrictions surrounding casinos and gambling. While the country is walking towards a future that allows the use of land-based casinos, residents, for the time being, have to make use of offshore online casinos.

The good news is that you actually have a significant number of options available to you in this respect. There are dozens of offshore gambling websites that welcome Japanese players with open arms, and many of these casinos even have Japanese-language versions of their websites.

Having a look at a Japanese online casino guide will be helpful before you start your gambling journey. Since there are so many online casinos to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one, so make sure you do your proper research before trusting the site with your personal and financial information.

Most Played Games Amongst Japanese Residents

When life becomes too overwhelming and societal pressures get too much for a person to bear, one way to relax is to engage in casino games. Japanese residents have several games that they enjoy playing when they need a break from their daily routine.


Pachinko started out as a wooden panel machine that people would go up to and play with. Since no skills are required, it quickly gained popularity amongst the citizens.

Thanks to online casinos, this game is now available at online casinos. It is a game that combines elements of slot machines and pinball machines. Unlike uncovering a hidden Vincent Van Gogh artwork, the rules of the game are not complex and quite straightforward.

The game kicks off with a pinball-like component. You make a purchase of certain balls at a fixed cost for each one. From there, you release your balls into the play area. They will continue to run into obstacles and bump into bumpers until they are eliminated.

You will acquire additional balls as some of the balls land in particular containers. The slot machine part of the game is activated whenever a ball is caught in a bucket located on an upper, medium, or lower level. If you can get three of the same symbol on the reels of the slot machine, you will earn extra balls.


Baccarat is becoming increasingly popular among high-stakes gamblers in Japan, making it one of the country’s most popular table games. In the world of online gambling, baccarat is one of the oldest and most well-known card games there is. Players in this game are only required to be concerned with a select few of the game’s rules.

The goal of the game is straightforward: accumulate nine points or come as close as you can to reaching that mark. The winner is the player whose final score is the one that comes the closest to nine. Bets can be placed either on the player, the banker or on a tie between the two.

Dragon Tiger

This is the simpler Japanese version of Baccarat. The goal of the game is to bet on who will receive a higher card – the Dragon of the Tiger. You win if you guess correctly and lose if you don’t, but other than that, there aren’t any difficult rules or special skills you require to play the game!

Sure you could spend your free time reading about the Emmys and who won which award or you could do something more light-hearted and fun and try your luck with Dragon Tiger!


It should come as no surprise that roulette is one of the most popular games at Japanese online casinos given that it is both one of the simplest games to play and one of those casino games that rely solely on luck. After the wheel has been spun, the objective of this game is for players to guess where the ball will stop and place their bets on the corresponding number, color, or combination of the two.

What To Expect In The Future

With online casino marketing growing rapidly, Japanese residents will have a larger variety of games available to them all with a click of a button!

Also, Japanese gambling laws are said to relax in the coming years, making land-based casinos fully legal and allowing its citizens to play freely!

As always, make sure to place wise and informed bets. It’s your money that will be on the line!


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