What Are the Common Motivators in the Workplace That Improve Employee Experience?

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The motivation rate of a team can drop down at any moment. It is up to the employer and management to make sure that the morale of the workforce remains high. Although bonuses and pay raises are sure to get your employees working harder, they are not the only useful motivators.

More than 50% of employees are unhappy at work. But companies don’t understand the importance of keeping their employees happy. Not only will the productivity levels at your company go down if your employees are unhappy, but your reputation in the world of business will also suffer.

What Are Motivators in the Workplace?

A motivator works as a driving force. It motivates every employee to give their best at the workplace. Motivators also promote healthy competition among the workforce. If your employees are working harder, it will benefit the company. So, if a company wishes to make more profits, it should focus on providing better motivators in the workplace.

What Are the Most Common Motivators in the Workplace?

Over time, you can come up with more complex ways of motivating your employees. But it is better to always start with small steps. The common motivators have been tested by various companies. They always bring positive results, which is why you can trust them to help your business. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all motivators will work for every company.

There are a few things that are unique about every business. When coming up with motivators in the workplace that improve employee experience and performance, you should keep the structure of your business in mind. It is also important to keep the purpose of your company in mind when coming up with ways to improve the motivation of your employee.

Appreciate Ideas

If you want your employees to excel, you have to appreciate their ideas. If the employees are shut down every time they offer a suggestion or come up with an idea, they will slowly lose interest in the work. They will begin to feel that they are growing out of the workplace.

The world has been changed many times because of a simple idea. But the ideas worked because someone believed in them. If you don’t believe in the ideas of your employees today, they will move on to the employer who will. Every individual wants to keep on improving constantly.

To do that, they come up with new ideas. In case, these ideas are not appreciated or people are not given the chance to work on their ideas, their creativity will slowly die. When a company does not appreciate the ideas of its employees, it has to deal with the consequence, which is a workforce that has stopped trying.

Better Communication

If the communication between staff and management is not good, your employees will not be able to perform well. When a task is assigned to an employee, they need clear instructions. But they should also be able to ask questions if they don’t understand something. However, many companies shut down their employees. They just want results without making any effort.

Communication is very important in every relationship. Employee-employer relationship is no different and cannot survive without good communication. It is worth mentioning that communication is not limited to explaining work details to your employees, you should also appreciate them and listen to them when they present new ideas.

Promote Unity

Although it is good for there to be a healthy competition among your employees, they should be able to work together when needed. Team spirit can benefit the company greatly. But a lot of times, employers pit their employees against each other. Such acts can hinder the growth of the employees.

Whether it is a classroom, workforce, or a family, people should know how to work with a team. Teams can accomplish tasks that individuals fail to do. But this is only possible in a company when employers promote unity. Improving team spirit is quite easy.

You can have field trips where you send employees in groups. You can also hold parties at the office to allow your employees to connect with each other. Assigning group projects is also a good way of promoting unity among your employees.

Acknowledge and Reward Good Work

When an employee accomplishes a task, you should not only acknowledge their efforts but also reward them for it. Praises and rewards can go a long way in boosting the confidence of your employees. When your employees are confident, they perform better. They know career advancement is possible when they are acknowledged.

Rewards are also quite good for motivating all of your workforce. When an employee gets praised for their good work or receives a bonus, it inspires other employees to work hard too. It is one of the best ways to improve the performance of your workforce. When your employees know that their hard work is being recognized, they will perform even better in the future.

Celebrate Holidays with Your Team

A lot of companies claim that their workforce is like a family, but then they go ahead and exploit their workers. When you expect your employees to work hard around the year, you should also use festivals to give them a time to relax. You can hold office parties and give gifts to prove that your employees really are your family.

It is important not to hold events on the day of a festival as it can interfere with the personal plans of your employees. Keep the needs of your employees in mind if you really want them to have a good time. When your employees get to celebrate holidays with you, they will truly feel like your family. It will also motivate them to work harder for the success of the company.


You can’t expect your employees to do everything when you are not making any effort to improve their experience in the workplace. Your company’s success relies heavily on the happiness of your employees. If your employees are satisfied with the way they are being treated, they will bring in positive results.

So, if you think that the attitude in the workplace is not looking good, it is about time to reevaluate the way your employees are being treated. You can change things easily just by applying some of the most common motivators in the workplace that improve employee experience.


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