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Nobody wants to overspend on their weekly or monthly groceries, but it’s equally challenging to avoid spending more than what you decide. This is because we all have overspent at Walmart or Aldi, even if we just wanted to buy toothpaste. Aldi is termed as Walmart’s competitor irrespective of lesser presence and reach in the U.S as compared to Walmart.

However, with Aldi’s super cheap pricing, everyone is considering, “is Aldi cheaper than Walmart?” Read ahead to find out all the price comparisons to help you make an informed decision.


Bananas at Walmart tend to be fresher and have fewer brown spots as compared to the ones found at Aldi. There is a difference of $0.03, so it’s best to stick to Walmart because Aldi either has fully ripe or green bananas which might be of no use for many consumers. At Aldi, the bananas are $0.44 per lb. Walmart has them for $0.47 which might be a bit higher, but it wins by the quality.


With so many yogurts available, it gets hard to compare the prices. On the contrary, the kids’ yogurt is cheaper at Walmart since it costs $1.88 and has redeemable coupons, while Aldi has it at $1.99. However, for large containers of 32 ounces, there is a difference of $0.50 and Aldi has them cheaper.

Diaper Wipes

The wipes are for $0.99 at Aldi, whereas the same wipes cost $1.97 at Walmart. However, Walmart has coupons available that reduce the price to $1.47 for Pampers and Huggies, which is still higher than Aldi, so Aldi wins. Also, along with the lower price, there are no compromises on quality either.


The Aldi diapers are for $4.99, while Walmart has them at $3.97 for the store brand. As far as the big brands are concerned, there are coupons available that reduce the price of Huggies and Pampers diapers to as low as $6.97, which is much cheaper.

Trash Bags

If we look at the Ruffies trash bags, Walmart has them for $6.97 for fifty bags, and the Ruffies bags cost $0.05 for one packet if you don’t use a coupon. As far as Aldi is concerned, one bag will cost $0.06, so you know Walmart takes the bow here.

Green Peppers

A pack of three green peppers will cost $1.99, which means that one will be for $0.66 at Aldi, but Walmart has them for $0.53 each, so the latter wins in this case.


When it comes down to toothpaste, the majority of them tend to be similar to one another, and it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t pay anything above $1. However, the way a company markets the product can directly impact the price.

The Crest 6.4-ounce toothpaste costs $2.89 at Aldi, but Walmart sells it for $2.98, but a coupon is applicable on this product which significantly reduces the price. Also, the Colgate toothpaste is $1.25 without a coupon, so Walmart wins here.

Peanut Butter

Aldi has the peanut butter at a cheaper rate for $2.29. On the other hand, Walmart’s store-brand peanut butter costs $2.56 while Skippy peanut butter is at $2.50, which is more affordable than store-brand peanut butter. Still, it’s better to purchase peanut butter from Aldi.


The four-pack of razors are available for $2.99 at Aldi, while Walmart has them for $3.49. For this reason, you can opt for Aldi, and you don’t need to worry about the quality as it’s top-notch.

Paper Towels

The six-pack of paper towels costs $5.99 at Aldi, but the same ones are available at $3.26 at Walmart. The eight-pack paper towels are available for $6.94. So, you better opt for Walmart if you ever run out of paper towels.

Ground Beef

Ground beef is priced at $3.69 for one pound, while Walmart has the same quantity of ground beef available for $2.66. For this reason, you can opt for Walmart, and as they aren’t lagging on quality, you have nothing to worry about. You will receive fresh ground beef at both the places.


At Walmart, it costs $5.18 per pound for chicken, while Aldi has it at $2.29. This clearly shows that Walmart is charging an obnoxious price for chicken. However, even Aldi is not very reasonable because you can get the same chicken at a lower price from a local store. So when it comes to chicken, it makes more sense to opt for something other than the above two.


One dozen eggs cost $1.78 at Walmart, while Aldi has them for $1.55. So, if you want to buy eggs, opt for Aldi but don’t forget to check out the expiration date and always choose one with a longer expiry.

White Bread

Basic white bread is a necessity of every household, and Aldi wins by a few cents. The basic white bread is available at $0.85 at Aldi, but Walmart charges $1.18, so you know Aldi has it cheaper when it comes to bread.


The same butter costs $2.09 at Aldi while you will need to pay $2.18 at Walmart. There are no changes in the ingredients and quality, so Aldi is more affordable. If you tend to consume a lot of butter or are on a keto diet, Aldi should be your go-to place.

Dishwashing Detergent

Aldi offers dishwashing detergent at $2.49, while Walmart has it for $2.98. However, Walmart has various coupons available to lower the price. Hence, Walmart has dishwashing detergent at a cheaper rate when you use coupons. So, if you belong to a big family that requires frequent dishwashing, it makes more sense to opt for Walmart.

Plastic Cups

The 50-count package of plastic cups will cost $2.49, but Walmart has the same quality at $3, so it’s best to stick to Aldi when you want to purchase plastic cups. However, before going on purchasing a large quantity of plastic cups, always consider environmentally friendly products if possible.

Paper Plates

When it comes down to paper plates, Aldi offers 80 paper plates at $2.79 while Walmart charges $2.97 for 70 paper plates. The paper plates are obviously cheaper at Aldi. So, whenever you are throwing a big party, Aldi should be your store to buy party supplies from.

Sandwich Meat

If you have coupons, Walmart has the sandwich meat available at a cheaper rate than Aldi, which offers it at $2.49. At Walmart, you can get the store-brand sandwich meat at $2.68, but you can avail yourself of discounts on it in order to get it at a cheaper price.

Is Aldi Cheaper Compared to Other Grocery Stores?

Aldi will be comparatively cheaper and has impressive quality standards compared to local grocery stores. This is the reason why Aldi has gained immense popularity in the past few years.

Which Grocery Store Is Cheaper Compared to Walmart?

Aldi tends to be more affordable as compared to Walmart. In addition, there are scratch-and-dent stores available if you want to purchase snack foods.

Which Grocery Store Is the Most Affordable?

With so many grocery stores available out there, it is hard to choose, but if you are in search of a one-stop shop with reasonable prices, you can choose Aldi without any second thoughts.


The above points might lead to you deciding which store might be a suitable option for you and your family. However, do remember that Walmart tends to price match the competitor’s prices and has coupons available which might reduce the price!

It’s better that you don’t assume anything and do your research to know the prices. In case the prices are high at Walmart, you can ask for a price match and it might just turn out in your favor.


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