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A small incident in childhood can destroy a kid’s self-esteem and keep them from becoming mentally healthy adult in the future. But just as negative words and experiences can hurt children, positive affirmations can help them grow up properly.

With positive affirmations, children can easily develop their self-esteem and learn to deal with negative thoughts.

What Are Some Positive Affirmations for Kids?

You may know a bunch of positive affirmations, but what you commonly see on the Internet is affirmations for adults. They target the challenges that people face in their workplaces or relationships. But kids’ positive affirmations are different as they target children’s challenges in their day-to-day lives.

  1. I don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love.

Many children feel like a failure when they see other kids of their age performing better than them. Often, it makes children think that they are not worthy of their parents’ love because they are not perfect. This affirmation can help kids understand that their worth is not dependent on their being perfect.

  1. I forgive myself for all of my mistakes.

This affirmation deals with the guilt that children face because of their mistakes. Even when they don’t get scolded, children are bound to be angry at themselves for their mistakes. With this affirmation, they can learn to forgive themselves and move forward.

  1. I can do anything/Anything is possible.

These affirmations can help your kid believe that they can accomplish the things they want to in life. It can help children defeat their negative thoughts and improve their self-confidence.

  1. Everything will be okay.

Children are quick to panic when something goes wrong. But if they are not taught to deal with this panic, it will only worsen in the future. This affirmation can help children calm down when they are stressed.

  1. All of my problems have solutions.

Similar to the affirmation mentioned above, this one teaches kids that solutions for their problems exist. With this affirmation, children can learn to look for solutions when faced with an issue instead of giving up.

  1. My thoughts and feelings are essential.

Another important lesson that you should teach your kids is that their feelings and thoughts are essential and valid. This affirmation will help your kids become expressive. Children won’t shy away from sharing their thoughts if they are made to feel important.

  1. I can ask for support.

Children should not feel lonely when they are struggling with something. They should know that they can ask for help whenever needed, and that’s precisely what this affirmation teaches a child.

  1. I can stand up for what I believe in.

Peer pressure can make it difficult for kids to stand up for what’s right. But with this affirmation, they will get the confidence to speak up whenever they notice something wrong.

  1. I can set boundaries around my body.

It is essential to teach children the importance of setting up boundaries. When kids realize that their bodies belong to them, they will feel confident about setting up boundaries. They will openly express their discomfort if someone tries to cross a border they have set up.

  1. I can respect the boundaries of others.

Along with setting up boundaries, children should also learn to respect the boundaries of others. This can help them become a good member of society. They will also learn to accept the decisions of their peers with the help of this affirmation.

  1. I love learning new things.

Children can get bored pretty quickly, so it is essential to get them interested in different things. Learning new things is also essential for a child’s cognitive development, which is why this affirmation is a must.

  1. I will make the most of today.

This morning affirmation can prepare your child for the day ahead. It will help them face all the challenges of the day with confidence.

  1. I am safe and cared for.

No matter how many assurances you give your kids, they can still end up feeling scared and confused from time to time. But with this affirmation, your kid can learn to believe that they are safe. It can also help children accept that they are loved and cared for.

  1. I am likable.

Sometimes children start thinking that they are not worthy of praise and have flaws that keep people from liking them. This affirmation can help children get over their insecurities. Once they develop the confidence that they are likable, it will be easier to stop thinking negatively about themselves.

  1. My family loves me unconditionally.

Children should not feel that they need to do something to receive love from their families. With this affirmation, your child can have confidence in your love. They will begin to accept that they are loved without any conditions attached.

How to Teach Affirmations to Your Kids

Affirmations can significantly influence your kids, but it isn’t easy to get children to develop a habit. It is also difficult for children to understand the concept of positive affirmation. However, parents can take certain steps to teach their children about affirmations properly.

Talk to Them About Emotions

To prepare your child to deal with their emotions, you must first teach them to recognize different types of feelings and thoughts. Once your child notices different thoughts and emotions, they are ready for the next step.

The Effects of Emotions

The next step is to teach children about different emotions’ positive and negative effects. You can teach them the side effects of extreme emotions with the help of real-life examples. But you must adopt a light, fun tone to keep your kids engaged during the conversation.

Repeat Affirmations to Them

After teaching your kids about the side effects of extreme emotions, you can tell them about affirmations. Before you can expect your kids to learn positive affirmations, you should repeat affirmations that speak of your love for them and give them the confidence to face the world.

Give Them Suggestions

There are many positive affirmations to choose from, but not all of them might be suitable for your kid. So, give different options to your child and ask them to learn the affirmations that they find helpful. The affirmations your kid chooses can also help you understand them in a better way.

Make Colorful Cards

In order to make learning affirmations easier for your kids, you can create flashcards for them. You can also write affirmations on sticky notes and post them on your fridge. It is also an excellent way to remind your kids to say their affirmations when they are starting a new day.

Key Takeaways

What you say to your child can have a lasting impact on them, but if you replace every harsh word with a word of encouragement, you will give your kid the confidence to face the world.

Positive affirmations will further improve the self-esteem of your kid. So, teach your kids positive affirmations today and see the change they bring in their life.


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