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“Follow your bliss” is a phrase that has been used since the 1970s, but not everyone knows what it means. The word “bliss” is not the same as having an interest in something. It is more than that.

“Bliss” means intense passion for something, and if you desire to be happy in your life, following and working towards your bliss is important.

Bliss can be anything you have a passion for, including a job, a hobby, a business idea, or a state of mind, and there are things you can do to find yours and follow it.

How to Follow Your Bliss?

Everyone deserves to be happy in life, but most people find that they need certain things in order to be happy.

All of us have different interests and different things that make us happy, and once you find yours, you’ll be one step ahead of most people in this game we call life. The good news is, bliss is something different for everyone, but contrary to what many people think, it is usually not your job.

Does this mean it cannot be what you do for a living? Not necessarily, but in most cases bliss is something that is special and unique and excites you more than nearly every other part of your life.

Your own bliss should make you feel content and happy and like you belong there. If you really want to learn to make the most out of your bliss, try following these tips:

1. Listen to Your Inner Voice

This might be the hard part, but it shouldn’t be difficult for most people. If you meditate or relax enough, all you have to do is consider the things that pop into your head that bring you complete happiness and joy.

If there is any thought that fills your heart and makes it feel full, you can safely assume that that is your bliss.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Share Your Bliss with Others

When you share your passion with others, it becomes real and it confirms what your true bliss is. Sharing it with others can also make you even more excited about your passion, which gives you more confidence when your goal is to make the most out of that passion.

If you’re hesitant to share your bliss with others, it might mean that something else is your passion, so you should explore that angle.

3. Act on Your Bliss

Let’s face it, everyone deserves to have something in their life that gives them a bigger thrill than anything else, and this is why finding your passion is so important.

But you also have to act on that bliss because if you don’t, you’ll feel much emptier on the inside. Simply put, acting on your bliss and making the most out of it is a great way to feel more content and satisfied on the inside.

Myths About Following Your Bliss

Finding your true bliss can be a challenge when you have a ton of interests in your life. In fact, some people have to narrow it down because they are passionate about so many things.

On this note, it’s also good to know that some people have the wrong impression about bliss, starting with these:

  • You have to (or should) quit your job once you find your bliss. While there’s nothing wrong with going after your dreams, you have to be careful not to mistake your bliss for something that you should be doing as a career. In fact, this is rarely the case.
  • You will be a huge success when you go after your bliss. While this can certainly happen to you, this is not the case most of the time. But think of it this way – once you practice your bliss, your level of satisfaction and happiness with your life will be much greater.
  • You can only have one bliss. This is definitely untrue because people who tend to be passionate about life can often have more than one thing that allows them to be ecstatic about what’s going on in their life. No need to narrow down your bliss to just one!
  • The thing you consider your bliss is too risky to go after. Never adopt this attitude about your bliss because it may be something others are simply too afraid to go after and make a part of their lives. You can lose out on a lot if you have this attitude.
  • When you achieve bliss, you are happy with every part of your life. Contrary to what many people believe, you can experience bliss in your life and still have other parts that aren’t going so well. But it’s a balancing act that is helped along by your passion.

Discovering your bliss is about what makes you feel fulfilled in every way, and it can be anything you want it to be, from finishing a degree to improving your skills as an artist.

Whatever you’re truly passionate about, that can be explored in order to determine if it is your true passion in life.


Following your bliss is a lot easier once you learn what it is. If you’re so passionate about something that you think about it a lot, like to learn everything you can about it, and feel like it’s something you can’t imagine living without, you could safely say that this is your bliss.

Everyone only has one life on this side of the grave, so you owe it to yourself to explore your bliss and let it fill your life with happiness.


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