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Memes are used for every purpose these days, and they can range from very funny ones to those that are downright serious. Memes are cartoons or pictures that are usually comical but often show real-life situations.

When it comes to life struggles, there are tons of memes out there, and it’s actually very interesting looking at them because they often allow you to laugh instead of cry at certain situations.

One thing is certain – if you’re looking for memes about any of life’s struggles, there will never be a shortage of them!

Memes About Life Struggles

Let’s jump right into this topic and take a look at some of the most interesting memes that talk about struggles. Below is a combination of memes that include funny ones, odd ones, and interesting ones:

1.  Picture of Jim Carrey With a Surprised Look on His Face (Struggles With Naps)

The caption reads, “Naps are funny, you either wake up refreshed and relaxed, or you have a headache, dry throat, and no idea what year you’re in.”

2.  Picture of Roman Soldier Trying to Make a Decision (Struggles With Work)

The caption reads, “The struggle is real.” There is a red devil on his right shoulder telling him to “call in sick” and a white angel on his left shoulder telling him to “go to work.”

3.  Picture of Actor Jack Black Posing With His Chubby Body (Struggles With Body Image)

The caption reads, “I want a hot body, but I also want tacos.”

4.  Picture of a Grocery Store Clerk Taking a Credit Card From a Customer (Struggles With Finances)

The caption reads, “Clerk: ‘Would you like to donate $1 to help the poor?’ Customer: ‘There is a 90% chance this card is gonna get declined. I am the poor!’”

5.  Picture of Ron Livingston From the Movie Office Space (Struggles With Work)

The caption reads, “Literally 5 minutes into work: ‘I gotta get outta here. I think I’m going to lose it.’”

6.  Picture of a Woman Crying (Struggles With Panicking)

The caption reads, “Me panicking over due dates and then panicking over lack of time and then panicking because I’m panicking.”

7.  Picture of a Woman Lying Face Down on the Floor (Struggles With Coffee)

The caption reads, “When you have to make the coffee before you’ve had the coffee.”

8.  Picture of Acto r Sean Bean Looking Like He’s Explaining Something (Struggles With Going to Work)

The caption reads, “One does not simply wake up early in the morning and be excited to work.”

9.  Picture of Maury Povich Reading a Piece of Paper (Struggles With Your Salary)

The caption reads, “You say you value your employees, but my paycheck determined that was a lie.”

10.  Picture of a Teen in a Library Going Through the Card Catalog (Struggles With Research)

The caption reads, “Prehistoric Googling.”

Why Are Memes So Popular?

You can find thousands upon thousands of memes on the Internet, and most of them are satirical or show something either ironic or funny.

New memes seem to come out every day, and if you believe that memes are extremely popular these days, you are absolutely right. Memes are very popular for numerous reasons, including the following:

  • They are now a form of communication. Memes can be GIFs, texts, graphic images, or even short videos, but they are a great way for people to communicate across various social media platforms.
  • They can improve people’s mood. Let’s face it, life is stressful right now, and many people are having trouble coping with how crazy the world is. Looking at memes is a great way to help you relax and calm down so you can look at everything in a different light.
  • They can help groups of people cope with different situations. When an event happens that causes stress or conflict to a large group of people, including an entire town or state, memes can provide an easy and effective way to cope with all of it.
  • They help you share cultural knowledge. Humans are supposed to interact with one another and share valuable information, and this is something memes are great at accomplishing. It’s a convenient and fun way to share knowledge with others.
  • They provide a humorous interpretation of something that happened. Even if the event that happened is rather stressful, people can feel less stressed instantly when a meme comes along that provides a funny interpretation of that event.
  • They are super-easy to share. Memes don’t take a long time to share with others because much like other graphics and photographs, you can send them to someone via email or post them to any of your social media pages in no time, and people always appreciate them.
  • They can show several different interpretations of a stressful event. For some events, your reaction will be based on how you look at the situation. Memes can help you do that by showing you more than one way to look at any event, even a stressful one.


Memes are now a part of our everyday lives, and while most are comical, some can be serious. Nevertheless, they are fun to look at because they address so many modern and common life scenarios.

Even if the event depicted in the meme is serious, memes can make light of them and give viewers a chance to laugh about it and relieve some stress.

We all deserve to laugh on a regular basis, and memes do a great job helping us do just that.


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