How to Make Yourself Go to the Gym: A New Life Doesn’t Start on Monday?

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Many people struggle for years to find the motivation to exercise, again and again coming up with excuses. If you needed a kick in the pants, here it is!

Excuse 1: I’m Too Tired

And that’s exactly the reason you need to keep going. Any fitness expert will recommend that you keep moving to feel energetic. At least a walk in the morning. Studies show that a 20-minute workout can boost your blood endorphins and your mood for 12 hours.

So instead of whining about how hard you’re having a hard time right now, think about how much better you’ll feel later.

Excuse 2: I Don’t Have Time

You’ll never have time if you don’t create it for yourself. Add workouts to your calendar and accept them as non-negotiable. If you can only exercise in the morning, get up 15 minutes early, and if you don’t want to feel sleepy, try to avoid gambling at or watching YouTube at 12 pm. Keep doing it every day, week after week, and in two to three months it will become your habit.

Excuse 3: I Hate Cardio Workouts

If the thought of getting on the elliptical makes you cringe, remember that cardio is any exercise that makes you sweat and your heart rate increase. Biking, tennis, running and even dancing – do at least some of these a few times a week. Studies show that a combination of cardio and strength training is much faster at losing weight than either one.

Excuse 4: “I’m not Losing Weight, Why Should I Do All This?

If you look at the scale several times a day, you will get depressed – a person changes weight depending on the fluids in the body by several kilograms during the day. Weigh yourself no more than once a week. Keep a weight diary.

But the best recommendation is to keep a well-being diary. It’s much more visual and motivating to exercise.

Excuse 5: I Can’t Go to the Gym All My Life, I Want to See My Friends

This is exactly why you should go to the gym together. People are so social in their actions that they are willing to go for any action, both harmful and beneficial, for company. The truth is, if you go to the gym together, you are less likely to quit working out. Studies show that 50% of singles quit fitness after a year, and only 8% of people who go with friends, at least as a couple, stop working out.

Extra Tips for Beginners

Going to the gym for the first time, you should consider the following things to make your workouts more pleasant:

  • Before training, visit at least three doctors: a cardiologist, a neurologist, and an endocrinologist.
  • Remember about safety: check the exercise equipment before using it. If you aren’t sure what and how it works, ask the trainer: there should always be a person on duty in the gym.
  • An important principle is gradualness. Do not chase fast results and don’t rush from the spot, trying to go immediately to a high load.
  • Improvisation is good, but it’s even better to have a training plan or program in any form: in your head, in your phone, in a laptop. You can find inspiration on YouTube or Pinterest.
  • Take care of yourself and be attentive to your sensations. If there are muscle pains, especially severe, next time it is better to load a different muscle group.
  • Try to disconnect from personal and domestic problems and concentrate completely on the workout. This will help get your body in shape and improve your mood.
  • Don’t do too many repetitions of the same exercise. Everything is good in moderation and without fanaticism: you don’t want a lot of pain in your muscles.
  • Warm ups and cool downs. We start with a warm up, end with a cool down. The first warms up the muscles and prepares them for the load, the second – stretches them and prevents them from “hammering”.
  • Set a goal and consult your instructor. You are unlikely to know more about fitness than a professional, so you should not rely entirely on your idea about training. The instructor will help you to determine what to do exactly to solve the problem areas on your body, and will prompt what intensity of the load to choose. It’s necessary to know clearly what to do and for what purpose.
  • Rest, especially if you just started exercising and you don’t have much experience. It’s unnecessary to start immediately with daily and long workouts. A couple of times a week for an hour will be enough to start with.

By following these tips, you will improve your body and health and achieve results faster.


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