How to Locate a Long-Lost Brother in 2023?

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Locating a long-lost brother, apart from being an emotional experience, can be a daunting task, even more so if you have limited information about his whereabouts.

However, with the right approach and resources, it’s possible to find your sibling in 2023.

Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Start with What You Know

The first step in locating your long-lost brother is to gather as much information as possible about him. Start by compiling all the details you have, such as his full name, date of birth, place of birth, and any other relevant information that can help in the search.

If you grew up together, it’s helpful if you can recall any shared experiences, such as where you played, what schools you attended, and any mutual friends you had.

Contact Family and Friends

Reaching out to family members and other friends is another way to locate a long-lost brother. They may have information about his whereabouts or may know someone who can help in the search.

You can also try contacting your brother’s former employers, schools, sports clubs, or other organizations he may have participated in.

Check Public Records

Checking public records is a helpful way to find your long-lost brother. Start by checking the birth and death records of your state or county. As sad as it is, a death certificate may negate the need to continue the search.

Next, check marriage and divorce records, as well as property and criminal records. These records are usually available online or at the county courthouse.

Use Online Search Tools

There are countless ways you can find someone for free online.

Start with popular search engines like Google and Bing, which can help you find any online profiles or social media accounts associated with your brother’s name.

You can also use people search engines to get more detailed information about your brother, such as his address, phone number, and email address.

These sites compile data from the public records listed above and other places where he may have made a digital transaction.

Use Social Media

A Google search may have brought up potential social media sites held by your brother. If not, you can do your own search. Start by entering your brother’s name on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also join groups and forums related to your brother’s interests, hobbies, or profession. This can help you connect with people who may know him or put you in contact with someone who does.

Consider DNA Testing

In 2023, DNA testing is another viable way to locate a long-long sibling. You can take a DNA test and upload the results to numerous genealogy websites.

These websites can match your DNA with other users who may be related to you, including your long-lost brother. You can also search for your brother’s DNA profile on these websites to see if they’ve already taken a DNA test.

Don’t Give Up

Locating a long-lost brother can be a challenging and emotionally draining process, and it’ll likely be a long-winded activity. As such, it’s essential to remain patient and persistent in your search.

Don’t give up if your initial efforts are unsuccessful. Keep exploring new avenues and resources until you find your brother.

In 2023 You Could Find You Long-Lost Brother

Locating a long-lost brother requires a combination of persistence, patience, and resourcefulness.

Start with what you know, and then reach out to family and friends. Next, search through public records, or better yet, use a free people search site to do it for you.

Other online resources are available, like Google or a social media search. Taking a DNA test or determining if he has taken one is an even more modern action.


Remember, the search may take time, but don’t give up, keep trying new ways until you find him.


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