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It has barely been a decade since Bitcoin was brought to the world, changing the financial landscape ever since. In the time since Bitcoin came to light, there have been thousands of cryptocurrencies that have since become reality.

There are even some sports teams that have entered into the cryptocurrency world. Fans of the Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) are even able to get in on the action with their very own MUFC token.

What is an MUFC Token?

It is really quite simple. The MUFC token allows fans of the Manchester United Football Club to get tickets, in-app token bonuses, cash back offers from the team’s official online shops, digital badges, and even club-specific NFTs (which is a whole different topic aside from cryptocurrency).

If there are questions about the legitimacy of the MUFC token, there shouldn’t be. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the second largest of its kind behind only the originator, Bitcoin.

The Manchester United Football Club fan token is only available through the Ethereum blockchain, so you cannot get it anywhere else. Currently, the 24th volume of the token is at just over $1 per coin. The total market cap is $0, which is currently ranked at 5942 out of all the cryptocurrencies out there.

It is Not Associated with the Club

There is some confusion about whether the Manchester United Football Club is actually associated with the token. The simple explanation is that it is not in any way. The entire thing came to life starting in August of 2021, thanks to a group of hardcore Manchester United Fans who happened to be programmers.

They began falsely claiming that those holding the coins would offer influence to buyers when it comes to the team’s decisions. The team initially airdropped around 10 billion of the coins beginning in November 2021, promising 10,000 coins to users who followed their official social media channels.

It didn’t take long for things to swing after it was determined that the coin was basically vaporware. It was even deemed extinct for a long time, that is until billionaire Elon Musk mentioned it in a tweet. He jokingly said he would be buying MUFC coins, but the tweet had an impact.

Before long, it rose 1.97% in pre-market training. Manchester City, the rival to Manchester United, has its own official crypto, which was also boosted by the tweet from the eccentric billionaire.

How to Buy or Get a Free MUFC Token?

There are a number of different ways to get your own token for the Manchester United Football Club. If you have any doubts, visit the official MUFC website, where you can buy from their website exchange. This is done using the Trust Wallet or Metamask to safely purchase the MFC coin.

Just make sure that you do your homework before buying. There are a lot of less-than-trustworthy exchanges out there that will sell you on a certain coin, but you really will end up being compromised. The last thing you want to do is to lose out on your money because you were lackadaisical in your research.

It can also be purchased from Ethereum, the cryptocurrency exchange. For the quickest, safest, and most convenient option, there is nothing better than getting in on the coin’s website.

How to Get a Free MUFC Token?

This can be a little tougher, given that it has been nearly a year since the coin was initially offered to fans. There are a few links out there that will take users to the MUFC Token Bot through the Telegram app. There will be instructions that come directly from the bot. Watch them carefully and follow the instructions.

When you are done with the instructions, go into your Trust Wallet. Copy the “smart chain” address, pasting when asked to enter the BEP-20 address. Just make sure that you have copied the smart chain and not something else.

When that is done, you should get a congratulations message. There should then be an option to withdraw, which allows you to send the token into your Trust Wallet. All you need to do now is to add an MUFC wallet to the aforementioned Trust Wallet. There are some guides out there that go into detail on how to do that. When all is said and done, you should have your free MUFC token.

No Liquidity

It is important to note that this coin is not like traditional cryptocurrency in that it has the serious potential to rise in value. If anything, it has zero liquidity and volume, which allows for price manipulation.

It is not advised that buyers get involved with the coin in a ‘get rich quick’ effort, lest they become seriously disappointed. But for fans of the Manchester United Football Club, it is a cool little thing that can be associated with the team.

It is something that started out as a fun little token to be offered to fans of the club. Though the cryptocurrency world can get a little crazy at times, there should be no confusion about whether the MUFC token will ever become among the titans of the market. It is a cool thing to have as a fan and perhaps nothing more.


There are so many ways to get in on the cryptocurrency craze. Even if you have no interest in the big dogs like Bitcoin or Ethereum, there are other ways to do so. And if you are a fan of the Manchester United Football Club, you can combine the two.

Getting your own MUFC offering is simple and a unique thing to have if you are a fan of the club. Find out more about the token by signing up for Ethereum and seeing where the value goes from here.


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