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Imagine waking up in the morning, stepping into the yard for some fresh air, and stepping on the geese poop. This can be quite unpleasant and ruin the entire day for you.

While geese poop is beneficial for lawns since higher nitrogen percentage helps the grass thrive, it can be difficult to remove. Since geese can poop around two to four pounds daily, your yard and home could begin to stink of poop. If you are concerned about how to stop geese from pooping in yard, there are quite a few solutions.

Ways to Stop Geese From Pooping in the Yard

It’s possible to prevent geese from pooping in the yard, and they come by only when you don’t take preventive measures. You can follow some tried-and-tested ways of stopping them from dropping poop and rendering your yard unusable.

Take Away the Food

The first method is taking away the prime reason why they decided to invade the yard. You must take away the birdfeeder and wildlife feeder and keep the trash area clean. In the case of bird feeders, keeping them away for at least one season is important. To illustrate, when the geese come back to the yard and don’t find food, they will give up coming to the yard.

Remove the Bird Nests

Take a stroll around the yard and look for the areas where geese might have started nesting. If you identify some nests, place a heavy and big object where geese are nesting to eliminate their access to the nesting spot. Remember that if you let geese nest around in the yard, it will be more challenging to stop them from trespassing in the yard.

Install Fence

One of the most reliable methods of keeping the geese away from the yard is installing the fencing. Make sure to install a four-foot fence so geese won’t be able to stroll through it. Also, if you have kids and pets around, a fence will ensure that they are at a safe distance from geese.

Tall Grass

It’s a known fact that geese look for open and green places, so it’s essential to create an unappealing yard. For this reason, planting tall grass will keep them at bay. In addition, you can plant kale, daffodils, lavender, calendula, garlic, and onion as they are unattractive to geese.

Scare Them

It’s possible to scare the geese in different ways and prevent them from taking an entry into the yard. For this purpose, you can tie up CD plates around the property and a reflective surface will scare them away. In addition, you can plant a fake coyote as it scares them.

Another way of scaring the geese is keeping dogs because they appear as a threat to the geese. In particular, the dog doesn’t need to be vicious, but make sure that it is big enough to intimidate the geese.

Loud Noises

The most humane and the easiest method of preventing their entry into your yard is using loud noises. For instance, you can rig up the air horn and frighten them with loud noise as it’s perfect for making them run away.

Use Liquid Repellents

There is a variety of liquid repellents available that can be applied to the lawn for getting rid of the geese. The liquid repellent will create an unpleasant smell in the yard that geese cannot stand and will eventually stop coming to the yard. You might need to apply liquid repellents after every two days to ensure that the yard keeps smelling bad.

Flight Control

This is the most effective way of stopping geese from pooping in your hard. Also, it’s an all-year applicable method that can keep the geese away permanently after a few applications. It’s actually a repellent that takes away the food source of geese, so they don’t return in search of food. Moreover, if geese consume it, it creates strong yet risk-free digestive irritation.

Top Reasons Why Geese Are Attracted to Your Yard

It’s challenging to fix something when you don’t know the real reason behind it. It’s safe to say that half of the problem is already fixed when you know the reason. If you think about it, some of the common reasons why geese get into your yard could be quite surprising. Once you are aware of them, you can prevent the entry of geese and get rid of poop.

You Are Giving Them Food

Food is the biggest motivator for the geese to stop by the yard and also attracts other animals and birds. In some cases, homeowners give food to the geese thinking that their friends won’t show up but geese talk (it’s a figure of speech but they tell their family about food). So stop knowingly or unknowingly giving food, and clean the trash as soon as possible.

You Are Providing Shelter

The shelter is important for every living being, including the geese. So another reason why geese visit your yard is the availability of shelter. If there is a shade or shelter in the yard, it’s your cue to take them off.

Geese Find Your Yard Comfortable

Geese are birds who like to know their surroundings and have a complete awareness of what’s going around them. For this reason, when the yard is properly mowed and has well-kept plants, it will attract the geese while tall grass and trees will put them off because they hate being unaware of the surroundings. So stop making your yard comfortable for the geese.

You Are Not Chasing Them Away

Whenever a goose walks into the yard and you don’t chase them away, you are simply encouraging them to stop by more frequently. On the other hand, when they feel unwelcomed, they will actually stop coming by because they are one of the most intelligent birds and don’t forget the people. So if you are wondering how to stop geese from pooping in yard, you can certainly try this!

You Are Giving Free Access

If your house isn’t secured, it increases the chances of geese stopping by. This is because fencing will make it difficult for the geese to step into the lawn and mess up the place with their poop.

Your Pond Is Beautiful

If you live around the lake or ponds, it increases the strolling of your geese in the yard as they are fond of water. In fact, after they are done eating, they need water for digesting food and streamlines their breathing by cleaning the sinuses. So the availability of water will attract them while the absence of water will push them away.

Geese poop can be toxic as it has parasites that are harmful to humans and also damage the grass. So, if you’ve been struggling with geese pooping in the yard, try some of the ways mentioned above and get rid of them permanently.


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