The Most Common Leg Puns


There are quite a few leg puns that you can make when you are out and about with a group of people. Obviously, as is the tradition when making puns, you should know that the worse that it is, the funnier it will get. One of the things about making puns regarding legs is that you don’t have to worry about the audience not understanding.

Everyone knows a thing or two about legs, so your puns are going to be very well-received when you use them before an audience. If you are going to enter yourself in a “dad joke” contest, these puns could really help you get the edge over your opponents. So, without further ado, here are the most common (and terrible!) puns for legs!

“What do you call a guy with no arms or legs and he’s floating in your pool? A Bob!”

This is hilarious, and it’s going to be very well-received with people who are named “Bob” in general. Of course, as you can imagine, the pun focuses on items that tend to bob or float in a pool. If there is a ball floating in a pool, you will just say that it is bobbing.

So, this is just a play on the word “bob” as it replaces it with the name. If you have a few Roberts in the gathering, you can also use this one, because many people shorten the name “Robert” to “Bobby” or “Bob.” It’s a pretty fun pun that can be used to break the ice with no hassle.

Fun addition: Apart from puns related to legs, you can also throw in a few map puns to show just how terrible (or skilled) you are at them. Here’s one that you will like: “What do you call a reptile with a map? A navi-gator!”

“Why do flamingos sleep with one leg up? Because if they slept with both legs up they would just fall over!”

Well, this is so bad that people are just going to laugh at your audacity to say it out in public. And, that’s just what makes it funny. For those who don’t know, flamingos tend to sleep with one leg up in the air. It’s a pretty common fact that almost anyone who has read about flamingos and birds in general would know.

The flamingo isn’t the only bird that tends to sleep with one leg up; there are several other birds that do this too. It’s pretty common behavior, but it’s so noticeable amongst flamingos because they have such long legs and tend to sleep standing on the ground.

It’s obvious if they tried to lift both of their legs up, they would just take a fall. It’s funny, it’s bad, and everyone will groan, but hey, the pun will hit its mark!

Fun addition: What about a few money puns? You don’t just have to go on making jokes about legs. To punctuate the conversation, use this one: “Pigeons must be wealthy. They have no problem putting deposits on expensive cars!”

“What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground beef.”

This is definitely one that is going to make people chuckle. Ground beef is commonly used in a variety of cuisines, and almost everyone that you talk to will know what it is. Remember the legs from a cow, and proverbially, it is going to come to rest on the ground.

Since cows are the main source of beef throughout the world, this one just becomes all the funnier. It’s a hilarious pun that is sure to draw out a few groans from the crowd, and if there are a few people in the crowd who are trying to hold out on their laugh, this is easily going to make them chuckle.

It’s the sheer simplicity of the pun and the literal obviousness that makes it so funny. When you are delivering the pun, it would be better if you maintain a completely straight face and say the line with appropriate pauses after the question. It’s going to have an excellent impact on the crowd!

“Why can’t the bicycle stand on one leg? Because it’s two tired!”

Do you get it? Bicycles have two tires, and people who are too tired often have difficulty in standing up on one leg. The key to delivering this pun in the right manner is to make sure that you put emphasis on the word “tired.” You can use your fingers to raise up two as well to ensure proper delivery.

This is a relatively common pun that you might have heard before, so you should know that there are going to be a few people in the audience who will be aware of this one. Obviously, the desired impact might not be possible if the person on the other end already knows this pun.

Fun addition: What about a few moon puns? It’s our closest neighbor on a celestial scale, and there are quite a few fun puns you can make about the moon. Here’s an excellent one: “I’m Buzz Aldrin. The second man on the moon. Neil before me.”

“A conservative injured their leg. Now they are left leaning.”

Everyone knows that most conservatives lean heavily toward the right. Their views are all aligned with far-right individuals and they are often quite serious about their views. So, what happens if one of them gets injured in the leg? Well, they will begin to lean toward the left!

This is a fun joke, especially in these times of political uncertainty, and will really highlight your ability to make a fun joke out of anything! However, if there are a few conservatives in the audience, you should know that the joke might come off as insensitive.

Conservatives usually do not like jokes being made about their beliefs, and you won’t find many conservatives who are willing to take a joke, so it’s important that you read the room carefully before you decide to shoot this one out.

“What do you call a guy with one arm and one leg, who sits in front of your door? Matt.”

Do you get it? You are just replacing the mat with the name, both of which have the same sound. A welcome mat is the most common thing that people keep outside their doors, and using this pun in a group with a guy named Matt could just bring about a lot of laughter.

Of course, the person might have already heard this before, but that doesn’t mean it’s not funny. It’s a great way to make some new friends, but you should know that people in the crowd need to have a decent sense of humor. Like all puns, this one is just so bad that it automatically becomes hilarious, and that’s what makes it so funny!

These are some of the most common puns that you can use in a group of people that are related to legs!