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There are any number of games out there, particularly for the PS4, where your character has to make money. That money is meant to be used to buy upgrades, weapons, perks, and so much more. That is the case for The Crew on the PS4.

But the path to finding money can be frustrating and a little time-consuming for some. This leads to the question of how to make money fast in The Crew on PS4. If you are looking to make bank in no time, this is the guide for you.

How to Get Money Quick in The Crew 2

Earning a million bucks in The Crew 2 can take some time. Maybe it is taking longer than you can stand to bear. But the good news is that you can earn money in a relatively short period of time, getting access to some of the coolest cars in the game as well.

When you are starting out at the beginning of the game, it might seem like you are earning money at a snail’s pace. But when you know how to make money fast in The Crew on PS4, it won’t be long before you have more money than you know what to do with.

Money From Landmarks

The first way to make serious money is through the landmarks. These can be found pretty much all throughout the game’s open world. When you “visit” one of these landmarks (by hitting enter), you get not only $2,000 but 50XP as well.

Though it might not seem like much at first, it can add up quickly when you know how to do it. It can take a while to find and drive to them, but there is a better way of doing things.

It starts by unlocking a data station. While it starts with one, you need to unlock them (these are the radar dishes). When you have a few of them unlocked, you can start finding the landmarks. Just go back to the map and set your filters to “exploration.” If you are playing on the PC, just use the [ key in order to select your filters.

From there, you can fast-travel to each of the locations. Depending on how fast your game loads, that means you can earn the aforementioned $2,000 every minute. In just an hour, you can have more than $100,000.

Send Your Friends on Faction Missions

If that’s not really working for you, and you want to know how to make money fast in The Crew on PS4 in a more effective way, this can be it. It takes time, though, and you will have to hit level 10 before this works.

When you have reached level 10, equip your dirt spec and unlock the ability to join up with a faction. At first, you will only be able to choose the Wolves. You should start noticing little Wolves icons popping up all across the map.

These are missions that take some time to complete, but they offer a lot of cash. For instance, there is one, “The Fugitive,” that rewards you with more than 12,000 XP and almost $65,000. But it does take roughly an hour to complete. This is where the “send friends” option comes in.

Click “send friends” and then add your friends. You can have them complete a race for you, and the higher the level they are, the better the chances that they will succeed. When you get the Las Vegas HQ, you unlock the perk of being able to send additional friends to one mission, which increases the chances of success.

All you have to do is launch the mission and wait while it is completed. A few hours later, you will see a successful note and receive roughly $12,000. Given that you can do other things while they are completing the missions, it is easy money.

Additional Means

For starters, you get a daily salary for every day that you log in. It is based on the standing you have in the faction. The higher rank you are, the more money you will earn each day for simply logging in. That is a great way to get free cash.

There are also awards throughout the game. You can unlock license plates as well as awards. These awards have to do with hitting milestones, visiting some of the game’s unique locations, and so much more. Hitting the awards can be a lucrative means of collecting cash but might not come until later.

There are also perks that can increase how much money you earn and save. These perks mean getting more money for missions, stunts, and skill challenges. You can also earn perks that cut down on the costs of buying cars by as much as 30%. The same goes for upgrading parts.

Perks can depend based on the player. Some only get additional funds (usually 10%) for certain skills or missions. Others get discounts on cars and more. That is just the general overview of how you can make real money with your crew all throughout the game, building your bankroll effectively.


Even if earning money in The Crew 2 has been something of a pain, there is nothing to fear. You can start earning major bucks quickly, which allows you to get to all the cool cars and perks that you have been missing out on.

It takes a little helpful guidance to learn the tips and tricks to make that big money quickly. Before long, though, there is nothing that you won’t be able to buy, and you will be able to rack up the big bucks with the best of them.


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