How to Identify a Courier Service by Tracking Number: A Complete Guide

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Tracking numbers are essential for keeping tabs on your packages, but they can also be used to identify the courier service handling your shipment.

This guide will walk you through the steps to identify a courier service by tracking number, ensuring you know who to contact for updates or issues.

Understanding Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers are unique identifiers assigned to packages by courier services. These numbers allow both the sender and receiver to track the package’s progress. Different courier services use distinct formats for their tracking numbers, which can help you identify the service.

Common Courier Tracking Number Formats


  • Format: UPS tracking numbers usually start with “1Z” followed by a 16-digit number.
  • Example: 1Z9999999999999999


  • Format: FedEx tracking numbers can vary, but they are typically 12 to 14 digits long.
  • Example: 999999999999 or 99999999999999


  • Format: USPS tracking numbers are typically 20-22 digits long or have a combination of 13 alphanumeric characters starting with two letters and ending with “US.”
  • Example: 99999999999999999999 or AA999999999US


  • Format: DHL tracking numbers are generally 10 digits long.
  • Example: 9999999999

Amazon Logistics

  • Format: Amazon Logistics tracking numbers usually start with “TBA” followed by 12 to 14 digits.
  • Example: TBA999999999999

Identifying the Courier Service

Step 1: Check the Format

  • Compare Formats: Compare the tracking number format with the common formats listed above. This is often the quickest way to identify the courier service.
  • Length and Characters: Note the length and any specific characters (e.g., “1Z” for UPS, “TBA” for Amazon Logistics).

Step 2: Use Online Tools

  • Universal Trackers: Use online tools like “Parcel Monitor,” “17Track,” or “Track24” that can identify the courier service from the tracking number.
  • Courier Websites: Enter the tracking number on the websites of major courier services to see if they recognize the number.

Step 3: Contact the Sender

  • Ask the Sender: If you’re unsure, contact the sender or the company from which you made the purchase. They usually have records of which courier service was used.

Using Courier Service Websites


  • Website: Go to the UPS tracking page.
  • Enter Tracking Number: Input your tracking number to see the shipment details.


  • Website: Visit the FedEx tracking page.
  • Track Package: Enter the tracking number to identify the package and courier.


  • Website: Use the USPS tracking tool.
  • Check Status: Input your tracking number for delivery status and courier identification.


  • Website: Access the DHL tracking page.
  • Track Shipment: Enter the tracking number to view shipment details.

Amazon Logistics

  • Website: Amazon shipments can be tracked directly through your Amazon account orders page or using the tracking link provided in the shipment confirmation email.

Additional Tips for Identifying Couriers

Third-Party Tracking Sites

  • 17Track: This site supports tracking numbers from over 500 couriers worldwide.
  • Track24: Another comprehensive tracking tool that can help identify the courier service.

Mobile Apps

  • Package Tracking Apps: Apps like “ParcelTrack” and “AfterShip” can identify and track packages from multiple couriers, often recognizing the courier service from the tracking number.


Identifying a courier service by tracking number involves understanding the format and using available tools. Whether comparing the tracking number format, using online tools, or contacting the sender, there are multiple ways to determine the courier service handling your shipment.

By following this guide, you can ensure that you stay informed about your package’s journey and know who to contact if any issues arise.


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