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It isn’t uncommon for an anime to become popular all over the world. Many people read manga, which is why every new anime already has an established fan base.

Even if a popular anime ends, there’s always another one ready to take its place. The complex storyline and relatable characters are the biggest reasons why people like animated Japanese shows.

Attack on Titan and Levi Ackerman

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime shows of all time. It is watched by people all over the world. Even though the show only has one part left, the enthusiasm and love of people for Attack on Titan has not faded. The show is known for its amazing set of characters including Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman.

Levi Ackerman is a strong and fascinating character with a global fan base of his own. People spend hours writing short stories about Levi and his adventures. In the show, Levi is a Captain in the Survey Corps. He is often called humanity’s strongest soldier. But despite all the love people have for him, there’s a lot that they still don’t know about their favorite character.

Facts About Levi Ackerman

It’s never too late to learn about your favorite character. Even if the show is ending, you can still find out more about Levi Ackerman. Some fascinating facts about Captain Levi might just surprise you!

Short King

Since Levi Ackerman is so badass, people often don’t pay any attention to any of his weaknesses. In fact, they are too scared to talk negatively about him. But that cannot change the fact that Levi Ackerman is short. He is 160 cm tall, which is 5’24”. The reason behind his height is that he had a very difficult childhood and was extremely malnourished as a kid. But look how far he has come.

Older Than He Looks

Captain Levi spent his childhood in the underground district. He could not get important nutrients while growing up, which is why he is not only short but also looks very young. Anyone who has seen pictures of Levi Ackerman would assume that he is in his early 20s. But he is between 30 to 33 years old. If Levi Ackerman age isn’t surprising enough, then you should know that his birthday comes on December 25.

Obsessed with Cleaning

Humanity’s strongest soldier hates when his equipment gets spoiled. His obsession with cleanliness was also directly caused by his troubled childhood. He is shown cleaning his room in manga. He is also known for cleaning blood from his blades while still on the battlefield. People close to him often refer to him as a clean freak.

Jokes About Levi Ackerman

Both the people in Attack on Titan and the fandom have an immense respect for Levi Ackerman, which is why they never make any inappropriate jokes about their hero. However, there are plenty of funny jokes about the captain that refer to his mannerisms and badassery. Here are some of the best jokes about humanity’s strongest soldier.

When I Was Your

There’s something about this line that activates the fight or flight response in people. How many times have you had to hear “when I was your age” followed by a condescending statement? Probably too many to count. But it is kind of funny when Levi Ackerman is the one saying it because everyone likes to imagine the captain being chatty.

Levi: When I was your age, I-

Eren: When I was your height.

Levi: …

There are many jokes about the short height of Levi, but in truth, no one ever dared to make fun of his height in front of him. After all, they all value their lives.


When it comes to witty one-liners and jokes, there’s no one better than an anime character. But everyone knows that Levi Ackerman is not the kind of person to engage in useless conversations. He is also very unapproachable, so people rarely go up to him to talk. But he is close to Eren, which is why this joke almost works:

Levi: How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

Eren: How?

Eren: Levi are you there?

Eren: How, I want to know

Eren: Levi…

It is a very well-crafted joke, and definitely one you can use to prank call your friends.

Getting Out of Conversations

Nobody hates unnecessary conversations more than Levi Ackerman. It is true that he is the strongest soldier in Attack on Titan and gets the job done, but he does not want to waste his time conversing with others. Many jokes have been made on this habit of the hero. Here’s one to prove how much he hates pointless conversations:

Hange: If you could have one superpower, flight or invisibility, what would you pick? I mean, everybody chooses flight. You know why?

Levi: So, they can fly away from this conversation?

Poor Hange. But everybody knows how much Hange loves annoying others, so this isn’t really out of character.

Incorrect Quotes

Incorrect quote accounts use funny quotes from popular shows and turn them into a conversation between their favorite characters. There are plenty of incorrect quotes attributed to the characters of Attack on Titan. But none of these quotes are as funny as the ones attributed to Levi Ackerman. The quotes match his personality perfectly, which makes them hilarious.

Levi: Just don’t die.

Petra: Great… pep talk, Captain.

Eld: Yeah, I used to love dying but that speech really turned me around.

Levi: Whatever.

Everyone knows that Levi cares for the well-being of his subordinates. But since he is not very friendly, he doesn’t know how to express that he cares. So, this incorrect quote is very fitting.

Levi Ackerman may be a character from Attack on Titan, but he is a hero for many. His story is an inspiration to everyone who has had a tough childhood. The facts about him can help everyone understand him a little better. Even the jokes mentioned above accurately describe his personality and can improve people’s understanding of him.


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