What is a Misogyny Incel?

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There are terms in this day and age that are meant to describe members of certain subcultures. One of the terms that has become prevalent in recent times is “incel.” But what does being an incel—involuntary celibate—really mean?

Let’s take a closer look at the term and how it typically relates to misogyny. There is a closer connection than most people realize.

What is an Incel?

So what is an incel? The term means “involuntary celibate.” This is a member of an online subculture of people who identify themselves as unable to get a sexual or romantic partner despite having the desire to have one.

Most of these forums and groups demonstrate behaviors and express comments of misogyny, hatred, resentment, self-pity, racism, a sense of entitlement, and even the endorsement of violence towards sexually active people and women in particular.

Misogyny Incel

The incel community leads to the misogyny incel. This is a section of the incel culture that is specifically focused on misogyny and hatred of women. Women are socialized, beginning with childhood, to blame themselves if they feel undesirable.

They are told that they will be unacceptable to the opposite sex unless they present themselves in a certain attractive and feminine sense. On the other hand, men will generally blame women if they themselves feel undesirable.

Incels take this blame to extreme levels. They are prepared to abuse women with violence and even kill them if they feel that these women would reject them. What it comes down to is a misogynistic hatred at the root of their failures with women.

Inspiring Murder

The misogyny incel community is not something that simply exists in its own negative corner. It is a real perpetuation of hatred and violence towards women that manifests itself in a number of situations and circumstances.

There are more than a few instances where a member of the community attempted to injure or kill women. Mass shootings have targeted women with the “incel rebellion” being at the heart of the cause.

There are plenty of people in society who wish to have sex but don’t, each with their various reasons. The main focus for an incel, despite what they would have you believe, is not simply to have sex. Their main focus is dominance over women and, more importantly, women’s bodies.

If it were just about sex, then they might value not only sex workers but also those who wish to legalize prostitution. But the simple fact of the matter is that incels are violent at heart. They are misogynists who direct their hatred at things that they claim to desire.

Using Similar Language to Civil Rights

The thing about the incel community is that they believe that they are working towards a greater good. They believe that being virgins or having limited sexual interactions has to do with discrimination. They believe that, only through outlawing multiple partners or some state-distributed girlfriend program, justice can be delivered.

At the same time, misogynistic incels tend to hate liberals, the victims, and those who campaign for actual equality. Their arguments are naturally full of contradictions because they hide behind these supposed “desires” to mask their hatred.

The main principle here is that incels get women to have sex with them by making them feel insecure. Should this not work, it escalates to violence. There is a belief that the only thing that will get a woman to sleep with them is force.

The Internet is the Vehicle

These men are not new to the world. Their prevalence has always been there, but their voices have been secluded in certain areas. But with the prevalence of the Internet, these men now have a platform on which to spread their hatred.

There are more than a few misogynistic incel forums where these men share their views on the various “injustices” that they suffer and what action is needed. Only men are part of this incel movement because it is about male power, not female power.

This “male power” dictates that women are decorative sexual objects, and males are worth how attractive a woman they are able to acquire. Women, and more specifically feminists, are the ones who are viewed as the enemy for several reasons.

There is seemingly an increase in extreme ideology, particularly when it comes to hatred towards women. The incel movement is such a hot-button topic that some feel as though incels should be classified as a terrorist movement.

If anything, it should act as a reminder that misogyny lives in many forms. Challenging these acts and thoughts of aggression is a battle that must continue to be waged.


A section of men out there, those who feel undesirable, take their rejection and turn it into a way to mistreat and even physically harm women. Their belief that women are responsible for their own undesirability fuels a hatred that has serious consequences.

This is just one part of the battle for equal rights that women face on a daily basis. This group that feels that it is less than and to blame for all of the issues of men is just another battle to be faced.


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