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Man is capable of a great many things. As a species, we have done tremendous things throughout the ages that have warranted celebrating. But being able to understand the opposite sex has not been one of those accomplishments.

Throughout the ages, both young men and old have missed signs that are clear as day letting them know that a female likes them. Since it is generally accepted that women dictate the course of a relationship, it can be helpful for men to know when a female may be interested.

While not every woman is the same, there are some signs that make it rather clear that she is interested in a man. It is up to the man to not only recognize these signs, but to act on them as well. The thing about that is that men sometimes miss obvious clues that are right in front of their face.

The best of us will get lucky and recognize that clue if a girl is patient and persistent enough. Other times, that girl gets away because we are unable to decipher the clues that have been laid out before us. How to tell if a guy likes you tends to be a lot easier to discern.

That is why it is helpful to know what those clues are that a girl likes us and wants us to pursue a possible romantic entanglement. This article includes some of the more common clues and they should be able to help some gentlemen out there go from unaware to romantically involved.

Before We Begin: Context Is Key

So, before we begin, it is important to know that not all of these signs mean that a girl is into you. Just because a woman shows this sign, some guys will assume that the girl is into him and that might not be the case at all. Knowing how to tell if a girl likes you is all about context.

This is why it is important to interpret the signs below within the context of everyday situations. This context lets you know when a girl is simply being nice and when she is actually showing interest in you romantically.

Put it like this: if you go to the store and the attractive cashier smiles at you and makes eye contact, it is more than likely because it is her job. She isn’t showing interest, she is being polite because her vocation demands it.

If a girl happens to be at the store and makes eye contact or smiles as she is making her way through the store, that is another story. Being able to differentiate the difference can be difficult for some guys and it definitely takes time to begin to understand the difference in these situations.

There are far too many times where a guy misreads a situation and makes an advance on a girl who has absolutely no interest. This can lead to a discomfort for the girl and serious rejection and disappointment for the guy.

More Than Once

Another thing to keep in mind is that a one-time signal is not a green light. Girls take a little bit of work and if a girl shows one of the signs below, it is a positive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to swoop in and capitalize on the situation.

That initial attraction is great and certainly is needed to begin the pursuit of a potential relationship. If a girl makes that initial contact, follow it up. Ask for her number or a date. This is the path of beginning to know one another on a greater level, allowing that attraction to build and grow.

Now that that is out of the way, let’s get to the list of signs itself. Here are a few ways to tell if a girl likes you.

    1.She Acts Nervous in a Good Way

Let’s face facts: when we like someone, we are rarely cool about it. The same will go with girls. If she is interested in you, she might be a little bit shy or even blush. It might also seem like she is not on her game.

Trying too hard is a symptom of liking someone and it is possible for both sexes. If you feel an attraction to someone, you want to do all that you can to impress them and that can lead to trying too hard. When we try too hard, we rarely look cool.

If she stumbles over her words or doesn’t seem like she is on her game, there is a good chance that she likes you. She wants to seem cool and sexy and, most importantly, to impress you.

Keep in mind that you can also make her nervous in a bad way. If you do, it will be apparent. She will look unengaged or look like she’s trying to get away. Take the hint and back off, showing her the respect that she deserves.

    2.She Mirrors Your Actions

Another surefire way to tell if a girl likes you, is if she subconsciously imitates the things that you do. The old saying is that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and when she tries to imitate you, it is because she wants to be focused on you.

The funniest thing is that she will absolutely not mean to do it. Much like acting nervous, it is a subconscious action that we don’t really mean to do. When we like someone, we tend to pay attention to all of their actions, big or small, and find ourselves subconsciously matching them. When it comes to figuring out how to tell if he likes you, those subtleties aren’t usually there.

If she is repeating things you say, sharing the same small movements, and seems very engaged in what you are saying, it is likely because she has an attraction to you and finds you interesting and engaging.

    3.Dressing up

Most of us tend to dress in a relaxed or casual way when going about our daily business. While looking good is important, many of us look for comfort as well so that we can get through our day with as little discomfort as possible.

But when we have a crush on someone, we want to look as good as we possibly can. We get self-conscious about the way we look and try to find the right outfit, make sure every hair is in place, and (for women) make sure that we are primped and preened.

Girls that have an attraction to you, will probably fuss with her appearance in some way. This can be in subtle ways – playing with her hair or fidgeting in general – but those moves are all meant to make herself seem more appealing to you.

If she is fussing over the way she looks, even in those small ways, it means that she likes you and that she hopes you like her too. It can be subtle and easy to miss, but it can be a powerful sign as well.

    4.Her Body Language Is Different

When a girl is relaxed and not really thinking about the way they look in front of a guy, their body language is relaxed as well. But when there is an interest in a guy, that body language can change substantially.

Again, it’s little, subtle things. She might try to get closer to you. She might turn to face you directly. It could be making physical contact with you, making it look like an accident. Lots of smiles and eye contact are par for the course.

Guys who are receptive and aware of this type of body language will move closer to her and won’t get a pull away. The key is to be careful and subtle so that she can avoid feeling embarrassed or awkward in her actions.

Subtle signs are the most common that a girl shows, and they are also the most easily missed. When you know what to look for, you can identify them quicker and be able to act on them in a more effective and efficient manner.

    5.Gentle Teasing

When we are young, there is a belief that when a boy or girl is mean to the opposite sex, they have a crush. Adults function much the same way. If a girl is into you, she might tease you in a very playful and innocent way.

This is because of a few things. The first is that there is an attraction. The second is that she wants to make you laugh and maybe even try to see how you react so that she can see more of the “real” you. The goal here is to create a bit of a connection and to keep the atmosphere both sweet and fun.

The thing here is that it has to be gentle. If she’s gently poking at you, it could indicate a bit of a crush. But if she is going for the throat, saying things that are really mean or nasty, it’s a sign of the opposite. Run as far away from a romantic involvement with that girl that you can because she is definitely not interested in you in that way.


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