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“A penny saved is a penny earned!” This saying goes a long way when it comes to shopping. Shoppers love getting things at discounted prices. If you are a savvy shopper and like to save money, you’d know how beneficial supermarkets can be. They allow you to buy every household and grocery item under one roof, thus saving you from the tedious job of finding items individually in the market at affordable rates.

It goes without saying that choosing the right store is the first step to saving money. So, you are about to find out which store is less expensive: Walmart or Target.

A Few Words About Walmart

The name Walmart is not short of any introduction. The company has been around for decades and for good reasons. It’s one of the most successful retailers in the history of supermarkets. It was founded in 1962 in Arkansas by a former military man named Sam Walton.

Walmart found immediate success, and it was only a matter of time before Sam Walton started expanding its wings. When he died in 1992, he had already opened over 1,900 stores worldwide.

Even after the death of Sam Walton, Walmart kept expanding. Today, we have over 11,000 Walmart stores in 24 countries. As of 2020, around 265 million customers shop at Walmart every week. Shoppers have always expected products of the best quality from Walmart, and it has always lived up to their expectations.

A Few Words About Target

You must have heard about Target if you frequently shop at supermarkets. Established in 1902, it’s one of the most popular supermarket chains of all time. It was founded by George D. Dayton, a well-known businessman of his time. The company’s headquarters is in Minnesota.

Today, Target is the eighth largest retailer in the United States. The company claims that 75% of the country’s population lives within 10 miles of a Target store, which makes sense when you consider that over 1,900 Target stores are located in all states of the USA.

Is Walmart Less Expensive Than Target?

Is Walmart cheaper than target? This has always been a topic of debate. Fans often compare their prices, and still, they find themselves scratching their heads because there’s so much to talk about. So, below is the side-by-side price comparison of both retailers.

Household Items

Starting our comparison with the household items, this one goes toe-to-toe. In some products, Walmart has an edge, whereas, in others, it’s Target that steals the show. Overall, Walmart is the winner as most of its products cost less.

Products such as paper towels and napkins tend to be less expensive at Target, however. In contrast, things such as toilet paper, kitchen trash bags, and detergents tend to cost less at Walmart.

One factor that you might need to consider is the quality of the products. Of course, it’s not wise to cut corners when it comes to the quality of the products. Products at Target generally represent the best quality. However, it turns out that some of their toilet paper products were not up to the mark and had problems with absorbency.


As far as grocery items go, again, it’s Walmart that wins this battle. Both Walmart and Target offer a variety of grocery items. From a package of chips to a bottle of milk, everything is available at both Walmart and Target.

However, the difference is not that much. Cold drinks, eggs, meat, and so on, cost less at Walmart. On the other hand, milk, fruits, and vegetables are less expensive at Target. Overall, it would be safe to say that Walmart stands victorious here as well. But again, the difference is big enough to make you not go to Target.

Many customers like to eat while shopping. If you plan to grab some snacks while shopping for groceries, you’d love to go to Walmart. They have a dedicated hot food section to serve ready-to-eat fish, meat, seafood, and other eatables that can be consumed while you shop.

Health and Beauty Products

It’s a rule of thumb not to consider price as a significant factor in beauty and health products. They directly impact your skin and health, so make sure to prefer quality to price.

As far as the prices are concerned, Walmart undercuts the prices of Target again. Whether cotton swabs or beauty creams, you can get pretty much everything at a lower price than Target.

Another thing that gives Walmart an edge over Target is that products of every brand are available at Walmart. Think of a brand, and you’d have it there. Target also has a big inventory, but it falls a fraction short compared to Walmart.

Since skin specialists suggest that you cannot just use any product on your skin, customers stay loyal to specific brands for years. If that’s your case and you think that not every brand is suitable for your skin, Walmart is your place to go!

Why Are Walmart and Target Successful?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart and Target have been on a roll since they began their business. So, what made them find success?

Talking about Walmart first, their quality products and astonishingly affordable prices have garnered their customers’ loyalty. They are known to buy products in bulk. Hence, they get them at discounted prices. They pass these savings to their customers, and customers are all for it! It won’t be far from the truth to say that they have maximized the quality while minimizing the costs.

As if this wasn’t enough, they keep retaining their customers with sales and discounts now and then. Be it Christmas or Black Friday, Walmart never forgets to provide exciting deals to its shoppers. Furthermore, they offer products of pretty much every brand you can think of.

Talking about Target, the major part of why people love Target is that Target stores are quite ubiquitous in the United States. The company has never been afraid to expand its chain, and today, they have over 1,900 Target stores in the United States alone. Stunning, isn’t it?

Final Verdict

It turns out that Walmart is the clear winner regarding prices. However, Target stores are more in number and well-spaced out, and the difference is so tiny that it hardly makes any difference.

Walmart and Target are two giant supermarket retailers. Although Walmart has an edge because of its low prices, Target stores are more ubiquitous. Both stores offer a wide range of products and shoppers rest assured that the products available at both will not disappoint you.


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