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For all players who just get into the World of Warcraft, it may seem that this is a very simple MMO, where all the mechanics are clear and explained to the player at the very beginning of the game.

At the first stages, it is true – the player is offered training, the first quests give gold and experience, and gradually equipment with weapons.

But with further leveling of the character, experience will be gained more and more slowly, you need to buy equipment yourself, and skills and talents can significantly ruin the game if the character develops incorrectly – damage will drop, you will lose more often in PVP and PVE.

This becomes a frequent reason for the outflow of players from the server and leaving the World of Warcraft.

In order to prevent wasting time and get full pleasure from playing WoW, you need to read guides and useful information, contact services for help and tips.

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Skycoach – is a service that provides assistance to players who are not familiar with World of Warcraft and MMO projects in general.

Supply of gold to players

If we evaluate the resources and materials of the World of Warcraft by category, then gold will definitely be in the first place. Any equipment and weapons, materials – even the rarest ones can be bought from more lucky and experienced players.

There are several ways to get gold:

  1. Complete various quests, primarily story quests.
  2. Kill monsters for loot.
  3. Sell materials obtained in the process of hunting.
  4. Buy gold from professional players.

Gold is provided by the Skycoach service, the entire stage of the transaction is masked from unnecessary attention from the game administration and transferred to the player with anonymity. The client does not bear material risks and in case of disputes, the service guarantees a refund.

Learning to play and pumping

Two different services that lead to the same result in different ways.

If we are talking about boosting, then you need to transfer your account to a professional Skycoach player to start the boosting service.

In this option, you will receive a leveled 60-70 hero, depending on the request, and all the materials and gold obtained by a professional booster during the leveling process. The status of the service can be tracked on the site and after completing the order, it is recommended to change the password.

Full-fledged training of the game with a coach closes two requests at once.

The first one is leveling up the character to the level of the current Dragonflight update, albeit on your own.

The second is the full development of all gaming skills for your particular character under the guidance of an experienced Skycoach trainer.

Training is useful for its versatility – the skills acquired in the process of working with a trainer will be applicable in many MMO RPGs and will work even when changing roles and classes.

Trainer Skycoach will teach the basic mechanics, general skills that will reveal the capabilities of the class, tactics and strategies in PVP and PVE.

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Forum Blizzard

One of the most common sources of information regarding World of Warcraft.

The advantage of the forum is always that the players themselves create and edit posts, sharing information about WoW and correcting each other in questions on game mechanics.

A beginner can read the topics created, or create their own discussion to get answers to their questions.

For example, if you play a mage, you may be interested in what main characteristic should be improved to significantly strengthen the character.

Mastery will be the main parameter – it affects the overall chance and effectiveness of skills. Magic attacks will critically hit more often, and debuffs will be more likely to proc on the target.

Players filter all information inside the forum on their own. This means that many members of the community monitor everything that others write and give a sensible assessment. A clear plus is that all negative and false information is suppressed by others, without misleading newcomers.

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Wowhead should be considered as a complete source of knowledge dedicated exclusively to the mechanics of World of Warcraft.

Focus primarily on guides – these are full-fledged and step-by-step sources of information that give the player clear instructions on how and why to develop their game class, based on the experience of more experienced gamers with an accurate indication of equipment, weapons, materials and the selection of skills that may come in handy .

For example, when starting to play as a shooting class hunter, you will have to choose your further development path – the Beastmaster, or the Archer.

The guides will help you weigh the pros and cons and choose the path of development exclusively for your character traits.

Beastmaster is more of a singleplayer class. You summon a formidable animal that fights by your side and guide it into battle by providing all possible assistance in attacking and supporting it. The class cannot be called a semi-attacking class – in raids it can perfectly tank the boss, and the overall damage is not inferior to many physical classes. Suitable for players who do not really like to play in groups and do it more often out of necessity.

Archer is about strong physical damage from a long distance. You use automatic fire and skills to deal maximum damage to the target. The class can hardly be called as independent as the master of beasts. Suitable for players who like to play in a group and prefer to combine mobility and attacks to defeat enemies with intelligence and advantages, rather than relying on luck – if the enemy closes the distance, then you will find yourself in equal conditions.


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