How to Play Hard to Get With Your Boyfriend?

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In today’s world, relationships can be tricky. We all want to feel wanted by someone, but that can be easier said than done. While it can be unhealthy to deprive a partner of your attention completely, sometimes it can be beneficial to let your boyfriend miss you. Men often take our love and affection for granted. Well, with these simple tricks, he will basically be begging to be with you!   

The Benefits of Playing Hard to Get 

There is a lot of psychology behind the art of playing hard to get. I think we can all agree that the goal is to make your boyfriend more attracted to you and to give you more of his time and attention. This article will provide you with more insight to help you understand just why playing hard to get works so well. 

Playing hard to get can benefit your relationship in the long run. When couples are together 24/7, it can feel smothering. Some alone time or time with friends can really help a relationship and allow for a personal recharge. On top of that, it makes it even more exciting to see each other after spending some time apart. 

Another benefit of playing hard to get is feeling empowered. For years, society has made women feel that they need a man to feel whole. By playing hard to get, this can flip the script. Instead of feeling like you need your boyfriend’s affection to be happy, you’ll now feel like you have the upper hand. There’s still a long way to go, but the times are definitely changing.   

Make Yourself a Little Less Available 

Have you ever been told, “I can’t hang tonight, the guys are playing COD, and if I don’t play with them, I’ll fall behind”? If this happens often, it’s time to start playing hard to get. Next time your boyfriend asks to see you, respond with something like, “Sorry, girls night tonight. One day this week?” That will show him you have a life outside of your relationship. 

Let him know that you’re content with having alone time and that it is necessary for you. Not only will this help you play hard to get by letting him know you’re going to live your life with or without him, but it’ll also benefit you. Everyone needs some alone time, and it offers numerous benefits

Letting your boyfriend miss you can feel a little mean and may, at first, make you feel guilty. But hey, they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?   

Confidence is Key 

Have you ever felt less sexy or less attractive after being turned down by a man? Girl, you’re not alone! After being rejected, it can be hard to feel confident, especially in today’s world of social media and endless filters. A part of playing hard to get is showing you are confident with or without a man. Men are attracted to confidence, especially when it comes from within. 

By showing your boyfriend you’re confident in yourself, he’ll know that you can live with or without him just fine. He won’t just assume you’ll always be there waiting because you “need” him. Of course, it can take some work to build up confidence from time to time, but working on yourself is the greatest investment, after all.   

Plan Activities Specifically for You 

After being in a relationship for a set amount of time, we can begin to lose our individuality. We sometimes become comfortable always having another person there and doing things together. It can even feel uncomfortable or unsettling at times to do things without your partner.

If you want to play hard to get, you’ll need to be sure you are comfortable with things that don’t always involve your partner. 

For example, start by thinking of things you enjoyed doing before getting into a relationship. Make a list of all the things you have not done in a while, and make it a point to do them. This goes back to making yourself a little less available to your boyfriend. Instead of only planning date nights with him, start planning nights for yourself or girls nights! 

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship and are unsure of what to do with your own time, here’s a handy list of some ideas to get you started:   

  • Find a new book, or pick up an old favorite 
  • Plan a spa day 
  • Plan a movie night with friends 
  • Take a walk and get some fresh air 
  • Work on improving your self-care  
  • Start a new TV show 
  • Get a coloring book (trust me, adult coloring books are very therapeutic, and you’d be surprised at just creative you can get) 
  • Have a girls night out to a new place in town 
  • Go with a friend to a museum or a play   

Of course, you can really do whatever you want with your free time. Just make sure you stick to it and let your boyfriend know you need some you time or some girl time. After a few times of being turned down, he’ll pretty much be begging to see you!    

Look the Part 

Before I go on, I should clarify that women are beautiful with or without makeup, dressed up, or dressed down. Sometimes to play hard to get, though, it can be useful to put that extra effort into your appearance. Surprise him a bit by wearing that sexy outfit or doing that smokey eye makeup you know he loves. 

When men see their girlfriends looking good, they may start to worry about unwanted attention from other men. In no way am I saying step outside of your relationship, but it can’t hurt to let him know there are plenty of guys out there dying to be with you. The added bonus to getting dolled up is that it can also boost your confidence. Remember, confidence is key.   

Always Do What Feels Right 

I can go on and on about how to play hard to get for your boyfriend. However, the best solution is always to do what’s best for you. If you want to play hard to get, make sure you do so on your terms. You are in control and have the power. I’ll wrap up with a few things for you to keep in mind:   

  • Know that you are whole with or without a man 
  • Always know your worth 
  • Make time for yourself 
  • Put your own wants and needs first 
  • Stay true to yourself 
  • Be confident, always   

Whether you are in a short-term or a long-term relationship, it is never a bad thing to keep your boyfriend guessing from time to time. Adding a dash of mystery to your relationship can be very attractive and powerful. It is crucial to keep your independence in a relationship and never rely on someone else for happiness. Keep him on his toes and go do your thing! You got this.


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